Summer 2021 predicted hours

I started planning out my WDW trip on when I quickly realized that the hours for June and beyond are just placeholder hours. All parks are set to open at 9am, which we know will most likely not be the case. This really makes the tool useless for June and beyond. I’m not looking for super-accuracy and I know it’s highly likely to change, but I’m trying to figure out how long to go for and to which parks, and was hoping the tool could help see what we will be able to cover. At the very least, based on what we know, it’s safe to assume that EP will open at 11am, AK at 8am, so even just having those updates made and the times updated accordingly would be very helpful. Thank you.

No one knows the hours yet as Disney has only announced hours into April. That said, I would guess June hours will be most similar to the last two weeks of December. I think operating hours will start to get closer to normal as the summer wears on and into the fall.

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Welcome! Planning is very different compared to pre-covid. Understandably, Disney cannot predict conditions far ahead during these times.

Tentative plans this far out are good. But since ADR’s are only available 60 or so days out, it does take patience. Disney has been posting their hours about 2 and a half months out. As soon as you know your hours, you can get serious with planning for your ADR’s and then the rest of your touring plans.

Eta: You do make a good point though as your hands are tied to actually see how many rides you can do on a given day (That is if the hours are indeed extended). In early December 2020, TP updated the crowd level predictions and hours estimates through May 31 2021. Let’s hope they extend that very soon with an update!

I certainly am not looking for anything final or definitive - even when Disney releases hours there will be a very good chance they will change. But there are reasonable predictions in the planning tool through May (even though Disney has only released through mid-April), and I’m wondering why similar predictions can’t be extended into the summer.

There was a post on this recently. In a nutshell, at the time TouringPlans was picking out a date when maybe things will go to normal. I think as you get closer to it’ll change of course. May just changed in the last few weeks to be normal covid ones (as in certain attractions still say they’ll be closed and hours are the typical covid ones). Not too long ago even they were from “normal” standpoints. One thing TP could do is remove the EMH since we know for sure that’s never coming back.

Edit: I’m also going May-June so I’ve been making plans too :slight_smile:

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So, Disney has released hours through May 1, 2021, but they are just the standard minimum post-COVID hours. I see they extended hours for Pres Day week only 2 or so weeks ago. In summer heat, the lack of evening hours will be pretty brutal. You can’t really take a mid-day break and get back to the park if it closes (MK at 6, AK at 5). While we can’t know for certain, it is really hard to plan even for ADRs at 60 days–to break or not to break? ADR at park close at 6 or will park close change until later? In the past, park hours may be extended close to the date but they were reasonable ahead of time. What are your predictions for hours for Memorial Day and beyond? Will Disney have evening hours until 9 or 10 or not?

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Just taking a guess … I think summer hours will look pretty similar to this past weekend for the Presidents’ Day / Valentines’ Day / Mardi Gras crowds:

  • MK 9am-10pm
  • Epcot 11am-11pm (8pm on weekdays)
  • HS 9am - 7pm
  • AK 8am - 8pm (5pm on weekdays)

Again, just a guess.

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I hope you are right and that they announce these hours at least a month out.