Split Stay and 60-Day FPs

Okay, so please bear with me as this is probably a silly question . . . for some reason, I tend to get easily confused by the rules and calculations for booking FPs when you have onsite and/or split-stay reservations. It’s probably all for the best that I have no interest in leading reservations or throwaway rooms . . . I get too discombobulated with the numbers to have any hope of doing it right anyway! Usually, I’m solo and stay offsite to save $, so that makes booking FPs pretty straightforward. Split stays still confuse me, but that’s exactly what I’m looking at for this fall.

My sister and I are considering a trip in late Oct/early Nov so we’d like to have access to EMH and 60-day FPs. We might just stay at Disney Springs for the entire trip (easiest option) and stick with a hotel that has onsite perks, but we’re also considering possibly spending a couple nights on the Gulf Coast and/or moving onsite for a couple nights for the experience of being “in the bubble.” I’m unsure how that will impact our 60-day FP selections. Here are a couple potential scenarios:

Option 1: Stay in a Disney Springs Resort for start of trip (maybe 3-4 nights?), move to Gulf Coast condo for a couple of nights, then back to either DS or WDW resort for final few nights.

Option 2: Stay in DS for most of trip (5-6 nights) then move onsite for last 2-3 nights.

I guess my main question is this: If our stay is split between a DS hotel (that has onsite privileges) and an onsite hotel, will that mean that there will be no such thing as 60+5, 60+6, 60+7, etc. because they will be completely separate and unconnected reservations? And that the best we could get would be 60+3 or 4 (or however many nights we are at one place or the other) which kind of negates the entire point, since the harder-to-get FPs are not usually available until at least 60+4?

I’ve only stayed onsite once (also a split stay) at that was for two nights at the end of a trip. The other nights were offsite without any option for 60-day FPs, so I was only able to book at 60 + a couple of days. It did me no good, in terms of snagging the best FPs. (Which was fine, since I really only booked those nights for the experience rather than the perks, but with the timing of this visit and SWGE and all, the head start on FPs is a big factor in our choice of hotel.)

Hi, yes your split stay would only allow you to book fast passes for the duration of the first stay at 60 days and then you would wait until 60 days before the next portion of the onsite stay to book the rest. If it´s any help, I am going June 19th -July 10th and I got FOP at 60+3 for both stays and a SDD at 60+4. SDMT was done on a 60+1.

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No that’s wrong. ADRs work like that, but FPs allow you to book for your length of ticket, as long as you are staying onsite (or at a hotel with onsite privileges) including for split stays.

I think the length of your stay may have come into play (there is a 14 day limit at 60 days then you have to do the rest 1 day at a time) or possibly you were booking while there was a glitch which took about a week or two to sort out where it was treating FPs (incorrectly) like ADRs with 2 different booking days.

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I have a 21 day ticket, my first onsite is for 5 days and my second 11 days later for another 5 days. I could book my first 5 days then I had to wait another 16 days before I could book the second 5 days at 60 days. I was answering option 1 not 2.

Oh ok! Sorry. It’s the use of split stay (which I know OP used in that context) that confused me - it’s actually 2 separate stays, so yes would obviously have 2 separate FP windows.

Split stays in the context generally used here on the forum refers to the second part of the question, changing your resorts but going straight from one to the other. So people would have a 7 day ticket and stay 4 days at Pop then the last 3 days at Poly. Which is the part my answer was for.

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Option 2 should give you 60 days at opening, at least in theory?


As long as your check/out and check/in day overlap (a split stay) AND your stays are onsite or at a Disney partner with onsite privileges your FP booking window will open 60 days from your first stay and remain open across all stays for a maximum of 14 days. If you are staying longer than 14 consecutive days each additional day will open up at 60 days with a rolling window. If you have an offsite stay between your onsite stays that is a multiple reservation and not a split stay: your FP window will open 60 days from the the first day of each qualifying onsite reservation.

ADRs do not open across a split stay - the 180 day window opens on the first day of each stay and covers just that stay. However - if you call Disney they will manually make your ADRs for your entire split stay when your 180 day booking window opens for the first stay.

I have only heard DVC doing this recently.


you’re right - I was typing so fast I meant to put “are DVC”!!! I will say though that a friend going in August called Disney Dining and they did it for her but maybe that was just pixie dust. She knew DVC does it for us and decided to try - It never hurts to ask :slight_smile:

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That’s encouraging to hear!

This is helpful! I think what I wasn’t sure about was whether split starts really only work if both hotels are on-site. Mixing in an off-site hotel (even if it does give 60 FPs and access to EMH) was what had me wondering if the FP access would be broken up into two separate windows.

Okay, so just to muddy the waters a bit more . . .

My sister will have a park hopper (haven’t purchased yet because we’re still not decided on our dates) but I have an AP. Will I be limited to 7 days of FPs, regardless of how many days we purchase for her? Or will the # of days I can book be based on our length of stay?

It is my understanding that if you are staying onsite with AP, you can book FPP for the length of your stay.


Each day will open at 74 days out on a rolling basis, that is day by day.

At 60 days out from check-in, you book days 1-14
At 59 days out from check-in, you book day 15
At 58 days out…day 16

and so on.

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So if your stays are continuous onsite stays, in other words one follows the other, then you can book for the whole time.

(Sometimes there can be issues with this, especially if one is a DS Resort, but the AP helpline should be able to help).

If however you have a gap in the middle, you will be limited to either the length of the first stay or 7 days in total, whichever is longer.

So if stay #1 is 5 days, you can book another 2 days of stay #2. You cannot make any more until you use up a day from stay#1.

If stay #1 is 9 days, you can book for all 9 days but no more until you have used up 3 days, then you can book another day.

The limit is for a 30 day timeframe, right? So if someone with an AP had 2 trips booked with 30 days off in between, they would be able to book FPP for alk the days?

Yeah. So your limit is 7 days worth in any 30 day period.

But with two onsite stays, although it should (IMO) allow all onsite stays to have FPs booked, in practice it doesn’t. I think that’s a huge disadvantage to an AP. Someone local (say within 2-3 hours) who maybe owns DVC and likes to do weekends on site. They’re basically screwed FP wise. Although 2 weekends would be OK of course, 3 days each time. But my point still stands!

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So they couldn’t have 2 separate 7 day trips with FPP booked for both? That means keeping 60 days between trips i guess, if you want to get the advance 60 day booking.

as long as they are 30 days apart. I have a 31 Oct - 5 Nov trip and a 7 =14 Dec trip with an AP and I should be able to book FPP for both at 60days out for each.

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although I just realized that I also have a Jan 3 - 7 trip so I’m going to have to call and get help on that one since it is inside 30 days of my Dec trip. That’s annoying.

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I don’t think they can do anything.

You’ll have to wait and book FPs one day at a time as you use the ones from December. You’ll need to have 6 days of FPs left from Dec to book one for Jan. and then book day by day.

By all means try. You may get a CM who will agree to book them for you. But remember if they do that, you won’t be able to modify them, even day of.

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