SW:GE - reservations get you in 1 hour before

Because there are several SW:GE threads around, I thought it was worth posting this.

There was someone recently asking specifically if a reservation to Oga’s or one of the workshops would get you into the Land. This is a message someone got today about theirs.

But it will likely only apply to the people named on the reservation for Oga’s and the named person plus one guest for the workshops.


Good to know! Thanks

Isn’t this huge? Why hasn’t this attracted more attention? Why is this information not all over the internet?

The main reason I booked anything was in the belief that it would in some sense guarantee me entry.

What remains unknown is how long you’re going to have to be in line in order to gain entry one hour in advance. And how long you’ll be allowed to stay.

I guess we’ll know how it’ll all work soon enough.


good question @mousematt

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thanks for posting

Thanks for posting @Nickysyme! That will help with planning!

Thanks for posting!

There are plans for a virtual queue.

And there are no plans for a time limit. DL stopped the time limit once they stopped reservations for a time slot.

So “none” and “as long as you like”. Probably.

Agreed they need to announce these things.

And I think that email was a result of a direct question. And the person did post it for us ‘cos he knew people wanted to know. As did I!


Does this mean that if you do NOT have a reservation, and SGE full you don’t get in? Or does this mean that some virtual queue is about to be announced?

A virtual queue has been planned, according to several sources. Not announced yet though. :frowning:

when the heck are they gonna announce?! 8/28 @11:58PM??


What’s the rush? People don’t usually plan these things much in advance.


Clearly not, what was I thinking?!

Hey! What’s wrong with 11:59pm??? :wink:

But if I hear I promise I will let you know.

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What about me? Since when was playing favourites with @Randall1028 acceptable?

well we wouldn’t want it to be last minute, would we? :stuck_out_tongue:

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DD’s friend is on the opening team of Batuu in Guest Flow Operations. I plan to pick her brain extensively before our trip!


Or — and this is just a suggestion — DO IT RIGHT NOW AND REPORT BACK IMMEDIATELY.


So, if I have have an early Oga’s reservation let’s say at 9:00am, I can get in an hour earlier. But is it like AK and Tusker house where they won’t really let you into Pandora yet or Akershus in EPCOT where the CMs kind of force you right to the restaurant? Or does anyone know if they will allow lines to form for MFSR or RoR? I wonder what DLR has done there? Any insight from anyone? I am curious.

I saw when making my res that they are taking them as early as 6 am, and I was looking at late Nov. I read that others saw them doing these early res as early as 6 am for 6 months out. So, it looks like the park isn’t actually opening at 9 am on my HS day after all (which is still the advertised hour it opens then)…or, there will be some sort of limiting factor, like only those with a res get in that early. Getting in to what exactly remains to be seen…