SWGE at DLR: dedication ceremony

@Randall1028 et al:


That is 11:20PM our time?

yeah. No way I can stay up that late for that. :frowning: I need to be up early to snag flight-deals.

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It would seem so

Me too!
Hopefully won’t bump again.

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It was suddenly scheduled for JUNE 30 for a bit there, then I guess someone realized that wasn’t going to work and redid it back to May 30th (as opposed to the 23rd when it was originally supposed to be, well…after the April date anyway). So at least we’re moving in the right direction :slight_smile:

Tomorrow (?) I find out if my trip is feasible budget-wise (week before Thanksgiving)
or if I need to consider
plan B (Frontier Air)
Or plan C (December w/o budget tickets)
or plan D (Disneyland)
or abort all together.

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Good luck!

May the force be with you, too!
(See how I brought it back on topic?)


and also with you

(as a Catholic, you can’t help but say that when someone says “May the force be with you”)



But yes!!! I hope so. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Can anyone post an active link to this?

I think this will work?

Here is the site page

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Grrrr - 6:02AM and nothing posted…

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Yeah, getting really annoyed. I gotta get moving to go to work. I did a search and it seems it might show up at 12 CT as well? Ugh.

Why ya gotta play these games, SW?

Try manually entering the date vs picking from the calendar. People sometimes have luck with that.

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Yeah it throws an error doing that :frowning:

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Southwest flights? I just looked at the travel tools and they haven’t changed that date yet. When they post the next opening date is when the background will be ready to book today’s flights.


I’m not sure what this means @PrincipalTinker

I can’t get manual dates.

This is pretty aggravating. Silly budget… forcing me to deal with silly airlines.