Summer 2020 Booking Question

Hi! We’re planning a June or July 2020 graduation trip for my daughter. I’m used to booking no more than 4 months out and grabbing our flights at the same time. Is my best move to book now and hope to apply a discount later? She wants to stay at FQ. I was planning on waiting to see if there were any agency deals, but I’ve been reading that agents are telling clients to just lock in the room for now. I was originally going to wait because my parents might be joining us, but I’m not sure they can handle the heat/walking. I also haven’t decided on dates yet.

Yep, that is what my MVT agent told me. Lock in and wait. Now there may or may not be any exclusives next year but they are HOPING there will be. It is confusing to me as it was my belief the agency exclusives were booked via the convention dept for certain rooms at certain times. How get a reservation now is going to work under this instance I have no idea. I booked as told.

Book now and modify later if any discounts come out.

But, you should know that FQ is very often NOT included in any discounts that come out - it is a small and popular resort and they almost never need to do discounts to fill rooms.

Thanks! I’ve heard that about FQ. We got lucky last year with a discount at FQ. Although now that I think about it, it might have been one of those PIN codes.

Sorry! I keep thinking of questions. Is it better to book room only now and add tickets later?

Will you want a package later or will you purchase tickets later?

Which do you think is better? The last two years we used a local agent, and she had us get a package. I had a little back and forth with her because I would have saved $ getting tickets elsewhere, but she made me nervous about not getting the package. She said I could do what I want, but that she highly recommended the tickets through Disney in case something went wrong. I just went with her because I was taking my parents for my mom’s first-time dream trip and didn’t want any problems. The two times before that we booked on our own and used Undercover Tourist with no problems. It seems like there isn’t a lot of difference between Disney and places like UT in regards to price, unless I just happened to check on an off day. I can’t decide whether to just go it alone (well, actually not alone, with the help of all of you!), use my previous agent again so she can check for discounts, or try MVT. Thanks!

Remember that a package is FULLY REFUNDABLE until 30 days in advance. Thereafter you can still cancel but are subject to fees. Most other ticket sources are refundable only for a certain period of time after purchase, of at all. Remember you will want to purchase more than 60 days ahead for FPP reasons, and that this often falls outside of the refund window for non-Disney ticket sellers. I have bought tickets both ways in the past, but I always did prefer the comfort of knowing I could easily undo my purchase if needed when I bought through Disney, even given the higher cost.

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I think another consideration is if you will decide the dining plan will work for you this trip. You might have a rule that you never purchase it but I always decide after all my dining is finalized. If you purchase a package now, you can add dining now or later. If you book room only, adding dining will convert your room only to a package and any new increases since booking would apply.

If you are not booking a package now, I would purchase tickets now and lock in the price. Tickets are going to go up. Booking the package now, and hopefully locking in your costs may save you money.


Thanks for the advice. So just to make sure, it is just as easy to apply a discount to a package as to a room only? If I book a package now and MVT comes out with something that looks better, could I still change/transfer everything to them with a package?

I might be wrong but I think if MVT comes out with something what you book now will need to be cancelled. Will you book through them now? They would make those changes.

Updating any reservation from rack to discount comes with the same disclaimer: discounts are available to a limited number of rooms (and sometimes a limited room category) at select resort locations. There is never any guarantee that the resort you’re at, or the room you’ve booked, will be included in the discount. And there’s never a guarantee that you can get the discount just because you already have a booking at that resort.

Listen to these ladies, (OBNurseNH & PrincipalTinker) They know what there are talking about.
I have already booked our package vacation for May 2020 using ‘Small World Vacations’ In the past they have always been right on top of things when ‘deals’ become available.

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i’ve been following this post as i’m in the same boat as @Jennifer_B.

i’ve always booked room only on the off chance i’d need to cancel just days before. @OBNurseNH has me thinking about a refundable package. this makes sense considering the comment from @PrincipalTinker about getting tickets early to secure their price, which will surely rise. if i book room only, i still need to buy tickets sooner than later and that cost is hefty (and could leave me stuck with tickets).

it’s crazy to think about booking now for next may when i don’t know if a trip is definite. considering my request to those whose help i need to care for my dog while i abandon them to go on a solo trip was received with less than ideal warmth (which i get :grimacing:), it may be too soon to get a disney envelope in the mail! :wink:

so much to think about! thanks to everyone for your replies!

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You say your parents might join you. Book their room, now, too. You can always cancel. It’s money out of your pocket now, but if they want to go and prices have gone up and/or there’s no availability, you’ll be kicking yourself.

I’m a third person in this same boat, for a similar timeframe. I was thinking of having MVT book a room only for us at POR to have something under their domain if they get AE again for next year, but I had planned on getting tickets from UT before any increases happen. Now I need to think about a package. I’ve also been mulling over renting DVC, which would lock me in now unless I also buy trip insurance, but at my more preferred location (BW or BC). The good thing about DVC is no parking fees, but I couldn’t pay by Disney GC which I’ve been amassing for extra discounts too (about 15% off on average). What other pros/cons of each approach do you all see?

I’m kinda in a similiar situation also. I was going to book a room only reservation soon, but I am a little confused about agence exclusives. Are they just packages, or also room only? I also have a room reserved before the price increase happened this past week, and I am not sure what will end up being a better deal.

I sent an email to MVT to see what they say. I also thought about renting DVC, but my daughter is hoping for FQ. I’m sure Riverside would be OK too. We’ve also stayed there in the past. I think I’m leaning towards the package.

FQ was an option in February with MVT. You just never know.

I think it’s funny that she is so stuck on FQ. We basically gave her the choice and said we could rent points and try for something like Beach Club or Wilderness Lodge, but she’s a creature of habit. We had an amazing trip last summer, so she thinks we should stick with what worked. Her brother would pick deluxe in a heartbeat!