Strategy for booking Fast Passes?

I have 10 days of Fast Passes to book.
When booking Fast Passes, is it better to:

  1. do all the days at WDW together, accepting what Disney assigns me and then changing them later for the times I really want?
  2. customize Fast Pass times to the ones I want right away, booking them one day at a time?
  3. begin with my 1st day of vacation?
  4. begin with my last day of vacation?
  5. do parks in a certain order? i.e.- MK fist
    If it’s best to book parks in order, what is the best order - MK, then HS, then Epcot, then AK?

I would figure out what days you want the hard to get FastPasses and book those first (i.e. Anna & Elsa, 7 Dwarfs, parades, fireworks). The others should not be a problem. I wouldn’t worry about customizing times right away. Go with the closest ones to your time preferences and then come back after you are finished and edit.

Good luck! I hope that you get everything that you want. :smile:


Customize your FPP times right away, starting with the days where you want the harder to get FPPs. The later in your stay you are booking, the easier it is to get the “harder” FPPs (kind of like ADRs).

Use the Optimizer to help you determine which FPPs will benefit you the most each day - see Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+ for some tips on how to do this.

Thanks for the tips!
I’ve already created personalized TPs for all 10 days so I know all the FPP I want to get and the times I’d like. I just hope I get them!!!
We’re only using FPP for rides. Which rides are the hardest - and the ones I should focus on 1st? Dwarfs, Rock n Roll, Everest…
Should I focus on MK fist? And Hollywood next (for RnR). And Animal Kingdom next (to get Everest)? Or should I do all MK days & all MK FPP first (we have 3 days at MK)?
Thanks again :slight_smile:

I would say MK first for 7DMT, then HS for TSMM. The rest I would do in reverse date order. If you don’t get what you want, keep checking back daily.

I would pick the FPs you want at each park. I always pick the times furthest from when I really want the FPs. Then I go in and move the times to the exact time I want.

I agree, 7DMT fist, assuming you don’t want A&E. I do not bok Toy Story ( I am a RnR person) but that would be my second priority if I wanted that FP.

Sorry, I’m not sure I follow…

What do you mean by “reverse date order”?
And do you mean book ALL FPs for MK first (& all 3 days we’ll be at MK) and then move on the HS and do ALL FPs at that park and so on? Or did you mean book only the popular FPs at MK, then the popular FPs at HS, etc. and then go back and do the less popular ones?

What is the advantage of picking the times furthest from what I want? Wouldn’t it make more sense to pick a time closest to what I want?

This is our 1st time to WDW and 1st time booking FPs, so it’s all so new & confusing for us.
We really appreciate this forum. It’s so helpful for us newbies!

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I have found that I may want an order, say Space, Splash, Big Thunder and a time. If I keep the time completely free, I can move the attractions in the Oder/time I want. If I take “close” I cannot move an attraction into a slot that is already booked. So, if I want Splash for around 2:00 but it has put space from 1:30-2:30, I have to move Space before I can even move Splash.

Reverse date order is booking MK on your last date for 7DMT and A&E and booking the easy stuff on your first date.

Reverse date order = furthest out date first. The farther out you are the more likely it is that you will be able to get exactly what you want.

For MK, pick all the FPPs for the day(s) where you want to have 7DMT first - as you are not interested in any other “hard to get” FPPs, any other MK days are not a priority. The same goes for HS - pick all the FPPs for days where you want to have TSMM first.

For example. say you are going to MK on days 4, 5, and 6 but you are want to do 7DMT only on day 5, and you are going to HS on days 1 and 3 and want TSMM on both days. First you pick all your FPPs for MK Day 5 (including 7DMT), then HS Day 3, the HS Day 1, then your remaining days (10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 4, and 2).

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This is so helpful. Thank you! I’ve never even seen the Fast Pass reservation system (I can’t seem to preview it; I guess it’s not open to me until our 60 day window) so it’s really hard to envision how this all works! I’ve read this TP site about Fast Passes and The Unofficial Guide to WDW, but it’s hard to totally grasp it all without seeing what it actually looks like when you go to book the Fast Passes. I know nothing about “close” or keeping times free, so all of this is so useful. Thanks!
Oh, one more question: How about Everest? Is it a top priority to book Fast Passes, too?
(Oops, that was 2 questions!!!) :slight_smile:


Do you already have tickets, or do you have a package with tickets? If you have separate tickets, have you entered them in MDE? If you have tickets linked to your MDE account, you can make “dummy” FP+ reservations just to get a feel for how to do it. Try for less than 30 days out, as the system will think you are an off-site guest.

Just please be sure to cancel them so they’re not tied up in the system if someone else wants those rides/times.

Good luck!

Edit - yes, I’d go for Everest as well

Yes! I would book Everest ( I would also plan on riding it at least two more times if I could- but that’s me).

I think they closed the practice ability in MDE. You will be asked to pick the park for you fast passes. You will then be asked if you want Disney to pick your FPs, or if you want to ( you want to!). You will choose who is in your party ( linked in MDE), then check off three attractions based on the list of what is available. They will then schedule them at three different times ( choice 1,2 or 3). You pick the series with the times that work for you.

We do have a package already booked and we’re close to our 60 day booking date. I tried to do a “practice” one but it wouldn’t work. I could try again, but it is possible that they’ve closed the practice ability, as PrincipalTinker suggested.
Thanks for the walk-through of how it works. It does help us newbies!

Yes, you cannot do “practice” FPP bookings if your tickets are part of a package, as the tickets are tied to your reservation dates. It only works is you have separately purchased tickets linked to your MDE account.

Check out - @Mr_Itty has posted a lot of useful FPP reservation information there, including screenshots of the whole process.

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That is an extremely helpful link. Thanks for posting it!

Sorry, just 1 more question:
Can you book Fast Passes during Extra Magic Mornings?
For example, can I book a Fast Pass for 8:30am when the park doesn’t officially open until 9:00 (but there is a Magic Morning on that day)?

No, you cannot book FPP for mEMH. No point, really, as the wait times would not be long enough to merit use of an FPP.

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Oh! I think we skipped the point that lines are really short for almost all attractions except 7DMT, TSMM, RnR and A&E. FPs should be used when there are lines.

My TP recommended 8:30 Fast Passes for some Early Mornings. It also recommended FPs for some 9:00 times, when the park opens at 9:00. It would suggest doing 1 or 2 rides right at 9:00 and then using a 9:00-10:00 FP to do another ride after.
Do you really think the lines will be short during March? March is Spring Break for so many people, not sure about Orlando but I’m sure it’ll hit Spring Break for many areas. I know Disneyland is crazy busy during March for all rides. I would’ve thought WDW would be the same?