Split Stays and FPs - as of end of March 2019

First, apologies for the nw thread. I couldn’t find the one about the new FP system…

Anyway, whisper it quietly and keep fingers and toes crossed, but

It seems like they have reinstated FP booking across the whole of onsite contiguous split stays.

There are several reports now of windows opening up for all days at the 60 day mark from check-in day #1. I guess now they have started deleting FPs with cancelled rooms, they have reverted to the old system.

It would be probably be useful if people could reply with their experience of booking FPs from today onwards.


Thank you for the update. Good news indeed. I was wondering whether a split stay would be of benefit IF they grant access to SWGE on a 'per reservation ’ basis.

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@Nickysyme, I first read reports of a sort of “override” where split stay FPs could not be modified. Any reports if that is still true?

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I have a 7 night package with free dining and tickets attached, but have a 2 night room-only reservation starting before it since we found a better deal on flights. My fastpass day did indeed open 60 days prior to the room only reservation-this just happened on Wednesday. I was able to book for the length of my stay! And I was able to modify them!


Good news.

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Split stay FC and then FS. Was able to book entire stay on first day. No problem modifying FPs.



So now the FPs are being automatically cancelled if you cancel a room? I know the alert was popping up, but is it happening?

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Trip starts 4/16 (counting down!) so made the FPs about 45 days ago.

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I think that applied where MS booked the FPs for people.

So far, there aren’t any reports of issues where the window opened, but granted it’s early days. I’ll check back after a few days for any updates!

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Yes. There are actually now several reports of FPs being deleted. And no one saying “but mine weren’t”.

I’m sure I posted it somewhere. All the tests so far have been where people cancelled still between 60 and 30 days out. And in the last couple of weeks FPs have been deleted as per the email, after 48 hours.

So far, no one has reported cancelling within the 30 days, to see if they will still delete them and make you rebook, or whether that “leading stay” advantage loophole is still open.


I am also curious if overlapping reservations will maintain FPs although if split bookings are working I think that addresses the need (posting that knowing full well others may do it to get a 14 day window).

Yeah, good point. I don’t know if that is being tested. I haven’t seen anything. It’s tricky because now that FPs are being cancelled, the DIS don’t allow any direct discussion about leading reservations, including umbrella ones!!

It all depends on whether they will cancel FPs within the 30 day window and make you start over. If they do, then I think the umbrella reservation is all but dead in the water.

The reversion to one booking window also adds another unknown element though.


awesome. thanks for reporting. i assume 180 day for adrs starts over with each stay (not contiguous) because apparently its alway been this way

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Great infor here. Its hard to get some types of info on disboards.

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When my window opened Disney had incorrect dates for FS. It overlapped some of my YC reservation. This is because I had linked the FS res early in but later dropped a night there. FS didn’t push the update to Disney. I called before my window opened to make sure it would work. The CM said the overlap didn’t matter. Eventually around 30 days out the FS res updated in the app and nothing else changed.

True dat! :rofl:

But that’s where a lot of the “testing”has been taking place. The problem I have is that I don’t want to join, but I sorta do so I can say “would someone do this to test it”!

I think you booked your fast passes before the change the week of Feb. 19th?

@Nickysyme, I asked how long it was before the FPs were cancelled and this is the answer:

The FPP were gone the next morning. What’s weird is I did this trial a month ago and kept those FPP. I cancelled that reservation a month ago and those FPP never cancelled even though I at like 40 days out.

Just got on here. Like @PrincipalTinker said, I cancelled and they were gone the next morning. I am within 30 days today on my dummy MDE with an after 5 ticket. I just cancelled that reservation, so we will see what the morning brings for those FPP. I DIDNT get an alert that FPP will be cancelled. Another thing, I have my main stay booked for April 28-May 1st. For that stay I have a set of FPP on a friends account booked using the umbrella system. All of my FPP for that are still there. I have two one night reservations that should hold FPP for my account, but the fact that the umbrella is still holding strong is promising.

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