Stepping away from the plan . .

I’m at 117 days. 57 more days till I can start booking my FPPs.

Countless changes — to ADRs, to park days, and even to the hotel. But I do think I’m done now.

So I’m going to try to step away from the spreadsheet for two months.

No doubt FPP availability will require some (ahem) minor tinkering but I think for all our sakes I should try to forget about my trip for now.

Feel free to hold me to account if I break my embargo!


Good luck!

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I marked it on my calendar :joy:

Disappointed though. Your endless tinkering and adjustments are very entertaining!


Entertaining. Stressful. Pot-ay-to, pot-ah-to.

I’m tempted to post the most recent iteration, but then people might comment and that might provoke further changes!


Sorry Matt, the only appropriate response from this Scottish lass (poetic licence may have been invoked) is …

“Aye, right”!

Prove me wrong :wink:

And good luck!

I started this thread 25 minutes ago. During that time I have made zero changes to the plan. Ha. I win.


Oh sorry, I don’t think you realise that your (ahem) autocorrect function changed the phrase 57 nanoseconds to 57 days.

Silly me, should have pointed it out sooner perhaps.


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I suggest you burn spreadsheet (figuratively speaking…since otherwise it might involve burning up your computer).

Other than your fast passes and dining reservations, try just free-wheeling the rest of the time. I dare you.

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That’s broadly the plan. I have blocks of times at parks and lists of rides I want to go on during them, but I’m not proposing to be striding purposefully around the whole time staring at my phone.

Oh the horror!

[I wasn’t trying to change anything! I’m just checking every day for HEA dessert party reservations becoming open.]

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There goes my hope for a MVT quote today!