Talk me out of buying Boardwalk!

I know I have come to the absolutely wrong place but two 25pt Boardwalk contracts just came on the market with August use-years and my DH came running up from the basement suggesting we jump. I’m still a little blown away but we are considering it.

I’m hesitant because the dues are awfully high and for that small of a contract it might make sense just to rent points when we want to stay at the Boardwalk? But then there is something to be said for being able to just handle your own reservation. The expiration date also gives me pause… I won’t even be 60 in 2042.

Any advice or things I’m not thinking of? We definitely fell in love with Crescent Lake on our last trip!

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Enabler here.
Click send on that offer.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I think one just went pending already!

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No matter how many ways I’ve tried to cook the numbers, I’ve NEVER been able to make buying DVC (either direct nor resale) worth it, financially. (Not entirely true…I did, once, come up with a scenario that would have me breaking even in about 25 years.) So, I’d take the time to actually work the numbers.


I bought 50 points direct because I couldn’t find that unicorn- bid!

25 can get you a weekend in September!


Ahhh ok you guys! I just put in a full price offer. :crossed_fingers:

75 will get us almost a whole week every 3 years which is plenty!

Why did I think you owned at Beach Club?


Unfortunately I have already sipped from the DVC chalice. I did the numbers for our SSR purchase and using those this actually breaks even at roughly the same time. The painful part is that SSR has 12 more years on it! And I paid $50pp less!

I have accepted that we really only ever want to stay on property. Even this last trip, we rented a car, no FP and I only had like 3 ADRs and I still wanted to be on property.


You be you! Just expressing my take. But obviously, we are all different! I’m glad there are folks with a penchant for buying DVC. Allows me to rent! :wink:


Copper Creek and Boardwalk. As I get closer to retirement I just want somewhere for long weekends. I had to add a resort that I can book when CC is not available at 8am 11 months out.


Oooooh great ones. I really did fall in love with WL/Boulder Ridge but it didn’t speak as loudly to DH. This contract actually has some banked points so if we get it we would be “forced” to do a long weekend in 2021/22.


Oh, man. You must be bummed about that. :wink:

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Good afternoon Melissa,

Thank you for the offer but unfortunately this listing is no longer available as there is already an accepted offer. So sorry for the inconvenience. I put you up as the first back up so id this buyer cancel you are next in line. Any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks again Willie

:sob: She who hesitates is lost I guess! I will be quicker next time! I have plenty of time to wait.


That stinks :frowning:

I hope the other buyer backs out.

In the future:


You are so right. I ignored the first alert on my phone. Next time I will click WAY faster.

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Just curious, may I ask what two 50 point contracts cost? Not sure how often you visit, but I wonder if you’d be better off buying annual passes with those funds and instead of paying annual dues, just apply the annual dues towards hotel or buying points through Davids. I feel like you can always be opportunistic on hotel discounts, but there is never a deal on tickets.

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For a BWV studio the room rates next year all I can find is this chart

Although it seems to only list standard view? I guess I would add $50(at least) for the view that is usually available (preferred) so the rack rate, at the cheapest time of the year is about $590 a night?

Dues are about $380 a year.

50 points resale will cost about $7k, and direct about 10k?

If I only spend 3 nights a year on those 50 points it is 1790-380= 1410 prepaid. In 5 years (maybe 6 with dues increase) I am only paying dues and at that point rack rate would have increased too.

Even direct, with double points it is about 7 years for me (lowers direct cost at the time).

My direct gold AP could save me $400-500 per person too?

It works for me because of my love of the Disney deluxe resorts. The cost, per night of those rooms went from being able to book with MVT at $220 a night to thinking I got an amazing deal if I could book something around $400. I don’t think in a year or two Disney will not confine that increase.

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Sorry, to be clear, two went on the market but I was only going to buy one! One contract for 25 points was roughly $4k. Dues per year would start around $200 and probably go up to around $550 by the end of the contract.

My current travel “style” is less frequent, longer trips (plus I already own 100 DVC points elsewhere) so we were hoping to stay at Boardwalk for 6 nights every 3 years. If I needed to rent those for the fall I would need to pay at least $20 per point which would cost $1,500. Rack rate would be somewhere around $3k! (Geez!)

I think $4k would buy us one year of annual passes, but we don’t go often enough to make those valuable. That is pretty much the main reason that buying direct has never appealed to me.


What was the price per point they were asking? You said it was loaded?

I assume it was the same seller for both, but there were two at $150pp and neither was fully loaded, but one had 6 banked and one had 15 banked. The 15 was gone almost immediately.

I was hoping that was the price! Larger contracts had lost some value but the small point contracts seem to be holding their own.

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