BOG vs Crystal Palace vs Chef Mickey vs [?]

I would book. Especially during the summer. Unless I was content with QS only, I would never go without ADRs.

As a party of one you’re more than likely to be fine with a walkup, but like @lizzieanne771 I would still book. Better to have an ADR which you can cancel than not have one and be turned away…

I can see why you’d think that, but — of course! — you’re wrong.

The No-Changes Rule defines a period of time during which no changes may be made to the schedule. This period ends on 1st May, when changes may once again be made.

However, the No-Changes Rule does not state when the period begins.

Clearly, as I made a change yesterday, the No-Changes Rule has not yet come into effect. Thus there has been no infraction.

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You should have been a lawyer.


I was a lawyer, briefly. (That’s true, but also a hilarious pun.)

But then I realised that lawyers do not necessarily make the world a better place. So I quit to become a teacher.



your initial declaration suggests otherwise.

Bolded for emphasis: So I’m going to try to step away from the spreadsheet for two months.

You yourself defined the beginning period - 6 days ago.


I clearly said that I was going to try to step away. Equally, cleary I failed.

To be fair, this is not my fault. It’s everyone else’s faults. People keep posting things on here that give me ideas, or make me second-guess decisions I’ve made. This inevitably leads to changes.

I’m the victim in this whole thing. Apologies from you all would be entirely appropriate.


So, like I said:

We understand the temptations we cause. But it’s important to own your own failure if you wish to succeed in the future.

Under normal circumstances, I know it is uncouth to blame the victim…but in this case, I ain’t so sure.

In fact you’re both wrong. Like the very best generals, I have adapted my plan as conditions in the battlefield necessitated.

If you think about it, I’m pretty much a hero and you should all be trying to follow my example. (You’re welcome.)

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Ahh, rationalizations. The greatest force in the universe, and humanity’s greatest need.

Like many geniuses, I’m clearly not appreciated in my own time. But my day will come when Disney erects a statue in my honour, bearing the legend, The Man Who Quite Rightly Changed His ADR, Despite The “Rules”.

Yeah but the amount of changes that statue will have to go through before it is erected is anyone’s guess… who knows WHEN it’ll be finalized/finished. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a very fair point. But — like my schedule — once it’s completed, it will be a thing of beauty!


lol well played, sir. Well played

I’m sure my great grand children will admire it very much.

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I scouted out a suitable spot for it during my last trip. There’s currently some eyesore statue in place, but I’ll have that cleared out and replaced with the new one of me. I’ll keep the plinth. No need to be wasteful. And we could melt down the existing statue and reuse the metal.


Once again, you provide entertainment to the masses. Ever thought of a TV channel …?

Now first, I’m shocked at how easily I was taken in, fooled even. There was no friend? I feel embarrassed at how gullible I was to believe you.

However I cannot accept you defence, however eloquently you argue the toss. You set yourself a target and asked us to hold you to account. Well, you failed. Plain and simple. You need to take ownership of that failure before we can all move forwards.

We may have put temptation in your way, albeit that you asked our opinion, for that non-existent imaginary friend. (That in itself is quite a philosophical conundrum, worthy of further debate perhaps). However, you could not, and did not resist. Total lack of will power I’m afraid.

How many emails do you have now regarding ADRs?

So what’s your next move in this second " once in a lifetime" trip planning?

PS Do I need to add any sarcasm emojis at this point, just to make sure no one thinks this is serious?

Well, just in case, here are a few …

:rofl: :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:


Do I need to do a Frost/Nixon style interview?

No need. Somewhere I’m sure I saw that you have acknowledged the failure.

Although you’ve just given me an idea. From henceforth, your planning escapades shall be known as Profgate.