Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser - any liners planning to book this?

I read this article and was just wondering if any liners are planning to go or have a booking at the SWGS resort.
I thought it would be booked solid for at least the first few months.
I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on the new resort and the why and why-nots surrounding their intentions to give it a try.

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I think @hodgtrzm is booked already?


I’m booked for April. I’ve seen the negative views on the marketing videos, lack of mention in Christmas parade, etc. But I think this will be what you put into it. Go in with an intention of having a fun, immersive experience and saying “yes” to the fun and adventure, and it will be an amazing experience!


Yep we’re booked but it’s not until august so if the initial reviews are awful we have time to rethink. Think currently I’m more worried about being trapped in a large covid box but hope things will have moved on by the summer.

We will have ds18 who will just have finished school & about to head away to medical school if all goes well- has loved all things SW need since he was 4, been dying to build a lightsaber at savis but with 5 cancelled trips he’s having to wait & wait, plus ds15 who knew all his Jedi masters aged 4 before he knew his ABC (maybe a bad parenting admission).

So after 2 1/2 years of cancelled trips, we thought we’d splurge and treat the boys. Crazy amount of $$ for two days- it’s better be good!


I will be booking for May 2023, so I have some time to decide. I’ll be watching the reviews when real people start going through the entire experience. I’m hoping prices come down, honestly. :grimacing:


If I remember reading somewhere else…you are a cosplayer, yes? I’m definitely interested to hear your take on it…whether that makes it undeniably fun or that the non-cosplayers are wet blankets. Though in the end you can make your own fun, everyone else can kick rocks.


Got lot’s of money? Heard $5000.

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I do not, lol but this seems super cool! But soo short for the $. If it gets great reviews, I might start a savings fund for it.

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Yep huge amount of $ so we are waiting on reviews. Can’t see us dressing up, t shirts maybe. Unless we combine it w mnsshp costume options.

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