Talk me out of this insanity!

I’m currently fighting a very strong urge to go back to WDW in June this year.

Help me understand why a one week stay from, say, 26th June is a ridiculous idea.

Examples would be: the weather will be dreadful, the crowds will be huge, none of the new attractions will be open, …

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Most likely there will not be any new attractions open in June. I went that week a few years ago. Crowds were pretty low! The weather was great ( much more reasonable than the end of August). My guess is there will be good discounts too. Sorry ! I am no help.

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Undercover Tourist is quoting crowds as 8/10. And some weather site I went to said it will rain massively every day.

Oh, but I found a flight I really like.

I should not be allowed to use the internet unsupervised.


You can’t take your dog with you. Case closed. :wink:


That’s a really good argument about my dog. But he survived OK last year.

Plus, what I think you’re not really getting is that I really want to go.

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We went mid June last year and found crowds to be bearable (with our touring plan) it was hot but we took mid day breaks. We loved being able to spend time in the pool. It did rain mid day every day, but morning was fine and always cleared up by 5-6ish.

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Here comes devil’s advocate.

Reason to go: I’m considering going at the same time! That might actually deter you… LOL

I think you’re experiencing that inexpicable pull back to WDW that we all know well. I think you should give in. Just saying. You only live once and I want to spend as much time as I have left on Earth at Disney.


I stopped paying attention to UT years ago (mainly because they kept reporting wait times for attractions closed for refurbishment). The last week of June has been low crowds for the last three years ( yes I am crazy).

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Yes, crowds were lower at that time than they were in January. It is super hot & humid but as long as you know your limits, it’s totally enjoyable.


The plan — oh God, I have a plan — is that I’d go on my own. That saves a tonne of cash for a start, lol.

I’ve asked the person whose house I stayed in last year if I can use her house again. If she says no, then the whole thing is probably completely unaffordable. If she says yes, then I’m in trouble.

Without having thought it through, I’m looking at 7 nights in Florida during the last week in June. This is based almost entirely on flight prices and no other considerations.

I’m not overly concerned about crowds because I’ve been taking a sneaky look at VIP tours so I can tick off the main attractions, and Universal has express passes.

I probably don’t care about Star Wars land or Toy Story land. Epcot gondolas would be fun, but they’re way in the future, I think.

I really hate to admit this, but part of the attraction (just a tiny part) is all the planning I’ll need to do. It’ll help me focus. (“Should I take on this extra student? Yes, I need it for the Florida fund!”)

If my friend says “yes” to using her house, I think I’m in real trouble. Oh. I said that already.

I am literally — I’m not even making this up — shaking with excitement. I feel like I should call professional help.


Oh, I think this is happening.

Did you rent a car last time? You could forsake that as well and just go with Disney transport & Uber or Lyft.

I just saved you a bunch more $$

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Before my trip last year I spent a lot of time worrying about heat and humidity. But, honestly, it really wasn’t a problem in practice. I didn’t get sunburn once. And I was sensible about not overdoing things, and ducking into air-conditioned spaces as often as possible. There was one day in Epcot where is was a little brutal, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

And crowds are . . . well, they are what they are. It’s not like I can choose any dates in the year I want. I have to go when I can go, which basically means June, July or August. I only looked at flight prices for late June and late August. I’m assuming the others are nuts.

(Secret confession. Do not read the rest of this paragraph. It is confidential. I’m looking at flying Virgin Upper Class, because sometimes the prices aren’t actually that insane and it’s so much nicer. I hate flying.)

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As I’m going alone, I’d be using Uber all the way. I daren’t drive on my own. And when we used Uber last year it was great. No problems.

It occurs to me that this would mean no more parking trolleys and all that malarky. Or $20 parking charges. Yeah, I reckon Uber will save money.

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Sounds like a fine idea to me.

Do it!

(If you’re looking for a sponsor for your Disney addiction, you’re in the wrong room. We just enable and encourage)


Virgin’s website has just offered me seven nights at Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort for £1,400. (In case my friend says “no”.)


Ummm. Why would you ask us to go against out very nature to talk you out of a disney trip???

It seems lime you do not understand us at all despite all your time spent here.

What do we say???



Lock everything in your luggage when you leave the room. One of my friends walked in on a housekeeper rummaging through her bags when she stayed there two weeks ago.

Other than that she thought it was ok.

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I would always pick a value resort about a tour/car/transport from airport.

Why would you do that? $40 a day just for Uber to Disney? Stay at Disney- no transportation costs.


If I’m doing this trip — which I’m not, so I don’t even know why we’re talking about it — then I’d want one, maybe two Universal days.

But, yeah, staying at Universal is dumb.

Cheapest option at WDW is All-Star Music resort.