Summer Predictions

I really, really, really hope your crystal ball is correct!!!


The hardest part about getting to 70% now appears to be the anti-vaccine campaign in the conservative party. This is going to throw a huge wrench in getting to 70%. But lets hope!!!



    1. I think masks will still be mandated
    1. I think this will be more about saving money than the covid “safety” aspect of it.
      Fast pass
    1. We’re going to be paying for FP in the future, I can smell it.
    1. 50%. Although one would hope in august it doesn’t fill up like this (please please please) due to schools going back and people holding off their vacations until Oct 1
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To add to this,
Does anyone think paid after hours events and such will come back?

Missed this the first time round.

Masks - probably 1 with reduced distancing, maybe 2
Fastpass - 1
Capacity - 2

Fireworks - other! You’ve muddied the waters with Harmonius. I don’t believe that will start until close to the 50th, possibly Oct 1st. I do think there will be some fireworks somewhere, without projections.

Definitely but not by this summer.

I agree. Assuming Pfizer gets approved for 12-16 year olds soon, you would need to vaccinate 85% of those eligible to have vaccinated 70% of the entire population. I would be very surprised if that happened, especially by summer.

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The tide is turning quickly in most states. I live in PA which has had stricter restrictions than most states and we are on pace to have mask mandates lifted by July. I am very optimistic about Disney by mid-late July as far as masks and expanded offering go.

This is killing me, we have to cancel by July 10 for full refund of our August trip. (We won’t go if we have to wear masks.) This timeline is going to cut it way too close :weary:

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It’s coming fast.

Lots of movement forward the last two weeks.

Now they are eliminating temp screening end of this week for CM and end of next week for guests.

Things are changing rapidly. Hang in.


One of my duties at school this year is temp taking…I feel like it’s a huge waste of time anyways, so I’m glad they are starting to get rid of that practice!


I don’t see that one changing for indoor attractions. Maybe for outdoors at some point this year.

Interesting to look back on this thread from a month ago. I think OBNurseNH is going to be closest or maybe completely spot on with the predictions.

So much has changed. I think it is almost a forgone conclusion that capacity is going up very soon and I think masks outdoors won’t be required by July 1st.

The fireworks and fastpasses are interesting. With the reduced distancing I think fireworks are definitely on the table for the summer but far from a sure thing. FP is still the one thing I can’t figure out. It’ll prob depend on how much capacity goes up, but there is a breaking point where I think FP is almost a necessity.

Anyway, very interesting to look back a month later.

Voice of reason in a sea of noise :innocent:


Anyone have any predictions about the water features (Casey jr, Spray areas in parks)
Coming back for summer … please :rofl::rofl:

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Well looks like I was wrong about masks, I had it as a “1”.

Fireworks will be back, but I’m pretty sure not Harmonius yet. I think they’ll save that. So EF and something at MK… my gut tells me fewer projections so spread people out so a much modified HEA. As for which comes back first, I believe they are still yo-yo-ing on that.

I’ll stick with a “1” for Fastpasses whilst there is still 3ft social distancing in place. And I’ll stick with a “2” for capacity.

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What are you talking about? Do you have more information? Fireworks??? When?!

Fireworks will be back this summer, yes.

What will not happen is fireworks debuting on July 4th though, they don’t want that kind of mayhem. Whether they will return before then, in June is debatable. I’m leaning to later in July myself but that’s a gut feeling, nothing more.

As for the After Hours Boo event, with it starting at 9pm it means the fireworks will almost certainly be before it starts and then they’ll clear the parks. So by making it an “after hours” Halloween event rather than closing the parks early, they can give all MK guests some fireworks each night.

And since I posted above, a reliable source is saying Harmonius will debut 1st October - which is what I’ve thought all along. So during the summer it will be EF at Epcot and presumably HEA at MK.

Edit: and to clarify, as usual this is based on what my usual go-to insider sources are saying publicly on WDWMagic.


How about unnannounced? :pray:

(I really want fireworks for my birthday)

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Your birthday’s on July 4th? Cool!

But I doubt it, sorry. :pensive: