Storing belongings while riding

If I have a backpack with me at IOa or US is there somewhere for me to store the backpack while I ride. I don’t really want a locker, I’m thinking more like a cubby or something

Universal insists that all items be stored in lockers located at each attraction. They are small, but free. However, they do have larger lockers that are $2 per use. I tend to get these as I always get the unlimited Coke Freestyle cups and they only fit in those without having to dump them out each time. It means I have to have like a $20 per day locker budget though.

It’s very frustrating at first, but you quickly get used to it. In some ways it is better than putting your bags between your legs & etc… while on a ride.

There are no cubbies or other options.


depends on the size of the bag but I’ve seen many backpacks go into the small lockers.

I have to say that is the only thing I dislike about universal. It’s so annoying to always have to get a locker. When we went in December I just had a smaller fanny pack and could go on all the rides with this.

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Two words: Cargo pockets.



Cargo shorts are the best “back pack” for theme parks. I don’t wear them normally, but I don’t go into a theme park, especially UOR, without them!



Yep, I live by my stylish fanny pack that I can take on all of the rides except Hulk and Rip Ride Rockit!


I love the fanny pack (or, for our British friends, we’ll just call it a waist pack) when cargo pockets are not possible or insufficient.


And “waist pack” sounds much more dignified than “fanny pack”!

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Just wait for Tron!

I always take a full sized backpack into the park due to cameras and other essentials. There are only two rides I haven’t been able to bring my backpack. Soarin’ and FOP, which is standard for those rides. Never had a problem with my bag fitting onto a ride - including Space, which feels like the tiniest ride vehicle ever. I know you asked about storing your belongings, so I’m not trying to get off topic. Making a point that I bring a backpack because I don’t want to store my stuff. :blush:

Except this is re: UOR, which is apparently an entire different animal.

Yep, I’m with you on the backpack. With 4 kids, I end up a pack mule one way or another! Not sure what I’ll do on next trip to UOR (last time we had a stroller to hold All The Stuffs but we’re finally past that…)

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Will they allow me to take a small purse on most rides? It’s basically the size of a fanny pack but I would be wearing it cross body.

For some of the rides, you would be okay. Several of them require a three-prong to fanny pack in order to be worn on the ride. A cross-body bag would not be allowed.

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If people are old enough to carry there own possessions get small backpacks. They’ll fit into the free lockers and you’ll be less of a pack mule.


This pack mule is getting smarter though. We had one backpack we rotated in 20 min shifts. It actually worked really well as I could keeps tabs on it easily. If everyone had their own, pretty sure someone would insist they didn’t need one or would lose theirs.

I’ll have to rethink it for UOR, but nothing planned yet, so maybe they’ll all miraculously become self sufficient…

We did both UOR and WDW on our last trip, and it was our first time to UOR. It was soooooo much easier to get around WDW without having to unload all the stuff each time. We have kids who carry a lot so we don’t travel light.

Realized after posting. Scratch UOR off my list. :laughing:

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Sorry for all the follow up questions, but what if I wear pants that have a zippered pocket that hits mid thigh (so pretty high up) and put my phone and EP in it? Would that get in the way of the restraints? It’s a similar idea to a cargo pant but the pocket sits much higher. I don’t have any cargo pants (and am not sure if i can pull them off, frankly, so looking for alternatives). Thanks so much everyone!

I think you should be fine. The only rides where you would need to take the things out of your pockets would be Hulk and Rip Ride Rockit.