Status of indoor dining in Fall 2021

The “Your topic is similar to” info box is suggesting some Fall 2020 topics, but I know that since then, that the distancing element has gone away – tables are no longer skipped, plexiglass has come down, yet the risks are still pretty high (delta & mu breakthrough infections, the state/county as a whole not being very pro-vax or pro-mask).

My trip is Sept25-Sept30 (planned before Delta and the FL re-surge).

I am very happy for this list: Outdoor Dining Options at Parks and Resorts ,

However, does anyone know if table spacing has returned? (I’m guessing No, given that buffets are returning, but they were closed in part due to fears of fomite/surface transmission, which we now know is less of a concern.) Any specs on the HVAC systems? (My husband works in facilities design, so if someone has a link to something with model numbers or specialists’ plans, he could decode it.)

We plan to avoid indoor eating in general. (I accidentally ate indoors at an event next to someone I thought was vaxxed who was not, and it was a county with rising case counts, and I realized that for me, personally, indoor eating with people of unknown status is too anxiety-inducing for me for it to be worth it.) But I’m still curious about the tech of it all.



We were there in mid-July during the mask free period and ate at:

  • BOG
  • Garden Grill
  • CRT
  • Skippers Canteen
  • Le Ceilier
  • Satu’li
  • Oga’s
  • Hollywood and Vine
  • Sci Fi
  • 50’s Prime Time
  • San Angel

Your personal level of comfort may vary of course, but for context, we had not taken my 11 year old son to eat indoors at all in the prior 18 months and have been very cautious, so this was a big deal to have all these reservations. We upgraded to a DVC villa in the weeks before the trip to be able to eat some meals in our room. Though masks weren’t required at the time, we all wore masks indoors.

For the most part, tables were fairly far apart and I felt very safe.

The only places I felt really uncomfortable were:

  • Oga’s - standing table. We were originally by ourselves, but they brought another party to our table right after we got our drinks. We put our unvaccinated kid at the end of the table, as far away from the other party as possible, and got out of there quickly.
  • Not a restaurant, but Droid Depot was a giant mass of people and hugely disorganized and stressful for me.

The two places that were big standouts in space were:

  • Sci-fi - we had a car all to ourselves. We had a three row car and they told us they would not seat anyone else with us (we didn’t ask - they volunteered this information)
  • Garden Grill - We had a booth, and the booths are pretty separated.

Just returned from a quick 2 day trip 9/15-9/16.

-via Napoli table spacing seemed normal, but we had a 3:00 lunch and were practically the only people in that back room.

-Cali grill table spacing also seemed back to pre-covid (though lounge now being used as additional dining) which felt ok to me

-Plaza - ugh! Back to pre-covid spacing, which is to say the tables are on top of each other and every seat was filled, even at 3:00.

I was at Boathouse last night and the table spacing and seating was full, seemed back to precovid. @ninjasherrie do you concur? but we did get to sit outdoors on the water, which was lovely!

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Yes I would agree.

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