Thank you! -- and a stupid question

Firstly, I’ve been wanting to say for a while what a lovely forum this is! Everyone is friendly and people go out of their way to help. Our visit is going to be vastly better because of the people on here. A few weeks ago I posted a question on another well-known Disney forum and it was met with snide remarks and criticism. Here, it was met with advice and kind comments.

Now for my question. Well, some background first. I’ve been put into a state of utter dread at what the weather’s going to be like in the second half of August. One thing that I’ve devoted too much thought to is my “rain strategy”. I finally came up with my flip-flops plan. I’ll carry a pair of flip-flops in my day bag – they’re light and easy to carry and if it rains I can swap them over with my shoes and all will be well.

Except that I’ve never worn flip flops before. They just arrived and they have a soft, thick base and a wide, padded strap. So far so good. But I’m wondering about the but that goes between your toes. Some people wear flip-flops all the time: I guess you get used to it? I’m worried about chafing and blisters. I guess I should try to break them in before I go?

Do I sound like a loon? I don’t have much to do during the summer other than think about/obsess about my trip! 29 days till I’m in MK!

Thanks for being nice and not judgemental!

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Body glide or another type of anti chaffing cream/gel. Take moleskin and if you get a hot spot, cover the area with moleskin to protect from rubbing. If they are just cheap flip flops with little support, don’t wear them except for when absolutely necessary.

LOL This is a fair assessment when first looking at flip flops and having never worn them before, I can’t imagine it will be what one might call a pleasant experience but as I don’t think you’ll spend a lot of time wearing them, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. My only advice I ever have about flip flops at WDW is not to plan on wearing them during your whole trip or even a whole day. My husband thought he knew better than me during his first trip because he was “used to wearing flip flops” and by the second day, I got to use the wonderful “I told you so” line.


Flip flops can be great. I would recommend wearing them as much as you can before you leave to get your toes used to them. I also wouldn’t plan on wearing them for extended periods at the parks. They’ll be great to save your shoes from getting wet, but I don’t see them as a long term solution. An hour or two won’t be bad, but more than that and you might end up regretting it.

I’ll be there around the same time. Arriving August 25. The other times I’ve been there this time of year have been very hot, but the lower crowds make up for it, in my opinion. Crowds or heat…at least you’re at Disney!

Personally I’m not a Flip Flops guy and I could see “between the toe” piece causing issues over a long time. An alternative is to use Crocs instead. The ones with a velcro back strap let you tighten them to your foot relatively well reducing the odds of issues with fit. Rather than bothering with Flip Flops, Crocs serve as my DIS water shoes - not sure which you’d prefer, but Crocs are an alternative that may work out and be more like wearing “real shoes”…

I just can’t see wearing them, at all. It is about 1/2 a mile from space mountain to Big Thunder, and it is like 1 mile around the World showcase. That is a lot of walking, and in flip flops when you aren’t used to this is just asking for trouble. If you are worried about the rain, what about a pair of sandals? At least then you could get the airiness you are after and not have to worry about causing foot issues. I’ve even wore my work boots down there before just because they feel better on my feet with so many long days on your feet.

My plan is ONLY to wear them if I’m caught in the rain and we decide to hang around and queue for outdoor rides, or to wear while we seek shelter, e.g. by escaping to a monorail hotel.

I bought a very expensive pair of sneakers on the recommendation of a friend – they’re Adidas Ultra Boost. They’re crazy comfortable so ideal for epic miles of walking at WDW, but they’re basically a sock stitched to a sole so if it rains they’re going to get soaked and unpleasant. Hence my flip-flop plan.

I also thought of using the flip-flops for water rides.

I actually bought a pair of Crocs – my original plan was to wear them the whole time, but after experimenting I found they do rub a bit. So then they were going to be for rain-use only. But they’re so big and didn’t fit in my day bag. The flip flops are not cheap – as I said they have thick soles and a wide, padded strap – but are so much easier to carry around.

Not that you need to buy another pair of shoes but my favorites for summer touring with or without rain are keens. They are comfortable wet or dry and dry quickly if they get wet. I also rotate shoes. Even the most comfortable shoes can cause foot fatigue if worn constantly. I swap back and forth from go walks, keens, and Clark flip flops.


A few tips (from my years camp counseling in a place where it rained… a lot)

  1. You might think about soaking your sneakers (at home) and then trying them on/setting them out to dry. This could tell you if they are actually super uncomfortable while wet and also let you know how long it takes to dry. It sounds above and beyond, but I worked at a camp where we frequently went into the creek. so I have tested many a pair of tennis shoes to see how long they take to dry :slight_smile:

  2. I second the moleskin suggestion above if you stick to the flip flops. I wear flip flops a lot (teva) so I may not be the most reliable, but it if it is a fabric or padded piece between the toe, I typically don’t have issues. If it is a plastic piece, run for the hills.

  3. Alternative to flip flops might be something like an Adidas sandal. I mention that brand because I know they exist, but I’m betting there are other brands with a similar style. Probably will take up a little bit more room than flip flops but not nearly as much room as crocs.


I can’t wear the flip flops with a round rubber bit between your toes. Mine have fabric that lies flat between them. I only wear flip flops for the full 2 weeks hardcore touring so they’ve got to be comfy!

We also go in August, and I personally can’t imagine touring in trainers, it’s far too hot!

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ditto! my feet get claustrophobic :slight_smile: my tevas were a godsend last trip. I wore my trainers one day (and it was short day at that) and I was ready to scream!

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I’ve never been in August, but I’ve been in all parts of September, and no rain has ever soaked my shoes. There are plenty of places to get out of the rain and any rain that falls is quickly drained/evaporates. I’m thinking this will not be a problem.

HOWEVER, what I would worry about more would be the HEAT. Now that is something to prepare for. Start with making sure that you have plenty of water to drink, you can carry your own water bottle in the parks if you want, and dont have to pay $3 for a bottle of water. There are little cool cloths that you can buy, freeze overnight and wear behind or around your neck to keep you cool, sweat whisking clothes, hats, etc. Rain wont last, but the heat can really ruin a nice day if you are not prepared to deal with it.

Not to get you started on another worry, but…:yum:

What about a pair like these instead. I am not a flip flop wearer, so if needed I wear these because I cannot stand the toe piece.

or a pair of watersocks:

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@profmatt - lets get the first issue taken care of - YES you are a complete loon - welcome to our nesting ground!!!

I think it is a great idea that you bring flip flops - however I wouldn’t use them as your “main mode of transport”. I actually find them difficult to walk in sometimes - and would not want to put miles on them every day.

The weather in Florida in August - is basically the love child of the SUN and WATER. It is HOT and MOIST (Sorry - I know some people hate that word). Usually it is overcast - but the rain is mostly reserved for a late afternoon downpour that doesn’t last that long to be honest. So I wouldn’t put in your mind that it is going to be 24 x 7 rain showers - as it usually isn’t the case.

I would use the Flip-flops for anything that you may get wet on and perhaps if you are trekking during one of the rainstorms.

I do suggest another alternative such as TEVAs - just google MENS TEVAs and you will find a ton. So as ugly as they are - they are quite comfortable and in my humble opinion are more comfortable and easier to walk in than flip flops.

Enjoy your trip!!


I think it is a solid plan and a good compromise. I would break them in as much as you can before the trip to get used to them. Wear them around the house. I live in flip flops and can tour the entire week in them but my feet are used to them. DH only wears them occupationally so he tours in Keens and athletic shoes, he alternates days. I would break in your athletic shoes as much as you can as well before your trip. You never know what might cause irritation when wearing them for a long time!

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Here are the ones I’ve bought – they have a fabric toe-part rather than plastic.


It’s probably just a case of getting used to them then. The fabric should soften up with wear.

I would start wearing them now, just to get used to them. Change into them after dinner / supper and wear them for half an hour each day.

That said I could never wear flip flops as a kid, and haven’t tried since! I’d prefer a slip on or sandal. Hope they work out Ok for you :smile:

Thanks everyone – appreciate it :slight_smile:

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I didn’t mean to delete my post, I meant to edit it. Body glide in beween toes. It’s a small stick, like deodorNt. Those flip flops look good though. Fabric instead of plastic. Def start wearing now, but I think you’ll be fine with those for rainy time only.