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I just booked a trip for December 26 - 31, 2022 for me (56), DS31, and DD20 for DD20’s 21st bday. We’re staying at Surfside in a suite. We have never been to UOR, and I would like to know any and all tips, advice, etc. for our trip. We will have 3-Park to Park tickets and no Express Pass.

Best food? Fun things to do that aren’t budget breaking? Is it worth getting the UOR TP plan? I love the WDW TP Planner!


Fun! I’m sure you’ll have an epic time.

I see @bebe80 typing, so I don’t think I’ll have anything to add to whatever he has to say. Just check out all the links he posted in @QwertySC 's planning thread :+1:t2::laughing:



Since it’s the holidays and you don’t have EP, you should definitely use touring plans.

  • Here’s my handy list of some of the best Quick Service: (UOR overall has mediocre QS)

Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck
Central Park Crepes
Leaky Cauldron
Today Café

Croissant Moon Bakery
Three Broomsticks
Thunder Falls Terrace


Bread Box Sandwiches
Hot Dog Hall of Fame
Red Oven Pizza Bakery

  • There are only 2 Table Service options in each park

Mythos in IOA and Finnegan’s in USF are the best.

CityWalk has a bunch of good TS options, some of the best are:


Some other basic touring tips:

  • Take advantage of Early Park Admission
  • Hogwarts Express has the longest waits between 1:00 and 5:00
  • Consider eating meals at odd times like 11 & 4
  • Learn the locker system!

The parks are busiest between 10:00 and 3:00. At this time you could consider:

  • Avoiding all of the WWOHP attractions
  • Avoid other popular attractions
  • Experience less popular attractions
  • See some shows (USF mainly)
  • Explore
  • Swim (you can pool hop at UOR)

I would also recommend buying this :laughing::+1:t2:
I’m still working my way through mine, but it’s a pleasure to read!


Wow, great stuff!!! Thanks!

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I’m in the same spot planning a trip. This is good info. I will check out the book. Does anybody have any good YouTube channels to recommend? I have my favorite Disney channels but not on Universal.

Rix Flix. You can search for just about any topic from Rix Flix and find videos. He also covers all new things and updates regular.


The Pugh Two can be helpful too.

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All Ears has an entire collection of Molly at Universal Studios videos that are very helpful and entertaining. Search “All Ears Universal” on YouTube and an entire list of videos will pop up.
Also agree with Pugh Two and Rix Flix.

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I agree with Rix and Molly.
I will add Tim Tracker and UORFan.

Have to question The Pugh Two though. I will have to give them another chance given liner recs, but on the one video I watched of them they were overly excited to share that they found a guest services kiosk in CW (it’s been there for years!) :woman_shrugging:t4:

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I haven’t read anyone’s replies, but my first thought is that you want to do the queues for the Harry Potter rides b/c they are full of interesting stuff. I can’t ride the main one but did the queue and then bailed. It was worth it.

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Oh, can you bail on all of them?