Stacking Genie+

Is there another ride that progresses faster you could book at 7 AM? Maybe FEA? Then, book TT at the 2:47 PM drop.

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FEA does progress far more quickly based on my recent experience

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Not as many people get Genie+ at Epcot so it would take longer for the times to progress. (I have never found a need in Epcot or AK)

I think that is what I will have to do. I started out with this thinking that “stacking” would give the family their much-needed time to relax in the AM, but it is going to ruin my trip. (Plus, I get major flak for being on my phone all of the time. :roll_eyes:)

I am very curious to see how GoTG will impact Epcot for LL/ILL. It will draw some crowds with VQ but will people buy/use more G+/ILL while waiting for their boarding group? I would expect so.

My first day (mid-August, so low to medium crowds) I will have a park reservation for EP. I will also try stacking for late afternoon arrival so I need to carefully monitor the data to adapt my plans and bookings.

Good luck with that. I have been monitoring return times for Genie+ @ 7AM. It is very rare for most attractions to climb to afternoon wait times first thing in the AM. I am watching FEA for a late return time, and the time climbs to a certain point (say 3PM), and then they drop earlier times back in. IMO, the Genie system was really not designed for late day arrivals (unless you are hopping).


Indeed. We could be hopping but we will be staying at YC and I am not confident we will want to try going to MK (event though that what my initial plan as MK might have extended evening hours on that day if the current pattern sticks). That is why I made a reservation for EP.

If I cannot stack, we might just enjoy a snack or two.

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What I try to keep reminding myself is that as long as I can book something by park opening time, I haven’t really lost any opportunities to book a LL. With Epcot, for example (with an 8:30 opening), it doesn’t matter if I book my first LL @ 7AM or 8:29AM. I still can’t book my next one until 10:30AM (unless I am arriving in the AM to actually tap in). It’s just going to take a lot of monitoring.


Very good point! Thanks for raising it!

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The beauty of G+ at Epcot is that aside from TT and FEA, you can probably churn through all the other attractions with near immediate return times whenever you do make it into the park. If I was stacking Epcot I would book TT, FEA, then Soarin and plan to churn out the rest as fast as I could book them.


Great point, and also it means you don’t have to get up to book for 7AM, either.


In what thread can I read more about this new 2:47pm drop time (and any others?)

You have to be a paid subscriber to Touring Plans.

Just read the lead post. Then scroll down and read the last 20 posts or so.

Everything in between is no longer relevant.