Test Track as same day/4th rolling FPP

OK so I did my FPP selections today and got what I wanted for each day, yay!
I opted to select Frozen for Epcot since that one’s rarely available same day as the 4th rolling selection. We don’t mind doing SB for Soarin’, last time we went it was not bad at all (the wait) and we were able to walk up and just wait a few minutes. Our other must-do is Test Track. The waits can get long for that one, probably b/c due to the nature of the ride it’s prone to breakdowns…anyone know how likely it is to get that one as the 4th rolling same day FPP?

Not going to happen. :confused: Can you use the single rider line?

No, single rider won’t work for us. Let me check out that link you posted, may change my strategy…

I have been able to get TT as a 4th before. Depends on party size and persistence with the refresh.


I keep randomly checking the wait times for Epcot, TT and Frozen keep flip flopping lol! And right now they have the same posted wait at 75 minutes…If they were comparable I’d almost rather wait for Frozen, nicer queue IMO.

Will be party of 5…what time of day would you say you need to be able to try for it as the 4th by to have good luck? On a CL 5 day.

We’ve had no problem getting TT as a 4th FP for a party of 3 - last time was in April. If you’re prepared to keep refreshing I think there’s a very good chance you’ll snag them!

There is usually some FPP for the same day. Also, if you are a group that can split, you can do single rider on Test Track and it usually goes pretty quickly.

I was able to get a party of five same day in July. It takes refreshing persistence - you also might want to split your party up and look for overlapping times.

Do you remember what CL it was? July, so I’m assuming high…

I went back and checked the crowd calendar. It was a five on that day.

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