Split stay FastPasses?

"Guests with a resort reservation can book FastPass+ reservations up to 60 days out from their check-in date for the length of their trip. Guests who have booked a split stay can take advantage of this benefit for their first resort reservation; however, they will have to wait until 60 days out from their next resort reservation to book FastPass+ for their next reservation. "

I don’t know why it is so hard for me to drill
Into my thick head. But I thought you could book all FPP from 60 days in advance of day one of first stay for both stays?

I thought you could too. And I know in the past I have (because I didn’t think you could but when I went to book FPPs for the first part of my split stay the whole trip opened). Is this a recent change? If so I’m disappointed because I have an upcoming split stay.

Ok. The above is quoted from today’s TouringPlans blog.

If it’s wrong maybe we could tag Len so someone could edit it??

I hope it’s wrong. But knowing Disney they do like to change the rules.

It is wrong as of last month when I made FPs for a split stay that starts February 15th. It is a DVC split stay.


It’s definitely wrong. Absolutely 100% wrong.

It was true for a few weeks from February last year, but they then changed it back.


Even then, it worked for my trip last February. I did a POR/CC split that month. I can’t remember if it didn’t work either before or after? I swear they only fixed it because DVC members lost their minds!

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Was your trip in February, or you booked in February?

It was sometime round about then, when they started closing loopholes.

I think it was an intended change but one that wasn’t thought through fully. It would have been / was the easiest way to deal with people cancelling reservations after booking FPs. But yes, the DVC outcry was almost certainly a contributing factor!

That trip was in February (President’s week). I remember it happening around that time- maybe with a price increase right around the time of my trip?

I think it was people booking FPs from mid February to mid March, so for trips in April and May.


Timely conversation for me! I had planned on doing a split stay starting at an official DS hotel using points…for the 60 FPP, until I read an October response from @Nickysyme this morning that said the entire length of stay wouldn’t open up…ugh! (Thanks for the clarification @Nickysyme!!) Now I have to rethink my strategy!! Cue sad trombone!

The author is insisting. I really don’t like bad info.

I have a three-split stay coming up in March. Two are dvc rental and one is a moderate. I could book all fps for all legs of my trip, at 60 days of the first stay, if that helps.


The only time I have heard of any split stay issues booking fast pass is when someone has messed up their tickets.

The fact that the author presented it as fact, and then responded in the comments that it does not work is annoying.

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This was unfortunately and unexpectedly the case for us, sort of. We have a split stay at two 60 day FP eligible resorts - Best Western Buena Vista (DS) and POR. Our FP window opened for a single day for the DS hotel. I called Disney and they said I could either wait for the next day to book the rest of my FPs OR I could have the rep book FPs that would only be modifiable by phone. I took my chances and waited another day.

I just made FP on 1/16/2020 for a split stay and was able to make all FPs on that date.


Oh, that stinks! Did the CM say it was a glitch…or is that how the 60 day FPP work at the partner hotels?

Yes, this is what it was. I had a split stay starting May 18th or 19th. I remember finding out about the new policy change maybe a month before our FP booking. We ended up benefiting from the early opening glitch: window open at 70 days, one day at a time (we weren’t the only ones; I found out about that on this forum).

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Do you mean you were planning a split stay between a DS Resort and a Disney Resort? Yeah, those are dicey and haven’t been allowing FPs for both stays at once.

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It’s more than just annoying, it makes TP look bad IMO.

I remember in the past they had the info on how many days you could book FPs for incorrect; it stated 10 days. I contacted Len and they corrected it.

It’s bad form if they are now refusing to correct info. Is this on their info page or just a blog? I might go check. If it’s in a blog then I guess there’s nothing we can do. If it’s in their actual info pages, then maybe @len can have it corrected. Either way it’s not good that TP, of all sites, is giving out bad info.

@PrincipalTinker, the person who replied to you has the user name Rachel. The author as far as I can see is Savannah. So I don’t think it’s the author refusing to change it.

Anyway I already tagged @len into this thread, so that’s probably all we can do.