Success using Convention tickets?

Convention tickets seem to give a 10% discount, if you find an appropriate website.

Does anyone have stories of using Convention tickets even if they weren’t actually attending a convention? Or the Grand Floridian link that offers convention pricing?

Has it worked? Has anyone been denied entry?

There is a thread on this, with updated tips and recent success stories:

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That thread seems to be about purchasing convention tickets.

However, nobody has commented on whether they were questioned at the gate, denied access or let in as normal. I’m just wondering whether there’s a risk associated with using convention tickets or the Grand Floridian link?

If you look at the chat discussion I posted in the forum thread, you’ll see that a couple of people did report back after using convention Tix, no issues at all at gate reported.

I’m using one in a couple of weeks, as are several others, so hopefully we’ll have some more reports to share.

Personally, don’t think there is anything to worry about. For example: if I were attending a convention and my family were going to the park on convention Tix without me, how would Disney verify that? I think it is difficult to track various conventions and who is using what tickets.
Once you have them in MDE, I suspect they just look like any other Tix to CMs at tapstiles.

I was able to purchase convention tickets today via the Omni link in another post. Within an hour the tickets were automatically linked to MDE. I assigned one to my daughter and kept the other for myself. They are single day after 5pm tickets. We were able to make FP+ immediately. I will let everyone know if there are any issues getting in the gate but I’m confident we will just tap our magic bands and go.

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Having difficulty finding MNSSHP party tix via a convention link! Saw them a few weeks ago but now they seem unavailable. Even checked the Grand Floridian link and they have no special event tix available. Can anyone help? This is for October. Thanks!

Sorry, last week the Special Events tab disappeared from all of the convention links.

Looking at the web page code there is still some mention of that tab on it (it is set to “true”) but they must have changed something at the system side that has removed it.

I suppose there is still a chance it is some sort of glitch and it will come back, but I’m not too optimistic on that.

Has anyone had success calling in and purchasing them with the convention rate? I noticed the main thread had a number to call for special tickets.

Dang it!! Thanks for the response and the investigation. Looks like they closed a loophole!

GOOD NEWS! I’ve been stalking the convention tickets links and see that the Special Events tab is back!

I checked the MNSSHP for one link and it was listed as 10% off regular price.

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Just saw this…and it worked!! Thank soooo much for your research! We just saved 41 bucks!

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The GF link is expired. Anyone know if there is a new one?

You can always search for “” on Google to find pages with active links.

I have more details on my Convention Tickets Tip post.