Tell me the truth - How HOT is it in August?

The MVT offers in August are amazing, but I do not do well in extreme heat. Give it to me real - how hot is it? Miserable? Manageable?

It is hot and humid. You will sweat in places you didn’t know existed BUT it is still great fun!! We went three years ago in August and we survived. It really couldn’t have been that bad as we are doing it again this August. We drank lots of water and took breaks. Made sure to find AC when we could.

Being Canadian we are not really used to the heat either.



We’re planning our 3rd trip this year for the last two weeks of August. It is really hot. We are used to humidity from summers in Ontario, but Florida is hotter.

Having said that, we have found it bearable by planning early mornings with relaxed afternoons. Disney has a lot of air conditioned attractions. If you don’t overdo it, you can still enjoy yourself.

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Thanks @Stewart136. We are from New England so that kind of heat is not the norm for us either!

Thanks @paulasc!

Get yourself a boobsock and you’ll be fine.

Save this for when you need a little light reading.



It’s hot!

Plan to get in during the hottest part of the day - resort time or table service - drink plenty of water, consider cooling towels, and manage expectations. Plan to bail if it becomes intolerable - we have had to do this a time or two


When we went for 3 weeks in July, DH and I found it OK, but the boys didn’t.

When we went out for the day to Legoland we had to cut it short after about 3 hours. We managed fine at Kennedy by being inside a lot of the time. And we hit WWOHP at 4pm for the evening and that was fine.

Long story short, we won’t go back over the summer. Even though that means going either Christmas or Easter whilst I’m still working, since I’m tied to school holidays.

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^ this

One of my major concerns before my trip last year (last week in August) was the heat and humidity. I live in Britain where the whole country shuts down if the temperature rises above 70-degrees. I’m the whitest person in Christendom and burn instantly.

I was very pleasantly surprised by how I coped. I bought super lightweight clothes, that were great at wicking (apparently this is a word). I bought a big old hat that covered my face and neck in shadow. I walked slowly, mostly. I ducked into air-conditioned buildings whenever I saw one.

And I was fine. I did sweat in places that I didn’t know had sweat glands. AK was the most challenging in terms of finding places to seek refuge in air-conditioned loveliness. Epcot was the most challenging because it was the hottest, cloudless day and the brief walk from pavilion to pavilion was like climbing into an oven.

But, honestly I was fine. Oh, and zero sunburn, or heatstroke, or rashes or anything like that.

I’m positively complacent about my upcoming trip.


We went last August and it was hot and humid, but we still had fun. We did RD each day and then most days went back to the resort to swim in the afternoon. We went back to the parks in the evening. The only day we didn’t take an afternoon break was our Epcot day and that was a huge mistake. We were walking around the WS in the afternoon sun and it wasn’t fun. The kids got whiny. Lesson learned.

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Ok–that is hysterical. Thanks for the link.

Hot and humid. We went in 2009. I tried build up to it. No air conditioning at home until we needed it. Walked in the evenings.
Then at the parks we went in the mornings, resort/pool in the afternoons, and back to the parks in the evenings. Lots of inside rides, shows, and shopping. Word of advice. No matter how good it looks do NOT touch the bins of ice that hold the sodas/water bottles. In AK saw a group walk up stick their hands in. Then shove handfuls of ice in the mouth. Another handful was then rubbed ALL over their face, arms, necks, and thrown back into the bin. THEN the ice that was in the mouths was spit back into the bin. They walked away and another group walked up and did the same thing. :scream:


Zero gators & snakes too, right?

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And zero mosquitos.

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Just DRINK lots of water! The humidity combined with the heat will zap you before you realize it. Staying hydrated affects your mood and coping skills more than you’d think, and this is especially true for littles, if traveling with kids.

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If heat really bothers you, then you’re in luck. Of all the hottest places on Earth to be in August, Disney is one of the best (other than, perhaps, Animal Kingdom). They do such a good job of keeping you cool. Lots of places indoors, lots of queues line are air-conditioned. Most rides are inside, etc.

AK, however, is a different story. It is much harder to stay cool there. The air is stagnant, and it is muggier, with long distances between attractions. So you might want to pick going to AK in the evenings…although, in August, that doesn’t really make a lot of difference since the days are long.

If you are bothered a LOT by heat (which is my wife…she’s had a few instances of nearly passing out from heat), then you might still consider shifting your visit to late fall through early spring months. But otherwise, it is manageable.

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OK here it is

It is asphalt melting HOT! and HUMID!
As a fellow New Englander I can attest you have never been exposed to anything like it.

I learned up and out early (still hot) think 4 or 5 hours max in parks
water water water
and frequent breaks 5 minutes here and there just to regroup.
the shade is your friend
and that you find take advantage of it
the lightest clothes that you can find (Bealls) a Florida store expensive but they have what you need

Carry NOTHING extra and have everyone agree not to dwell on the heat
We are all hot and miserable
but it makes it worst if that is all you hear

maintain the ability for anyone to suggest a break or pull the plug at anytime
Good Luck see you there
we will also be there in august


Our first few days in late August last year were scorching. My husband is from Delhi, India and he complained about the heat. (But there you just stay inside and avoid being outside at all costs). Then we had several days with afternoon rain and that definitely cooled things a bit and made it more bearable.

But, we’re going again the same time this year so it can’t be THAT bad!

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This so much!!! I went early September one of my first times and didn’t realize how much water you need to drink just to stay healthy. I was sick the entire time with cooling towels draped all over me. I realized later on that I was dehydrated. If you think you’ve had enough to drink, drink more. We now go almost every June and Labor Day weekend. I always have a bottle of water at the ready and am forcing it on DS9. We plan our TS meal for lunch so we can spend some time out of the heat and in the air conditioning. We usually do rope drop, rides until lunch, our TS lunch, one more ride and back to the resort for a break. We head out again after dinner.

PS - We’re from New England too. We have a few of those hot, sticky days but nothing continuous like this. It’s a whole new level of hot.

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