Stuff to do...outside the parks! (UOR)

This May, we are having a family trip to UOR. We arrive May 7, saying in Dockside Inn. Most of us aren’t checking out until May 16…but my DS 23 and DDIL will only be there from May 7 to May 12.

Anyhow, we will have seasonal passes, so we can come and go into the parks each day as we see fit. But what I’m wondering is what things to consider doing that is found OUTSIDE the parks. For example, is it worth hopping over to some of the more premier resorts (maybe taking the boat)?

We do know about the mini golf, and we will likely do the new escape room. And of course, we will spend some time at the pool. We also plan to go over to Disney Springs at least one evening. But any other thoughts as to things to do outside of the parks (preferably that don’t cost a ton, or free!).

We did the bowling at Cabana Bay and it was super fun :slight_smile:


Oh! Cool. I didn’t know about this!

I bet @Shmebulock has some suggestions after her 2 week trip last year.

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I think everything I did has already been mentioned.

The mini-golf at city walk is excellent. I’ve heard it gets busy after park close, but I’ve never seen a line.
There are two courses.

Cabana Bay Galaxy Bowl is nice. You need to book in for that quite early and get a slot. You can’t book in advance, only in person.

I would’ve suggested pool hopping, but you can’t do that if you’re in the Endless Summer resorts. How about bar hopping instead? The Swizzle Lounge in the CB lobby is pretty cool, Jake’s bar at RRP is nice and we liked the Beachcomber pool bar at HRH. I’m sure there are others. I’ve heard the rooftop bar on Aventura is cool.

The escape rooms look like lots of fun. I believe that needs booked in advance.

Taking the water taxis to and from city walk can be nice activity even if it’s not for a purpose. They don’t run if there’s lightning around though.

There’s often entertainment at the waterfront stage in city walk. I have no idea of the schedule, but that’s nice if you’re exploring city walk and something good is playing. Maybe sit with a Margarita and a donut while you watch :grinning:

There’s a piece of the Berlin Wall behind the hard rock cafe if you want a little bit of history and reflection.
I haven’t done it, but I believe there is a white room tour you can ask for at the café, if it’s not busy and there are no gigs on, where you can see John Lennon’s piano.

The garden path from city walk out to CB is lovely too if you want a stroll. Same in the other direction to PB (although I’ve only walked as far as HRH that way).

What else :thinking::thinking::thinking:

There’s a sports bar with big outdoor screens. That would be cool if your team was playing :woman_shrugging:t4:

I think I’m out of ideas now :laughing:

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Oh and there’s the AMC cinema.
It’s a great complex. The air con was a little too cold for my liking, but the seats and screen was great :+1:t2:

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Yeah…I briefly considered booking at CB instead for the pool (and ability to hop) but the rooms just aren’t as ideal for a family.

Team? What’s that? You mean like favorite singing group or band? :wink:

Oh…yes. if there is a movie playing then that we care about, this is definitely an option we will consider!

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You know there are also proper ticketed concerts at the hard rock cafe. Again, I wouldn’t know about the schedule or anything, but check your dates and see if anyone you like is playing.

Does the HRH have live performers too? I feel like it should, but I haven’t spent a whole lot of time there.

There were a couple of live performances at the Swizzle Lounge at CB when we were there. One on a fiddle and another singer.

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I think HRH does - we’ve seen performers at the pool bar but I’m sure they have them inside too.

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I loved this! I couldn’t get a tour as I went during dinner. I am making HRC a stop on my last trip. I’ll have to ask again!!

I don’t know many free things to do in the area, except stroll around CityWalk and the hotels. I really do believe you should check out Portofino and/or Hard Rock Hotel with the water taxi. (I think Royal Pacific is just “ok”) The taxis are so nice and really beautiful at night.

Personally, I’m thinking about checking out Pirates Dinner Adventure this time. It’s not cheap - $65 per person, but it’s a 2+ hour show. It’s only 5 minutes away via Uber / Lyft. I’ve seen the show building many times on my way to / from the airport. (Medieval Times is also down there)

Also, The Hard Rock Hotel has magicians roaming around The Kitchen restaurant at dinner.

I LOVE Catch a Rising Star Karaoke Bar at CityWalk. Even if you don’t sing, it’s still a fun “club” vibe with people singing songs from 80’s, 90s and early 2000’s. Drinks cost about $15 each w/ tip. (Go to the bar and look for “Opie”. He’ll pour you enough “liquid courage” to get you on stage!)


Jumping back to the bowling idea…which would be better? Bowling at CB, bowling at Splitsville (Disney Springs), or bowling at one of the bowling alleys in Orlando?

I prefer Spiltville. The bowling at CB is only 3 - 4 lanes. That’s why there’s always a wait list. For $20 per person you rent the lane for 45 minutes. It’s really only a diversion for people staying there. It’s not a “good” bowling alley. It’s right next to the arcade and you can tell it was an afterthought in the design.

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Never been. Could be fun.

Oh, but I do! I’m used to singing in front of people. I do it at church regularly as part of the worship team, etc. I have no qualms singing in front of people. But, I’ve actually never been to a karaoke place. I’d be more nervous about figuring out how it all works than actually singing!


Rising Star is AMAZING!! It’s not your typical Karaoke set-up. You get on a full stage with a real band and back-up singers!!



This looks fabulous!

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I really don’t sing well. However, they are such good sports about it and welcome everyone on stage. Besides, the later into the night it gets the more the crowd sings along - drowning out my off-key/ flat voice anyway!!


Oh. It looks like this place is 18+. So that’s out then. We have our DS13! So this place must be more bar than anything else.

Oh! Your OG post said DS23!!

Yes! I would not take a kid in there, even 18 - 20. (As a matter of fact, I didn’t take my DD20 there. She could have gone inside, but half the fun of that place is the booze!)

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Well, the full group will be:

Me, DW, DS24, DDIL26, DS23, DDIL22, DD19, DS13. My DS23 and DDIL22 will be leaving on Friday the 12th, still leaving the others.

I see. Yeah. We’re not really drinkers. Figured it could be fun to get some food and sing. Guess not! :slight_smile:

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DH and I enjoyed taking the water taxi to Portofino one evening, exploring there, and then walking back to CityWalk.

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