Springtime Surprise Weekend 2023 - 4/13 - 4/16/2023

They’ve announced the dates and themes for the 2023 Springtime Surprise. General Registration opens 8/23!


Very interesting that these PIXAR races run through EPCOT…and not Hollywood Studios.

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Lovely- Boston Marathon weekend

So they were talking about this on a podcast a while ago and I only run if I’m being chased but for some reason the surprise aspect was SO compelling! I’ve just been dying to know. I love the art.

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I didn’t even think about that! I looked, saw the Sox were in town…and knew I wouldn’t be able to do it. I wonder if will sell out more slowly because of that - or if it would have any impact at all.

Oh crap that’s going to be an issue for a lot of people

Not the first time they did that but if you are already registered. Honestly, there are only a few very big marathons in this country and it should not be hard to know when they are scheduled eight months out.


I mean, with the exception of the pandemic, the Boston Marathon has been run on the same day for 120+ years…that one is pretty easy for them to avoid the date :rofl:


It was the same weekend a couple of times with Star Wars. Wine & Dine is often the same weekend as the NY marathon.

Ok but why?

Seems like a kind of mean thing to do.

Maybe it’s intentional and keeps some demand at bay?

Yeah, I looked up the dark side and the first race was also Boston Marathon.

Has it always been announced so long after registration closed for the others?

Is there really that big of an overlap between Disney runners and those who BQ??

I would expect it’s a larger overlap than you think.

And the field of runners who run on charity bibs at Boston is rather tremendous

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Interesting. I guess my experience here in NYC is those who are serious about BQ don’t do things like RunDisney but focus on Majors and other big ones.

Yes. Again you mention BQ. But the field ar Boston is full
Of non-BQ runners.

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I guess. I have just never heard of that much overlap.

Choices have to be made like everything in life.

But that choice has been made for anyone running Boston as part of a charity group? That commitment and fundraising has most likely started?

So that is their choice for this year.

They can decide to wait for Springtime Surprise next year. Disney also has to work around when they have other events going on - and they want to get it in before it gets too hot.

Yeah but if you have a race that the date changes every year based on Easter, I just think they need to be aware.

Boston has had the same Monday for over 100 years?

I can see that.

But I can also see that it is nice to have an alternative for people who won’t qualify on time and don’t have rich enough friends to run for charity.

The Marathon Majors have never had rules that no one else can have races on the same day or weekend.