Step into my Time Machine


Soooooo awesome. Thanks for sharing. The matches! OMG


What a cool find!! I


So much of this stuff looks familiar.

About the only comment I can add is that the Lee & Rick’s Oyster Bar in the display ad in the motel TV mag is still going, still on the same corner, and probably looks the same as it did 40 years ago.

I may have spent some time there. Or something.


This is very, very cool! Thank you! I love brochures and have bags of them from our European trips and our honeymoon. Many things I have thrown away, but I do know that someday they will be really cool to look at.

I’m also chuckling at the dining categories for some reason: Elegant dining, Family Dining, Buffet Dining, etc. I’m sure today’s buffet dining now has the old elegant dining prices.


What a neat find! I kinda can’t imagine what it must have been like to go there and be able to do literally everything in two days. (Also, I hope you’re doing ok with everything – this must be a lot to handle, having to go through so much stuff… How many days 'til Disney?)

Yes. Yes they are.


Thanks for sharing!


Randall! What a treasure!!! I have pixie dust in my eyes looking at this stuff - the trip report gets me in the feels for some reason. Maybe it makes her feel like a kindred spirit to us Liners :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

I can’t wait to look at this more closely once home later!


They must have good drinks?


Um, no. Ying-ling (spelled phonetically, you see) is about as exotic as it gets.


Kittahs do like the fishes


Sorry for the lack of activity, I’ve been busy with other stuff but I finished transcribing her [short] trip report. It seems that this trip was an wedding anniversary trip (Barry is my dad). They would have been married 3 years based on the dates.

Sadly, no pictures that I could find even though she will mention she took a bunch. Anyway…


Our trip

We got up this morning at about 4:20 AM. Dressing quickly, we left to meet Betty down at my mother’s. We had coffee and left at 5:10 AM. Driving down to the airport it was very wet and cold! We reached the airport at about 5:55 AM. We checked our bags then found a coffee shop and got coffee. Sat for a while drinking coffee. Taking a walk around the gift shop, spending $2.64 on paper. Then we went to our gate C2 and waited for our flight.

Well we finally got on the plane! At 9:10 AM. We had a terrible time. First our plane was delayed 10 to 20 minutes, then 30 to 40 minutes, finally, they said we will change your flight. They said we can do then we went to our gate C2 and waited for our flight.

Well we finally got on the plane! At 9:10 AM. We had a terrible time. First our plane was delayed 10 to 20 minutes, then 30 to 40 minutes, finally, they said we will change your flight. Tried that, no room! So they put us back on our original flight 123. Boy, what a mess! We are now in the air! The pilot said we will be flying at 31,000 feet, right now we’ve cleared the rain clouds and are seeing sun! (Still very bumpy) The pilot just said “we will be flying at 35,000 feet at 575mph.” The stewardesses are now serving breakfast we are having crepes with blueberries, on the side fruit cup (oranges pineapple lettuce topped with coconut), coffee, not bad. Flying this high there’s not tooooo many bumps, my stomach and ears have taken their whole experience very well. Barry is like a little kid, he’s so bubbly!

Well we landed in our 727 at Atlanta, we found our next plane and rushed to get on. It just happened to be a whisper jet(nice). The seating is two across for each row, much nicer than our 727. We even got earphones! We are flying around at 35,000 feet from Atlanta to Orlando he didn’t say how fast this time. Now we get lunc. We had a piece of chicken, rolls, butter, Coke, carrot sticks and celery sticks and a cookie and a radish. We no sooner finish lunch when the pilot said we are starting to land in Orlando.

Finally on solid ground again! We went and got our car which just so happened to be a Ford Thunderbird. It wasn’t ready until they put gas in it. So went back and got our bags and carried them up to where we got the car. We got the car and left for our motel. We reached the motel and got our room. Not bad! Caught an hours nap and then we went to Stars Hall of Fame. Then we went to lake buena vista and had a drink then and looked through most of the gift shops. Then we came back and had dinner at our motel. After dinner, we went and listened to some guy try and play guitar. We came upTo our room again and called home to let everyone know we got here OK. For dinner, we had London broil. Baked potato, coffee, and a drink. We went to bed around 11:30 PM.

18 October 1977
We got up around 7 AM. We got dressed and went down to have breakfast in our motel. Barry’s having grapefruit juice, steak and eggs. I’m not real hungry, so I’m having toast and coffee. The prices are high, Steak and eggs are the cheapest at $2.95. Just eggs is $1.35. And pancakes are $1.85. The girl is slow waiting on tables. The people around us aren’t helping her. They are giving her some trouble by changing their minds.

We got to Disney World at 9:30 AM. We parked our car in Pluto Lot 18. Then took the shuttle to the monorail. Rode that to the main gate of Disney World. Once inside, we saw all the little gift-shops on the main street. Then we saw the Magic Castle, from there we saw the haunted house, and Pirates of the Caribbean and jungle Cruise, and Mickey Mouse review, and mission to Mars, and we ate lunch at Pinocchio Village Haus ( hamburgers,french fries, Coke, cherry turnover). And we rode the steam train around Disney World.

At 12:30 we saw the parade of Disney characters we were going to go to Tomorrowland, but they had a power failure so we will see that tomorrow at 4:30pm. We left Disney World, instead of taking the monorail we took the ferry boat back to the main gate.

At the main gate we took the shuttle back to our car. After we reached our car we came back to our motel to rest. Then we will be going out to dinner, after we shower and relax. We went to dinner at the red lobster. We had lobster and french fried baked potato, coleslaw, and a drink made out of Rum and fruit juices in a big glass that would like a lighthouse! We got to keep the glasses! We left there because they didn’t even have any dessert so we came back to our hotel and had cheesecake and coffee. Then we went back into the bar to listen to that clown try and play Guitar. He had a two women come up and sit in with him one of them looked like Barbra Streisand and the other was big and played rhythm guitar. We had another drink (Kahlúa plus cream and blackberry brandy sour) we stay there until 11:50 PM. Then we came up to our room and watch TV for about while while we eat dinner and about 8:30 PM it wasn’t bad. Barry left a wake up call for us tomorrow at 6:30 AM. What a busy day!

October 19, 1977 (Their anniversary)
We got our wake up call at 6:30 AM. Barry couldn’t wait till dinner to give me my gifts. So I got them right after we woke up. He gave me a beautiful black onyx ring and a charm. I gave him his gifts too. I gave him his ring and a plack and necklace. I was so thirsty, Barry went to the lobby and got me something to drink while we dressed. After dressing we went to the top of the world restaurant for breakfast it was all you can eat type deal. The food was good after breakfast we went outside on the cat walk and took many pictures! It was a beautiful morning! From there we took the monorail around Disney World. We got off at the Magic Kingdom.

…And that’s all that there was, I’m afraid. I don’t know who “Betty” was nor do I know how she was involved in the trip. Mom never mentioned a “Betty” to me …ever.

It’s funny hearing mom describe the train going around “Disney World”, but it makes sense given the time frame. It really was going around Disney World.

Hard to imagine my Dad being “bubbly.” heheh especially after discussing Disney World with him later. Also hard to imagine only going to WDW just to see the Magic Kingdom and that be it.



Some things don’t change!



Wow! What a great report! Funny, reading it I traveled back to my very first plane trip in 1989- American Airline and their crepes with blueberries for breakfast. I haven’t thought about that in 30 years.


Awesome–that was fun to read! Thanks for sharing.
It reminded of a time when they actually served food on planes!


Peanuts and breakfast cookies are food too.





This is fabulous. I feel like I time-traveled back to 1977, reading that. Timey-wimey!

I literally cannot even imagine what flying must have been like before the corporations decided to squeeze every little last drop of profit out of the experience.




That was such fun to read! I wish there was more.


Haven’t read all the way through yet. But this is such a lovely collection of paraphernalia. I have a bag of stuff like this from each of our visits, actually from every holiday we have. It’s nice to look back on them, although I have pared things down a bit - maybe I shouldn’t have got rid of stuff like tram tickets!

Incidentally, here’s an article about the Magic Kingdom Club.