Splash goes the phone

For those that remember the time I lost my wallet in Epcot the night before the marathon in 2020, I’ve got a better story now. Well, worse.

I lost my cell phone on Splash on Friday night. At the end when we were waiting to come around the last curve to the station, we got bumped from behind by another log and my phone popped out of my hands (they were wet and slippery), bounced on the edge of our log and … SPLASH!

Thank God for iCloud, because for the 3 hours before I got back to our room I thought I had lost the 500ish pics I had taken that week in San Diego, Laguna Beach, and the 2 days at DLR. But everything had been synced to the cloud except last 3-4 rides we were on Friday. Still sad though - I had some awesome pics of us from Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, and then Splash. DD3 freakin loved Splash, and the look on her face after the last drop was amazing. DW has told me about 1000 times that I should have learned my lesson now. No more photos on rides…

Submitted the lost and found request (I’m familiar, sadly), and checked both days with the lost and found office. They said they would submit a maintenance request for them to go inspect the ride where I lost it, but they said chances were very slim. The phone’s last signal was at 230a on Saturday, location unknown but at Disneyland according to the Apple FindMyPhone thingy. Not sure what to make of that.

Crazy how disconnected and anxious I’ve felt the last 2 days without a phone. Been using my wife’s for necessities, but we couldn’t ever separate the last 2 days of our trip.


Oh no :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

I’m so sorry, especially the lost photos.


Funny thing was that at the lost and found office, half the people were asking about lost phones. So at least I’m not the only one!


I’m so sorrry!


Good gravy my friend. I’m so sorry this happened. I’m glad the Cloud protected you from major loss.

My son Luke is always chirping at me when I take my phone out on rides. Maybe he’s onto something.


Oh man, such a pain to deal with. I feel for ya.

My DW wore this last trip, $8. Its long enough to take pics while still around your neck. You just need to tuck somewhere so it’s not flopping around too much.


Thanks, definitely getting that!


I’m so sorry for you @NoBellePrizeWinner - I hope your next phone is magical, but trust and believe, I’ve heard so many people in the lost and found asking about a phone in our brief visit there!

One nice thing is, for the most part, people are nice at WDW and return items. Not sure how it is in DCA / West Coast, but I hope that people are good people, especially when in the parks.

You’ve just reminded me to sync my phone to my drop box… I’ve lost photos before too, it stinks so bad. Thanks for sharing, I’m sure you’ve helped other people too with your share.


Never did get my Oakleys back :frowning: Prescription ones, too! Of no use to almost anyone else in the world.

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Sadly DH didn’t get his prescription Ray Bans back from Typhoon Lagoon either. Compared to the other catastrophes that week, we could hardly lament. But like you said, no one else would benefit from them…


Ds lost his prescription eye glasses in the lazy river at Dorney Park (Allentown, PA) one summer. I checked multiple times before we left the park, we walked and swam the lazy river multiple times, and I followed up with many phone calls. No one could find them anywhere. That was an expensive loss…and he couldn’t see until we got the new pair!


Do you think the phone could still be in working condition after taking a bath?

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My University of Michigan cap is buried with other treasures somewhere in PotC … was never found (or at least was never returned).


Interesting! Not sure if it would be safe for rides, but could useful in the parks. Thanks


Sorry to hear. I’d be devastated if it were my phone. Glad most photos weren’t lost!

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DW bought us waterproof cell phone pouches with lanyards when we went tubing in a river near our home. She also used while snapping shots at the pool and on wet rides. Something like this:



Jordan, aside from losing your phone, how was the California trip? Hoping you loved Disneyland in spite of it all.


Ugh, I know what it feels like when you run out to do an errand and forget to throw your phone in your pocket. Could not imagine being in Disney without it for several days. We are so dependent on them now. I hope the rest of your trip was good.

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She just put down her shirt for the actual ride part, worked fine for her.


Good idea!