Spreadsheet for packing planning

I’m currently constructing a spreadsheet to plan my packing.

Other people do this, too, right?


I just make a list on an app called Clear on my iPhone. Then I cross things off with a swipe as they get packed.

I use the Clear app as well. It’s pleasing to the eye and just makes me happy. I’m terribly weird, though.

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hmmm - I was going to say something snarky - but then I realized that I make a list, then I look at it so many times I don’t actually use it when I am packing.
That many not be completely efficient LOL

It is! I love the color combinations!!

And the little ding as you swipe something completed/packed is nice too!


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I’m all about efficiency.

I have two carry-on bags. I have six changes of location — airport hotel, flight, house, Poly, YC, flight — and two midday changes of clothes (dinner at V&A, swimming at SB). I don’t want to be digging around looking for stuff. I want everything in its proper place waiting for me.

In what ways will a spreadsheet help you with that? Just wondering.

It’s helping me work out what I need to take, and where each item will be packed: I have my two cases and packing cubes to think about.

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:slight_smile: That works. I sometimes start out working in OneNote or Excel with lists, etc., but move the actual lists to my Clear app so that I have easy access to it. It’s good when staying at more than one place.

I’m essentially using the spreadsheet to make lists.

I have things like “packing cube 1a” and “packing cube 3” — all very simple and sensible, obviously.


Very simple and sensible. If I didn’t keep a list, I’d forget things. :slight_smile:

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sensible - I will give you that - but simple - ummm - I am not quite sure about that word LOL

I actually use AnyList app and I have a Disney list that lives there forever. I can cross items off as I pack, and then I uncross the whole bit once we travel to make the list new again.

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Is the Clear App mentioned in this thread called “Clear Todos”?

I’m going to try the app. I have always put together a spreadsheet and crossed things off, but this may be a better idea!

It just says Clear on the app, but yes, it is Clear Todos.

Clear will allow you to reuse your lists as well. That makes it even easier for me to remember things.


sounds similar.

I use AnyList for my groceries and Target stuff and, well, any other list I have. Or else I would give Clear a try.

Is it Clear To-Dos or is it Clear Todos (everybody)

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I would like to say it’s Clear To-Dos since that looks correct, but sadly, it’s Clear todos on the app preview page. :frowning:

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Yes. They have added the Todos since I installed it, but yes.

Ummmmmmm… I toss things in my suitcase the night before the trip.