Storybook Dining At Artist Point: A Review

We had a 5:50 reservation for this character dining experience. We had spent the day at HS and arrived to WL by bus around 5:15 to relax and enjoy a pre-dinner beverage at Geyser Point. We checked in at Artist Point right on time and waited about 5 minutes for our table to be ready.

I was struck by the room upon our entry. I had heard how well themed it was, but while it was a pretty and welcoming room, it did not feel themed in any particular way. I wonder if it feels more so at night. With floor to ceiling windows and the sun far from setting, it lacked the ambiance I expected.

We were seated and provided with our menus. Our server was attentive but seemed rushed and stressed all through the meal, and this was notable right from the start. He explained how the meal would work both in terms of food service and character interaction, and took our drink order. I had a glass of red wine, foregoing the specialty cocktails created for this experience. I just hadn’t heard anything good about them and couldn’t see having something I’d probably hate just for the sake of doing so. The red wine was fantastic: Willamette Valley Vineyards ‘Founders’ Reserve’ Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley. I’ll be getting this back home!

My kids – who are, ahem, Disney adults, being over the age of 10 – are very picky eaters and the menu was too adventuresome for them. So when our server returned we requested to be informed of the alternative meal options. He explained the choices and reiterated that the price is still the same regardless and while that hurt me right in the wallet, I understood that would be the case and took another swig of my wine to ease that pain.

Our appetizers were soon served and they were positively adorable! My family ate a little bit of the Hunter’s Pie and a smidge of the mushroom soup, most of it was left to me and I was not sad about that in the least. The mushroom soup was amazing and my favorite by far. The shrimp was a little bit bland but enormous. And the Hunter’s Pie was tasty too. I did get my son to try a little bit of everything, and he claims to like shrimp now.

For our entrees, my husband chose the Prime Rib and I had the Veal Shank. Both dishes were absolutely scrumptious! The meats were flavorful and tender and the accompaniments were perfection. My husband said the horseradish mashed potatoes were among the best potatoes he’s ever had (and he’s a bit of a potato aficionado). The celery root was so tasty and the wilted greens were prepared expertly. We both raved about our meals. My kids said the pasta with red sauce was “ok”. :roll_eyes:

While we dined, Snow White visited us. She was incredibly charming. I’m not a big fan and I absolutely fell in love with her. She was sweet and beautiful and interacted so wonderfully with our kids. Grumpy came by next and was soooooooooooo grumpy! It was fantastic! He scowled at my daughter so long she cracked up laughing! And Dopey was the other dwarf to visit and he was adorable. Loved him to pieces! In between visits there was some singing and dancing in the restaurant by the characters which provided some fantastic entertainment.

But the star of the show was the Evil Queen. We met her after our main course and after the other characters had come by. She was disgusted by everyone and everything and so dismissive. It was perfect. We loved every awful, nasty, rude minute, our own and those of other guests who met her before and after us. The price of the meal was almost worth it just for the interaction and photo ops with her. She is Evil!

Dessert was delivered in much the same way as the appetizers: mini servings of each item so we could sample everything. All of us loved the gooseberry pie, and the poison apples were amazing - I could have eaten 20 of them. The Miner’s Treasures (spongecake, gems, and buttercream frosting) was a miss with all of us and we left most of that behind.

The real treat was the Hunter’s Gift to the Queen. Here is where our server’s hurriedness really had a negative impact on the experience. I’ve seen how this is supposed to be done, in videos shared by well-known bloggers and friends alike. And instead our server was more or less like, “See this? Isn’t this cool? Here, have some.” and more or less threw it at us and moved on. I was sooooooooooo disappointed in this failed presentation. It is supposed to be the culmination of an evening’s adventure and fun and it really fell flat because he was so rushed and stressed.

Overall this could be a fun meal for grownups, or even kids who have a more adventuresome palate. But if your kids are going to order the pasta, ESPECIALLY if they are Disney Adults, it’s not worth the cost. This was my main sticking point. I think DH and I would have enjoyed this as a ‘just us’ experience, and the value would have been there. That said, the kids did enjoy the experience, if not the meal, and there is something to be said for that indeed. I hope they can get the servers to slow down and/or employ more of them so that they are not so rushed. For me, at this time, this is a one and done but would consider it if I could be guaranteed slower service and did not have picky eaters in tow. I would caution families to review the menu carefully and make an honest assessment of whether your kids will partake of the offerings.

I will share photos in a separate post in the thread :slight_smile:


I went at night and I really liked the theming. I was struck by how much thought had gone into every aspect of the experience, including the decoration. I loved the lighting and roof hangings.

I had one and didn’t particularly enjoy it. But then I’ve never enjoyed any cocktail at WDW. Every one I’ve had has been far too strong for my taste.

I have expressed my bitterness about this before. She ignored my table. Twice.

Me too — and I did not get that experience, either.

I was on the DDP so it was “free”, but they gave me a check anyway (as they always do) and I gasped at how expensive it would have been if I’d paid out of pocket. This is only one TS credit on the DDP and a fantastic value.

I’m hoping to go again in December. I haven’t made time for it in my summer trip. December brings the added appeal of visiting WL during the Christmas season, which I found especially magical last year.


Thanks for the review. I agree with the menu. It seems too obscure even the kids menu and not much in the menu appealed to me. I was wondering why it’s so popular. I guess for the characters.



@OBNurseNH and @mousematt, you each had different soups. Is that a seasonal thing?

Likely. The official menu says squash bisque. I loved the mushroom though so I was not disappointed even though squash bisque is one of my very favorites

Tom Bricker had the same soup as me:


This was the first review I saw the didn’t have the squash, but I’m glad to hear it was yummy!


I just checked the menu and it has changed from when I booked. Beef stew and a new fish dish that I had not seen before as well as a pork and seafood dish. The mushroom soup is on the kids menu now. My mother makes squash soup in the fall and then freezes it so we have it through out the winter but no one makes a mushroom soup in the family and I love me a good mushroom soup, so I’ll have to ask in 52 days.


Perfect timing for this review. I just snagged a ressie for our Memorial Day weekend trip. We aren’t sure we want to keep it though. Largely for similar reasons as you had cautioned. My two boys are “adults” now and I am not sure we will see the value of it. More food for thought here though. Thanks.

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Loved your review! Thank you!

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Great review! We all loved this meal in February! Have it booked again in July for my niece to experience!

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Dopey danced around our table twice but never stopped to sign autographs or take pictures with us. Maybe they take turns ignoring people?!


Thank you for this. Can´t wait to go in June.

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<looks at title, author and length of review… rubs hands together>

I know what I’m reading on my lunch break!


Thanks for this! Such a great and detailed review! I have AP on my list for our December trip. My oldest is still a Disney “kid” for one more year so this may be the time to try it.

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I was so bummed to miss this last year - they relaunched as this version the day or two after we arrived and I couldn’t snag a rez. Since then, I’ve come to realize that might have been a good thing as the menu doesn’t seem to suit our tastes. I’d still love to experience it one day but maybe in another iteration of the menu.


Do it now if you’re going to!

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@OBNurseNH, did they say that this was a new menu? I was listening to a podcast this morning and they were complaining that the appetizers were the children’s menu. Looking at Disney, that is what you had?

I didn’t know it to be a new menu. The appetizers were what I expected and except for the mushroom soup were not from the children’s menu as far as I know.

The food was great. It just isn’t for everyone, especially my kids