Frozen vs Test Track for tier 1 FP?

Linking my previous topic below for reference…I currently have a FEA FP, but I keep wavering back and forth whether I should switch it to TT or leave it for FEA…My hope was to keep FEA and get TT same day but with as late as my FEA is (6:10pm) I don’t know if that’s likely…when I make/optimize a TP it says that FEA is the longer wait so maybe keep that one? I trust the TPs but only reason I doubt is because lately I feel like I’ve seen long waits on TT and FEA lower than expected…and please chime in if you have feedback on this but isn’t TT a “slower” wait…as in slower loading, breakdowns etc…? Maybe I’m wrong, I really don’t know b/c we’ve only ever FP’d it before…never gotten FEA FP…Thoughts??

Continuing the discussion from Test Track as same day/4th rolling FPP:

I had the same struggle…TT or FEA? Ultimately, I decided to go with FEA because we LOVE the movie and the music and the ride was really great, so FEA edged out TT. However, I will say that we would forego both of those rides for Soarin. It was truly a family favorite and we are rope dropping it first and then riding FEA later in the morning.

I ended up splitting the difference, and only the 4 year old and one adult got FEA FPs. The 10 year old and one adult will do TT, though I think we can work the plan so that we can start a child swap at TT. Older child and one adult (probably me) will miss out on FEA, but them’s the breaks.

Initially, though, I was going to have everyone get FEA FP but that depended on getting early FPs so we’d maybe be able to try for a 4th for TT. The earliest available for FEA was 1:00 though, so I split it because I knew the 10 year old doesn’t care one way or the other about Frozen, and we can use child swap at TT. I was actually still torn, because there’s a better than decent chance the older child and one adult will hit up evening EMH at Epcot the night before (we’re doing MK that day, and it’s a party day so we’ll be done there by 6), but I still think she’d prefer 2 rides on TT over FEA in the end.

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I have our FP for FEA, if I decide to change it to TT closer to I know I can, but I knew that wouldn’t work the other way around, lol.
Soarin’ is a high priority for us too but we’re going to standby that one. Lines have gotten much shorter than either FEA or TT, last year at the same time we waited 10-15 minutes max in the middle of the day. :smiley:

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Our last two trips Test Track was down due to weather and technical difficulties during our FP times. This through our plans all out of wack. I would go for the sure thing. You can always get in the single rider line for Test Track to shorten your wait.

I followed the TP FPP advice and did FEA. I was very happy with that choice as I believe it worked out for us.

Touring Epcot with Frozen Ever After

The popular Frozen Ever After boat ride complicates touring Epcot for a couple of reasons. Because it’s in the same FastPass+ tier as Soarin’ and Test Track, you can only obtain one in advance. It’s also not had much day-of FastPass+ availability, because it’s based on a hit film and is one of the few things in Epcot specifically designed for children. Also, its location in World Showcase makes it impractical as a detour while you’re in Future World - any time you save in line will be spent walking instead.

For those reasons, we think you’ll save more time by choosing Frozen as an advance FastPass reservation, than Soarin’ or Test Track. With Soarin’s new third theater providing 50% more capacity, we think that Test Track is the best attraction to visit once the park opens. Remember that Test Track has a single-rider line that can cut waits by up to 80%, if your party is willing to ride separately.

Every version of a TP I do says to due FEA for the FP as well, I think I should trust it lol. It does show TT as under 30 minutes (or less) all throughout our day there so fingers crossed!

We always book FP for FEA and have never had a problem getting TT or Soarin’ as a 4th.

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We chose FEA for our FP but were late to our EMH morning so line for TT was already 55 mins at 9 but the single rider line saved us so we didn’t wait long at all. Now having actually done FEA I would choose TT in future but I know it’s different if you’re a Frozen fan!

Does it make a difference if you’re entering though the International Gateway? Was considering ropedrop to FEA, then high tail it to Soarin’, with a late morning fastpass of Test Track, and the rest of FW in between. Make the loop, going to Imagination, , then cross over to Soarin’. But that gets all headliners in early, and I think would be anticlimatic for my DS7.

Alternatively, was thinking of using my FP+ for FEA right before lunch. Then at rope drop, do Test Track, then Soarin, then the rest of FW until my FoP 18 interview.

What does everyone think of this plan? What have been your experiences with the fast pass tiers at Epcot?

The touring plan predicted an 18 min wait for test track at rope drop which was pretty accurate it’s just that we went on an EEM so the park had already been open from 8 when we got there. I can’t comment on FEA at RD as my FP was later but I’m sure anything at RD is pretty good. If you are looking to do them all in one day, I would suggest RD Soarin then single-rider line for TT then later FP for FEA. The standby line for FEA was crazy in late morning and the ride certainly doesn’t justify a long wait. Or you could save a few rides for another day and use another FP?

We got a FP for FEA for right after lunch, and did RD for TT. The wait was very minimal, maybe 5 mins? We then headed straight for soarin, and waited maybe 10-15 mins. It worked out very well for us. Also this was at the end of April, and the crowd levels was a 5 that day, so depending on when you are going YMMV.

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I have been to both and TT wins hands down. FEA is NOT that great and definitely NOT worth the wait. Some though are determined to go and because it is fairly new the waits can be long even with FP. Now on the other hand if you truly love the movie Frozen head over to HS and go to the Frozen sing along. It isn’t what you think. We avoided it as I am not a sing along person, but that’s not what it’s all about. It was one of the best things we went to and far better than FEA. DocHopper

Oh we’ve been on both FEA and TT and know we want to do both (personally love them both!), my conundrum was which one is a better use of our tier 1 FP. Both lines get long so I keep going back and forth. Have it currently for FEA per TP suggestion…but I still keep seeing long waits for TT, I may end up changing it but still not sure.

I’ve wondered about the Frozen singalong at HS! Where is it held again?