Split stay question about luggage

We are still thinking of doing a split stay next year. We’d like to stay the first part at AoA and then the second part at AKL. I was going to book the AKL through a DVC point rental service(probably David’s).

My question is does Disney still move your luggage between resorts? And specifically, do they provide this service if one of your bookings was made via third party?

Yes they will move it from Disney resort to Disney resort regardless of booking method.


++ @LTinNC82 To expand a bit further

  • Yes they will make the transfer
  • Get the process started early in the morning while at AoA as Bell Services can get backed up and definitely Get A Receipt
  • The transfer is not a quick process so take with you everything you will need up unitl at least mid afternoon (4:00 PM)
  • The luggage will no longer magically appear in your room at AKL you can either pick it up yourself at Bell Services or request them to bring it to your room once you have arrive. Again allow time for this to happen.

What @linsalt says

Your luggage may not be at your resort till after 4 and won’t be delivered to your room unless you’re there to receive it.

So be sure you take with you what you will need, as mentioned.

That said, it was nice to have Disney move our luggage.


One other thing to add is that you can no longer transfer refrigerated groceries. I am not sure if they will transfer shelf stable groceries so we just put those items in our luggage.

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For split stays we like to sleep in a tad on switch days, take our luggage down, have a leisurely brunch, go to a park, then head over to the new resort by 4. Especially if it’s AKL! Enjoy.

When we went in December our luggage was waiting for us in our room when we arrived. Have they switched the rules again? #shocking

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Sometimes it’s done that way but other times you have to call.

If you get to your room and it’s after 4 and it’s not there, call


The split stay process for us has always been so easy! I love doing them because we can check out so many different resorts~,


I was told last month (BWV-GFV) and then again (GFV-POLY) that they couldn’t put the bags in the room until they knew we were in there so we had to call down once we arrived.


We’ve had two good and two bad experiences.

First bad experience was Bay Lake to Beach Club, when the bags went to Boardwalk instead. Bell Services at BC were great and tracked them down by calling around the resorts.

Last trip the bags didn’t arrive at Bay Lake when we moved from Kidani. Started calling at 6pm, and BS eventually found the bags hadn’t ever left Kidani. In the end they sent someone over to collect them and we finally got them at 11pm.

Similar to @Nicky_S we have had a good experience but the one that sticks out the most is the very bad experience from pop to WL. We dropped our bags pretty early, went to the parks and we were back to WL around 4. Called bell services and they couldn’t find our bags. Couldn’t find them after dinner. Couldn’t find them at bedtime and of course pjs and pull-ups were in those bags instead of our park bags. Finally after many times complaining they let me know there had been an issue with getting the bags from pop and they gave me enough to get more pull-ups and a clean pair of pjs for my kids. Finally they went to bed and I went back to the lobby and just hung out there until 11 or midnight until they finally showed up because I didn’t want to have them call the room. Since the pandemic we’ve been renting cars and I’ll definitely transfer my own bags after that one!

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If we move our own luggage from CBR to BCV, can we have BCV hold refrigerated foods? Not sure if it will be easier to buy a few items on the way from MCO to CBR or have a food delivery service once we check into BCV. Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

Yes, they will hold refrigerated (and frozen) items for you.


They will always hold refrigerated items for you, but they will not transfer them between hotels for you. So if you have cold items delivered to hotel #1 you would have to carry them to hotel #2 yourself.

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There will be 8 of us relocating from CBR to BCV. If we get groceries for hotel #1 and have to carry themselves to hotel #2 is booking a minnie van our best option? I would think an uber/lyft for that amount of people plus luggage might be a tough request.

I would probably just order an UberXL personally.


The other option is you only need enough people to carry the groceries to Uber to the new hotel. Everyone else can go grab ice cream or head to a park and connect with the delivery folks later potentially. Depending on your group, that might be easier and obviously cheaper as any size Uber likely works.


Does this include moving from Shades of Green? We’re doing our first split stay ever in January and moving from SOG to POR.

I’m a little confused about the SOG stuff and in all my WDW trips I never expected to stay there. I’ve scoped out all the previous SOG posts to find out as much as I can!


I honestly don’t know about SoG. You may have to call them and ask. I recently transferred from a Disney hotel to the Swan and was able to transfer there, but the military aspect of things makes me unsure about SoG.