Storybook Dining At Artist Point: A Review


I see that the shared appetizers are the same from the adult and children’s menu. But that is how that meal is served. The only thing you choose is your entree. The children’s entrees are not the appetizers :woman_shrugging:t2:


You also did not get the Hunter’s Pie? Two out of the three appetizers are different than Matt’s but the mushroom soup is on the kid’s menu:


I did get the hunters pie. Based on the description



No, do you see Matt’s picture? It is like a little pie.


It looks to me like hat’s just the thing assembled.


Oh I zoomed in. Yes that looks like a pastry. Come to think of it I think that was the original thing. So that is different actually


Yeah, if you look at the review Matt attached there is another picture there. I had the same as Matt. Funny because I saw the kid’s appetizers and it was not what is on the Disney menu.


When we were there April 2nd we had the Hunters pie pastry like Matt had as well. Also butternut squash soup that was very good, and the shrimp. I like the appetizers and desserts the best, my entree was just okay (the seafood stew thing). I liked the characters, especially the Queen and Grumpy, but not sure we would do it again. We had our favorite Yak and Yeti lunch that day, and it was easily twice as good for half the price.


I do not remember having the presentation of anything by server when we went. We had probably the worst table in the room right by the entrance so try to avoid that. :star_struck: Take heart. Our super picky eater did fine–another barely on the adult DP…but we asked for the kids meal for her in advance which, of course, you lose $, but she was super happy with all the kid apps, main course and desserts.


Kids App



Kid’s specialty drink that is like a potion is great!!! Cotton candy base I think. Very cute. Great,detailed report @OBNurseNH. I enjoyed my specialty cocktail, but was still enjoying my I can have an adult beverage phase of post newish baby. :heart_eyes: I liked it. Sorry. I do not remember which one.

We took a great picture of her drinking her bottle and me with my cocktail in our matching Disney shirts. :heart_eyes: Framer…


Yes! That is not what is on the menu!


It is though.

It’s the one with the make your own honey butter

It’s ONLY on the kids menu



Do you see the list above that? Kid’s shared appetizers? It lists the mushroom soup and the replacement for the hunter’s pie?


Geez, was your server named Nathan? We actually had to ASK for the heart and popcorn presentation…and it was like our server was mad he had to do it!

I won’t go back because I have an allergy that makes dining there restrictive and I personally feel takes away from the experience as I can’t eat the appetizers! (And it made our server so mad to have to keep track of allergies at our table)

But I am glad I went once…because the Queen was AMAZING!

The food? Forget about it. But again, I have some weird allergies and couldn’t truly enjoy everything! The service was AWFUL. Truly awful. I even told the Queen and she assured me the “fumbling idiots in the room were NOT her people…her people are much better”. LOL


I cannot say we had good service. It was average at best. Had no idea about the popcorn and heart thing


I’m so confused at what you are getting at.

Maybe we should start over LOL