Step into my Time Machine



So I’m going through my mom’s stuff and come across this big bag with Walt Disney World on it. Thinking it’s simply some left over papers from our trip in 1990, I take a quick glance. Much to my surprise (and at the same time, no surprise at all), there was certainly more in there than I had anticipated.

Now, my mom was a hoarder, and even though it would be a cause for a LOT of aggravation at times, sometimes…just sometimes…it would pay off that I’m glad she hung onto something.

This is one of those times.

So step into my time machine! As we take a look back at Disney History!!

Destination: Earth, Orlando Florida
When: October, 1977

Everyone grab your fezzes! Fezzes are cool.

Eastern Brochure

Wax Museum tear-out prints.

Magic Kingdom Club. woop, little bit of 1990 got mixed in here.

Matchbooks. Heheh TOTW lounge.

Basic map

Travel receipt. Weird it doesn’t seem all that less expensive than now.

Motel/Hotel brochure

Pleasure Island Brochure. Though I think this is from 1990. Timey Wimey…

Feedback Card

Disney World Magazine

Welcome Brochure

Tourist paper

Circus Brochure


Oh and for some added fun, it looks like mom tried to do a trip report. Though looking at it, she didn’t get past the first day. I’m in the process of transcribing it, and will post it up when done.

ETA: Fixed grouping. Should be less confusing now.


@Randall1028 what a treasure find! My parents are also hoarders and I can only hope for a find like that! Amazing!


Such a wonderful discovery. Guess we know where your love for Disney comes from. :heart:️:heart:️


Yup. It was also weird to learn that, at some point, my parents became part of the “Magic Kingdom Club” (didn’t mean to post it yet as it was to be part of the 1990 trip). I’m guessing that was the version of DVC at the time. I have no idea what it fully meant(means?) yet because they never talked about it and certainly never took advantage of any of its percs after that trip in 1990, so we’ll see.


Such an amazing discovery!


This is fantastic!


Ok, fixed the grouping. Something’s up with my Delorean though as i think some 1990 stuff got in there with the 1977 stuff.

The whole bag was a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey - wimey… stuff.

Soon as I get Mr. Fusion back online, we’ll head to 1990!




Holy Moly! You’ve got some great stuff there. So fun to look at. Thanks so much for posting!


That is wonderful! Eastern Airlines? Wow, that even predates Pan Am and TWA, doesn’t it?
And I love the cool '70’s fonts on some of these things.

What great memories for you! Hope you’re handling things okay. I’m sure seeing things like this help, if only just a bit. :hearts:


Well I didn’t go on this trip. This was a trip that completely predated me by years.

I haven’t looked through the 1990 stuff yet. That should be a fun.


MKC was like a free loyalty program, first at DLR then nationwide with WDW. They later added a Gold Card version you paid for, if you weren’t already part of the groups who qualified for the free one. You could get special discounts and such. You can google it. I, too, have a bag similar to that with my Dec 1982 things.


What a great find!!!


Wow! Thanks for posting! I want to read every single document! What is the Lake Buena Vista Club and the Walt Disney Village at Lake Buena Vista? I am very late to this party. Can someone give me a history lesson?

Thank you for sharing your treasures!


This is so cool!


Wow so cool! I love nostalgia.
My first trip was in 1988 (I was born in 1984) and all we have left is a sweatshirt that I wear all the time. And my mom is a major hoarder so I am shocked we don’t have more!


Thank you for sharing this! I love it.


Seems it. EA was founded in 1926 with PanAm and TWA were 1927 and 1930 respectively. hehe EA is now Southwest apparently.

It’s that awkward moment when you travel in your parents’ footsteps and not even know it. hehe

Boooo so… no pot of Disney Gold at the end of this rainbow? Lame. :frowning:


Super cool - thanks for sharing!

My first trip to WDW was a year earlier in 1976, so I remember the look of some of these brochures, etc. I remember poring over them all before and after our trip. :slight_smile:


What an amazing find! So cool to see how it was!