My sons high school band will be in Disney over spring break so we are going along also. My husband, daughter and I have our FPs and our touring plans all set. My son however… UGH!!! He dosen’t want me to book any FPs for him and his buddies. We have been before so he knows about the crowds and lines and all that jazz and I preach it to him at least 3 times a week but he is adamant that he just wants to go with no plans. Do what they wanna do. The knly thing that is making me feel better about it at all is that we will be staying one day before and one day after the band leaves so I know that for at least 2 days he will be with us doing thing the “right” way! :rofl:

Why do teenagers have to be so darn difficult!!! Lol!


Isn’t that half the fun though? Doing it with his pals. He’s probably embarrassed thinking you’ll make him hang out with Mom and Dad all day.

I would just leave him to be honest. Let him do it his way and fathom it out together as a group.

Also it seems unusual from what I’ve read that he even has his tickets linked. Often these groups are only given their tickets when they arrive in Orlando.


I have his ticket number now that the trip is paid for.

I wasn’t planning on him hanging out with us at all (with the exception of a Chase card meet and greet for a family photo). He is free to hang out with his pals. I just wanted to be able to book some FPs for them so they can be sure to get on a few things they want.

They will have a great time just hanging out there anyway but as an overplanner it is driving me bonkers!!! Lol.


I agree with @Nickysyme, he probably thinks it would be really embarrassing to have his mum sort things out!

Like you said ‘teenagers!’. It probably isn’t ‘cool’ to be the one trying to organise his friends. Do you know the expression ‘like herding cats’? He will probably surprise you and find things or experience things, you have never heard of…fresh eyes.


Speaking of teenagers, here is a picture my DD15 just finished drawing. She does this freehand.


That’s fab! I wish I had even a tiny bit of artistic talent!


I would say its probably smartest to just book them some FPs anyways, even if he doesn’t end up using them. He might change his mind and be grateful when he sees two hour waits for some of the rides. And even if he decides to just go with the flow, there really is no harm in having FPs booked.


I have some of those creatures here too. They don’t seem to plan more than 10 minutes ahead in life.
Would he be willing to let you book FPP for say him and 2 buddies and let them know how to modify on their own MDE account at the time in case they’d rather get a different FPP with other kids? Then he’d have a backup plan that he knows 100% how to change in the moment. Although I’m sure you’ve already discussed that possibility.


I had this exact situation with my daughter a few years ago! I tried to get her and her friend group to make FPP ahead of time but her friends thought she was crazy and she wouldn’t do it even though she knew better. I had FPP for Test Track and could get swap passes for my youngest. I told them they could use mine if they just went in two groups and took my other son. They would not do it. Stupid kids waited 3 hours to ride!

For one day of the trip, they were at Universal. My DD had never been to Universal. It was her favorite part of the trip not because of Universal, but because the crowds were lighter and she didn’t have to deal with her friends complaining about Disney. It’s tough when people don’t love Disney as much as you do!

I hope you have a great trip. My DD performing at Disney is one of my favorite memories of her in band! Where are they performing?


I went to Disneyland on a band trip 25 years ago. Granted, there weren’t FP that I could have made, but it was New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day and it was PACKED. I remember going on exactly one ride- Space Mountain. But I had a blast just hanging out with my friends. I think part of the fun at that age is just being on your own and doing your own thing :slight_smile: Glad you have a couple extra days for family time! Hope you all have an awesome trip!


They will be in a parade in Magic Kingdom. They will also be attending a private music clinic.

I am sure they will have a great trip with no plans made but I just can’t imagine!!! I am a planner. I love it. Truly part of the fun for me. A friend says I need to quit my job and become a travel agent. I could never just go somewhere without planning so hats off to those kids. Lol!


We did a similar trip in 2017 when my oldest was a senior and traveled with the band. My husband and younger son and I did it my “usual” way - spreadsheets, ADR’s, FP’s, etc! The band kids stayed at a different resort (off property to save money). My older son wanted nothing to do with us for the most part, although we did talk him into meeting up for dinner in the Germany pavilion one night. Apparently the Disney over-planning gene skips a generation! Anyhow we all had a great time in our own way… and watching his band lead off a nighttime parade was worth the stress. Sometimes you have to “let it go…” :smile:


I went back in the old days (universal actually) with band. Part of the fun was waiting in line with my friends. I get it. They don’t know what they want to do. That doesn’t mean he won’t plan when he’s older.

I think the planning bug hits once adulting begins (if it hits at all, DH I am talking about you!). LOL Kids are so structured in other areas of their lives that I think having the freedom to “do whatever” without feeling like they are doing it wrong or not doing enough is huge for them. Not having parents telling them where to go, what to do or how to behave has to be part of the thrill on a trip like this. It’s more than rides for them, it’s the experience of being able to just be themselves and enjoying the moment they are in without all the stress. I think our kids don’t have moments like these as much as they should honestly. I say, don’t book anything for him and just let him “be a kid” while he’s there.
It would be interesting to hear his “trip report” too. Fun to see Disney through his eyes, without the TP and FPP and structure we force on ourselves. :slight_smile:

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Let it go. I have no doubt your son’s (and his friends’) touring would be much more efficient if he/they followed your plans but PLEASE don’t force it. This is a great opportunity for your son to learn from being independent and making his own decisions. Even if those decisions result in a 2 hour wait for SM.

And you never know - at the end of this or sometime down the road you may get some acknowledgement or appreciation of how effective your touring is.

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My teen DS- same deal. Going with band in a few weeks. DH, DD, and I headed down same time. He wants to make no plans. Hears some of our plans, is a little intrigued… but he’s not the group leader, and i think is unwilling to try to steer his group of friends to particular activities. Says he won’t be stressed like us trying to get to something at a particular time (other than the required school stuff). I tell myself its fine. DD, DH and I will ride many rides/ do tours / meal RSVPs, and will say we had a great time and got to see/do so much. DS will do much less, but I’m sure tell me he had a great time with all his friends and doing whatever it is they manage to do. At that age, I just wanted to be with my friends, so they are probably happy just hanging out - even if it is in a 1.5 hr line.

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I think this is very very true. While we as wise, older (ahem) adults know, planning at Disney is key. BUT, truth is, I think as a teen, I’d rather wait 2 hours in line with my friends just talking and stuff than to rush around with a plan, getting on rides faster, but not really having a chance to just relax and shoot the breeze.

One could argue that the teenagers are the smart ones in such a scenario.

(Not me, mind you. I won’t argue it…but SOMEONE could.)



They want to run around with their friends more than they want to do anything logical like ride rides. Mine also never wanted to go skiing with us anymore, either, I mean how illogical is that? Disney is a good, safe place for them to be independent and have autonomy. He’ll be fine and so will the OP.

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Either he’ll just enjoy being goofy with friends or his knowledge will kick in and help them on site.

But, as a Dad who just had an argument with my 15 year old son over his insistence that he does not need a sponge to wash out his cup full of the caked remains of a hot chocolate, I feel your pain. :smiley: