Step into my Time Machine

There were some negatives back then too … like smoking was allowed on planes. The air was nasty.



They still do but now it costs an extra $500. And it’s cold.

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It is lovely to get to hear your “mother’s voice” in a trip report, Randall! So very special. She was cracking me up with the guy at the motel lobby who (tried) to play guitar.


Yeah my dad is/was a musician so apparently critiquing guitar playing was a hobby of theirs. I have heard many an anecdote recalling how someone who had no idea how to play an instrument was playing said instrument (and getting paid for it).


Oh, what a cool trip report! I remember the days when we ate on planes.


Mr. Fusion is back online. GET IN!!!

(ok probably not, as I’m out of stuff now, but it was either this or the “roads” quote)

Lemme just put some coordinates in here:

Sea world brochure

MK Park Guide/Brochure

Epcot Park Guide/Brochure

MGM Studios Park Guide/Brochure

The Polynesian Review. For those who followed along with my trip reports, this was a big sticking point for those final trips with my mom.

Couple of receipts. It’s tough to see the one, so I’ll list it out here:
#Cap MM Ears Black MDS 1 --9.95
#Cap MM Ears Black MDS 1 --9.95
MMC - Hat Jockey A MDS 1 --3.99
Space Tube MDS 1 – 4.95
Subtotal: 28.84
Tax: 1.74
Total: 30.58

10/03/90 12:30

Contemporary Resort collateral. I’ve since learned why I can’t find the old room we stayed at. It is now what is Bay Lake tower if I’m reading that map right.

Contemporary Brochure. With a photo before Fantasia was there.

Couple of loose things.

MGM Park brochure. So much has changed…

General Disney Brochure

General Orlando brochure (complete with borderline racist ad)

Epcot World of Transportation brochure/guide

Receipt for travel

Copy of a brochure (no idea why they didn’t get the actual brochure).

Vacation Handbook

Disney Magazines with an article or “Euro Disney”

Passport Tickets and Disney Dollars

Giant map of Florida attractions in 1990


More fabulous memorabilia!! I loved looking through it.
I remember when MGM was an actual working studio!


Oh how cool!!! I’m loving all of these!


Wow. Amazing find. THANK YOU for sharing all this, what a treasure!

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Poly at POFQ prices! Nice!

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This is so, so cool! My first trip was in September of 1991, so this brings back so many memories! The TMNT at MGM were my favorite!

And $30 for the Poly Review sounds expensive for 30 years ago! And I also cannot imagine the haul your mom walked away with from the Character Shop with for $200+ back then.

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Found a new thing:

I have no idea when this is from, I’m guessing 1977?


You needed a ticket to ride the monorail?

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Yes you did originally. If you were a resort guest you got a pass to ride for free, otherwise you had to pay.


I never knew that! Disney was not part of my childhood (actually not a part of most of my life).

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Nor mine. But I’d read that before.

Also as recently as the 70s and I think the early 80s, at Disneyland you bought books of tickets for the rides. Which is where the A to E ticket rides classification came from. Family friends of mine visited in 1979 and that was the system then.

I assume the same was true at WDW but. Don’t know when it stopped.

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Ah ha! More clues to your age!



For a trip down memory lane, here’s the ticket price history for WDW