Target REDCard Woes

So, we have our Target debit REDCard and the money to buy the gift cards to purchase our trip with. However, Target will only allow us to spend $100 a day. We won’t be able to get the entire amount for the package by buying 1 GC a day between now and November 21st. Sigh.

Bummer! You can only do what you can do, though.

May I ask, how much of the trip can you pay for via gc? And how do you use the gc to make the purchase? Is it one of the listed payment options on the website?

You can pay any Disney stuff with Disney GCs except for things which require cash (tips for mousekeeping, Mickey balloons, etc.). Paying with a Disney Gift Card is available online if you have booked through Disney. I have a split stay. One is from MVT, and they will take the GC numbers over the phone. The other is through Disney, and it gives me the option of paying with a gift card.

Well, DH is talking with Target now, bless his heart, to try to get them to increase it. Unfortunately, it’s not going well. Well, at least we will save a little, right? Sigh.

Thanks for the info!

Do any of your close friends or family members have a redcard? It looks like Target sells the Disney gc online. If they were up for it, you could write checks to a few people and have them purchase some daily for, say, a week each. An online purchase with Target is pretty simple and would only take a few minutes a day.

GL to your DH! I hope they’re able to bend the rules for them.

I don’t think that I have any. People who already have the card probably have higher limits than we do. I guess I can just ask around.

So far, no luck. We’ll try again in a few weeks after purchasing a card a day.

That stinks! Do you have a Sam’s Club membership? They also have disney GC for a discount. BJs and Costco may as well, but I’m not sure.

We just purchased a Sam’s Club membership to buy their cards. The discount is more like 3%, so not as big as Target’s. We figure we will keep buying one card at a time from Target each day and perhaps after 30 days they will increase our limit. If they do, we can buy the rest of the cards by the November 21st deadline. If not, we will buy as many from Sam’s as they will allow. Then pay the rest without discount to WDW. It looks like Sam’s only allows you to purchase two of them.

Unfortunately, Costco does not sell Disney gift cards. I wish they did. We are already members and shop there regularly.

BJs didn’t have a great discount and you can only purchase 3 cards per member. That wasn’t worth purchasing a membership for. Plus, there are no longer any BJs near me.

At least we have a plan… It will save us some money, but not as much as we hoped. Hopefully Target will increase our limit per day by the time we need to pay for the trip.

I am waiting until 10/1. BJ’s Wholesale sells $100 cards at a 4% discount and Discover has 5% on wholesale clubs for the fourth quarter up to $1500 in purchases though…

Edited to add… I have read you do not need to be a member to order cards online. I have also read the three card limit is per order and rarely enforced.


I tried yesterday and it would not let me without becoming a member. Maybe a newer change?

Here’s something to consider…

The Discover It card earns 5% cash back on rotating categories every quarter, up to $1500 in spending, which nets you $75 back. The 4th quarter category (Oct-Dec 2018) is Amazon and wholesale clubs. AND, your first card year, Discover matches your cash back, so if you max out to get the $75 cash back, you’ll get an extra $75 back at the end of the year, for a total of $150.

Also, the Chase Freedom (not Freedom unlimited) offers 5% cash back on rotating categories on up to $1500 in purchases, for $75 back (same as Discover). The 4th quarter bonus category for this card also includes wholesale clubs. Plus the Freedom gives you $150 bonus after spending $500 in the first 3 months. So with this you could net $225 back.

Just another option. Both cards don’t have an annual fee, so it’s like free money if you can qualify for the cards. There’s others out there, but these are the two I know about.

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BJ’s has $500 Disney gift cards, that’s how I paid for my whole trip.

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You can charge it to your room and then pay with GC. Last trip we had to every night but we worked it out well.

Edit to add: I mean go pay at front desk with GC for tips and whatever we charged to our room.


You can purchase an online only BJs membership for $10 a year. Then order GCs online and they ship free. That’s what I did.


Have you tried to get the Disney Gift Cards from They have $50 and $100 cards that are digital ones so they email them to you in a matter of hours. Then I have one physical card that I have loaded to and I go on there and transfer over the digital one to the main card. The DGCs have a max of $1000 so when I get there I just ask my agent to make a payment for me and clear it out. Target has never limited me from doing this. I just bought $200 worth last night and the most I have done at one time is $300, but never tried any more. It’s really an easy process. After I transfer the digital ones to my main card I just delete the target email. My card is a Target Red Debit Card as well.

The digital gift cards can be a little tricky to locate on the site so here you go, hope they work:

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yeah i have bought at least $500 in gift cards from target online. Some i get an actual card and some I get digital to pay off the balance on MDE.

If you sign up for the Dosh app, you can get an additional 5% off at Sam’s on top of their own discount.

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So, kind of tangentially…
If you want to use mobile ordering, AND pay with a GC… is that possible? I know you can use a credit card, but I haven’t seen anything about room-charge.
Maybe I’ve just missed this in other discussions.

I’ve been holding off on buying GC this year, BECAUSE of mobile ordering. I guess it’s time for me to start thinking about it.

Also, has anyone heard any rumors about Target offering extra discounts for GC? That’s the other thing I’ve been waiting for. I remember last year, (can’t remember when), they were offering $10 Target gift cards for every $100 purchase… including GC. I want THAT again. :smiley:

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I haven’t heard of any. If I had to guess, I’d guess that was a Black Friday or Cyber Monday kind of deal.

I would love to know this!

Thanks! I’ll look into that. Is there a limit to how many you can buy?

The Dosh cash back at Sams cycles between 3%, 5%, 10% and even 20% (last month) - the latter is crazy returns IMHO. I just missed it when I signed up.

Whenever I’ve checked, the amount Dosh would reward was maxed out at $15 or $20 per day. Also, think the GCs have to be purchased in store (with the card you linked) for Dosh to kick in.

So, if you’re buying a lot of GCs, might take a couple of trips.

BTW I can send you a referral link - not sure if you need a referral to get a $5 initial cash back when you link your first credit card or if that just happens. (Full disclosure: I’d get $5 if you signed up with my referral.)

Also, when I researched Dosh last week, I saw mention that at least 1 person worked around the $20 daily limit by creating multiple Dosh accounts using different credit cards that they would then use at Sam’s on the same day. Not sure if there’s any downside to that, though.