Suggestions for Outdoor Dining

After multiple cancelled trips over the past 2 years, we are heading to WDW. With the current case surge, we would like to avoid indoor dining as much as possible. We are staying at BLT.

Any suggestions for outdoor dining?

Here are some of our current plans/ideas:

(1) Disney Springs: We will be there twice. We have a 11 am lunch res at The Boathouse and will be willing wait for an outdoor table. For trucks for dinner for our evening at DS.

(3) MK - We will be taking a mid-day break and will do table service to go for dinner from Steakhouse 71 and eat in our room at BLT.

(4) Epcot - Festival booths.

(5) HS day - Eat QS outdoors from ABC Commissary or Docking Bay 7.

(6) AK day - Eat QS outdoors from Flame Tree Barbecue or Satu’li Canteen.

I have a similar dilemma to your #5, ABC Commissary or Docking Bay 7, trying to make a choice. I’ll be curious to see what people recommend to you.

This. ABC Commissary outdoor seating is blech. It’s in that “corridor” between Frozen Singalong and the restaurant itself and it’s just … no. DB7 is much nicer (and better food)

A lot more serene than Satu’li. I will say Pandora was not quite the mob scene it has been before this last trip, but until that changed it was a very stressful environment, at least until seated


There are a lot of places to sit outdoors to eat, mostly QS and you can do MO, but there are several restaurants that have To Go features (as you’ve noted). @LTinNC82 and I sat by the quiet pool at Poly and ordered off their menu (small menu but ok).
!. Disney Springs: Duluxe Burger has beautiful outdoor seating by the water and you can do a MO there. Homecomin’ has outdoor seating but can also walk up to the bar and order food to go.
! MK: We loved sitting outside at Tony’s we hit it right before the fireworks too. Sleepy Hallow, Casey’s, … so many of the QS have outdoor seating options. Just look around :wink:
! EC. I dont’ care for regal eagle but you can eat outside in the America’s area and don’t forget about Katsura at the top of Japan pavillion.
! AK: Harambe Market near K.Safari’s has all outdoor seating and we were very pleased w/ their menu.



Yeah, ABC is better than it used to be, food-wise, but the outdoor tables feel like they’re in an unmagical back alley. DB7 is a clear winner in any category for me.


I mean I will say it does offer 100% shade, and it does act as a wind tunnel on breezy days. So it has that going for it. But that’s it completely


I second the Flame Tree vibe. Keep walking further down toward the water. The views are awesome and places to still have shade. I suggest eating there early to get a great spot!


For this trip, does it matter if you have to go into the building to get your food (and then go outside to eat) vs. stay outside to order/fetch/eat your food? For some people, they may not even want to go inside to get the food.

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Great question. I comfortable going inside a building with my N95 to pick up food and then eat outside. I know it is not risk free, but it is much less risky than spending 30-60 minutes unmasked eating indoors.


We did a trip in January with mostly outdoor dining. We ate at Tony’s outside which was a lovely location (with okay food). The other thing to consider is eating at some of the lounges–HBD lounge has outdoor seating. Dahlia lounge at CSR was one of my favorite dinners we did (pretty substantial lounge food). Three Bridges at CSR is outdoors. Sacred Spaces at AK.


I creayed this list of all the outdoor dining at the parks and resorts. It does not cover DS. Hope it is helpful!


This is great! Thanks