Suffering from PEDPS, how about you?

I am self-diagnosing a new affliction: Premature and Excessive Disney Planning Syndrome. :flushed::mask::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Key symptoms: despite Disney trip being 7+ months away, subject is constantly distracted by all things Disney. Obsessively compiles, evaluates, and optimizes TP’s despite not yet having ADR’s secured, and certainly well in advance of FPP availability. Planning on EMH, EMM and DAH based on predicted offerings. :crossed_fingers: Mapping out Uber rides and planning grocery orders. Choosing upgraded magic ba… oh, never mind :joy:. And of course, obsessively and constantly checking the TP forum for new/unread threads.

Be warned: PEDPS can strike suddenly! After booking our trip in early March, I was able to put Disney out of my mind until my spring semester ended. Knowing that my ADR day is still well over a month away (and so I DO at least need to start thinking about park days), I have felt the full-force and sudden onset of PEDPS over the past several days. :open_mouth: I’m trying to focus on work stuff (LOTS to do over the summer to prep for fall AND next spring semester, since I will lose much of my usual December between-semester break time to Disney!) but alas… I find myself slipping further and further into the throes of PEDPS.

Don’t be a victim!

(or do because most of here are probably already too far gone… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::rofl:)


…I’m not suffering. :wink:


I went through the same thing. Every conversation contained something Disney related. Just wait until the trip is over and you experience PDVD (Post Disney Vacation Depression). The only treatment is PEDPS with a new trip.


Ummmm, I would hardly call 7 months “premature” at WDW! 7 years maybe.


YESSSSS! Over dinner each night, I find myself thinking “what new Disney topic/planning point/opinion poll should I bring up to discuss tonight?” My family (DH, DS18, DS16) love Disney too, but they are perfectly happy to have me do 100% of the planning and be the “tour guide” (DH always threatens to get me a flag to carry LOL) and just come along for the ride! Sometimes I WANT to discuss the planning with them, but maybe I should just leave them out of it lol. :wink:


LOL true I suppose for some things. But I finally had to tell myself that sinking hours into developing TPs was a waste of time, given that everything can change depending on available ADRs, FP, and actual park hours/extra hours. And it’s especially pointless to do HS TPs right now! :roll_eyes:

I love the flag idea!

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It was more than 1000 days out when I started planning. 7 months means the trip is imminent!

ETA: In fact, 7 months out means you have to have worked out exactly what days you are going to which park, and figure out which ADRs are needed so that you are ready on day 180 to book them.


This is exactly why I always make sure we have at least two trips planned. Even then I find I still always get a mild case of PDVD when I get back home…

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This is serious, too. Much worse than the PRD (Post Ride Depression) you experience after you get in line for a ride just AFTER riding a high-adrenaline thrill ride. With PDVD your mind wanders aimlessly, not knowing what to focus on. You live in a fog for prolonged periods of time.


Yes! And this is what got me started… I do have the daily plan worked out (although, even there, I am considering duplicate ADRs to remain flexible, but not sure I want to add that extra complication). It will definitely feel more REAL when I have the ADRs, and when I can get our flight booked.

Incidentally - the ADR window is 180+ length of stay, yes? Is there a definitive place to see exactly what my ADR day is? We have 9 nights booked, so does that mean 189 days out?

If staying on property, yes.

No. 188 days.

Day one = 180 days out.
Day two = 181 days out

Day 9 = 188 days out.

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Your ADR day is 180 days before your check in day regardless of how long you are staying. But you can book for your whole stay to a maximum of 10 days.

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If you go to your MDE account and go to reserve dining (I’m assuming you already have your onsite room reservation) you should be able to see your trip dates grayed out, so you will know the exact morning to go online to book your ADRs.

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If you are familiar with spreadsheets, you can have your spreadsheet calculate it for you.

Enter a date in one cell (Let’s say it is A1). Then, in another cell, use the formula: “=A1-180”.

As long as the cell is formatted as a date, it will now automatically calculate your ADR date for you. :slight_smile:

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Got it - thanks! That’s about a week before my oldest’s HS graduation party, so it will be a busy time! I need to keep careful track so that I’m up and at my computer ready to go that morning! :smiley:

I’m trying not to let my PEDPS interfere with my looking forward to our Alaska trip next month. However, Michigan spring is more like 4th winter at this point, and palm trees are a lot more appealing than glaciers right now.


Nope, not me. I’m suffering from Not Enough Time Left and I Don’t Know What The Heck I’m Doing and Why Is Disney So Hard syndrome.


A common secondary affliction that hits in the latter stages of PEDPS! :wink::joy: