Stroller for 6 & 8 year old

I now 6 & 8 is old but what do ya think? ’ my daughter is the 6 year old and about the size of a 4 year old .my son is average size and would probably be fine but I’m afraid that if she has somewhere to ride he will be upset.

Hi Donohoe!
I would not let the age of your children discourage you from considering a stroller. We had one for our son when he younger and it made all of the difference in keeping things enjoyable. You will see many families with children riding in strollers who you would normally not see doing so in other situations. It is a lot of walking, especially for children!!! There are some great stroller options in addition to what you can rent directly at the park. We have used Kingdom Strollers who deliver directly to you and makes it very easy. They also have different strollers to choose from based on the weight of the child. A stroller is also great to have somewhere to put snacks, drinks, etc. I highly recommend having the stroller.

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I’ve always heard, strollers are a must until they are at least 8. We are going in Nov. and need one for my 4 year old but are renting a double so my 7 year old can rest her legs as well. But think of all the water bottles, snacks, souvenirs etc. it can hold too :slight_smile:


I am also taking our double stroller for our DS5 and DS8. I’m not sure how much it will be used, but I do like the idea of pushing our park bag instead of carrying it. I am intending to bring our Sit n’ Stand. I know every one says the side-by-sides are so much better than the front and back models,so I have also considered borrowing a single stroller from a friend and buying one of those roll behind boards to attach to it.

I hate to spend the extra money, though. We are driving and we have room for a stroller so I hate to pay for a side-by-side rental and I don’t know if I would ever use the roll behind board again. And, as I mentioned, I’m not even sure how much we would actually use it. I was thinking about letting the kids ride until we get to a central location, park it at a ride, walk to everything in the area, then pick it back up to ride to another location. Has anyone else tried this? Would any one even notice if it was parked in a spot longer than the expected attraction time?

It’s absolutely fine to park it up and leave it.

You may come out and find it’s been moved. Not far from original location but moved to make room etc. Just make sure you distinguish your stroller from others!

I’m glad I’m not alone . My husband thought I was crazy. I also thought it would be easier to keep track of the kids in a time of higher crowds


With kids who are small or not used to walking long distances or prone to driving you crazy after a lot of walking, YES! We rented a City Mini and my kids fit comfortably when they were a VERY tall 6- and 4- year old.
Last March went with kids aged 5 and 7, didn’t get a stroller and were just fine, too.

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We’ve done stroller for age 6 but not for age 8. However, they can share if your 8 year old ends up needing a break. and the stroller is very helpful for storage.

You may laugh… I’m a 34 year old male and there were times where we struggled to sit somewhere nice and comfy or shady, so I’d park the stroller under a tree and I used the foot rest on the stroller as a seat to park MY butt :slight_smile:

If your kid fits the stroller, get one. If they don’t want to use it, it’s a wonderful place to store bags and other things that you might not want to take on rides with you or carry around while you trek from one side to another.

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We used a stroller until our kids were 6 and 8. Actually, 2 very good umbrella strollers. They were perfect. They fit in the car easily and the handles had multiple settings, so my taller husband was comfortable pushing, as was my shorter mother.

Now one thing people don’t think about, my mom loved pushing one of the strollers, even when there wasn’t a child in it. She’d put her purse in the seat and found it helped take the load off her back to be pushing something. After the kids were too old for the strollers, and she’d accepted her age and back pains, she started taking a walker, which was her lifesaver. But before she was (emotionally) ready for the walker, the stroller, helped in the same way.

So, yes, you’re pushing weight, but you’re also able to lean on something when you need a break.


I posted this a while ago and received a lot of wonderful advice. However, my 8 year old decided to have a huge growth spurt and is now 52" tall!! I don’t know if he can possibly fit in a double stroller with his sister now. When I asked him /them about possibility sharing they weren’t too happy witth the idea. What do u think

we are going with a 2, 6, and 8 yr old and I’m bringing my double for the 2 and 6 yr old and renting a single for the 8 yr old. I don’t want him complaining he is tired or what not. we will be going from rope drop til close every day and they need to rest. hell I need to rest. I want a magical vaca and if it takes pushing around my 8 yr old then I’m fine with that. my husband thinks I’m crazy too but he will like it when the 8 yr old is sleeping and not whining. also my 8 yr old would never go in one around here but he is all for it on vacation and we can also have the seniors push it for extra leverage. I think everyone will enjoy having the strollers. I’m glad they are making them bigger now since it means my 6 yr old can use one instead of a wheelchair–he will always need a wheelchair at Disney with his heart condition so I think it makes him feel less different. Go for it!!!

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If your 52" 8 year old won’t fit in a double, I would at least go with a single and add the ride behind board. I’ve even seen them used behind a double stroller for three children! I would absolutely get one if my 8 year couldn’t fit our Sit n’ Stand. And actually, if I could rent one, I would probably do that and just bring a single stroller for my younger anyway.

I wish I could get one for my 10 year olds! We did a stroller when they were 8, but that was the last year as they are over the limit now. I don’t like to take breaks a lot, so the stroller was so nice to have when they were able to. I’d say get one!

What kind did u use? I’m just concerned about the height of my son . He’s pretty thin otherwise and my daughter is petite

my 8 yr old son is tall but super thin. we are renting the city mini gt. we have th double and i can push him in it fine. he is at the weight limit almost but the bob or one other obe goes to 65 pounds…wow! look at kingdom strollers.

We rented the CityMini Double from Kingdom Strollers - It worked great for us.

That’s one I was thinking of. I also saw a maclaren techno (new choice)on Orlando strollers site . It’s an umbrella that goes up to 55 lbs ! Don’t know the height though

I think that strollers also depend on what you want your touring style to be. My kiddos are going to be 6 & 4 at our trip time in December, and although I know lots of people recommend mid-day breaks, that’s just not who our family is. I think that a side by side stroller like we are planning to rent will give my kids a chance to sit and probably take a catnap if they need it, and we are far more likely to get that out of them than an actual nap if we went back to our hotel room. My husband & I are also both night owls, and while we certainly aren’t going to sabotage our family vacation by forcing our kids to get by on barely any sleep, we are actually hoping for some nights where both kids might fall asleep if we are in parks a little bit later, which will allow for he & I to swap a ride here and there without feeling quite as rushed, or will allow for some shopping without them seeing what we might purchase. If it works for your family - do it!