Southwest Schedule Changes

I’m not sure if this is posted anywhere else. Just a heads up for those with flights booked on Southwest. I just had both of my flights in June/July changed. They seem to be making schedule changes. So, they are once again allowing me to change to any flight within a 2-week period of my original flights free of charge.


This happened to me yesterday (or maybe it was the day before). I changed to something that worked (actually better, it was just a lot more expensive before) but has me stressing about more changes!


Me too. They switched my return flight to an earlier one and eliminated my flight. Not too happy about this but the only later flight is really too late.

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I was delighted to find out a couple of months ago that SW allows you to change within a window of days without charge.

They changed one flight by only 10 minutes, but because of it I was able to come in a day earlier at a time I preferred, but didn’t book initially because of the large price difference.

Is this something new, or has it always been the case? In the past I think it only happened once for my trips.



On my travel day down to MCO they added three flight options - all of which were earlier and more affordable than my original - so I hopped on that right away. Which was good because hours later those flights were all of a sudden either entirely sold out or in the realm of $400-650 one way

I also had my return flight change by 5 mins which prompted the automatic computer thingie to bounce me to an earlier flight - and I could not select the later flight to change to even though it was still showing for sale on the site. I had to call yesterday and she moved me back to the later flight. Which is good because I was bothered to be moved but pissed when I saw my original flight (changed by 5 mins and wiht a new flight number) was still there.


This is an old “trick” that seems to maybe be coming back, which had disappeared during the pandemic.


My email from SW doesn’t specifically say, but do I have to make this change within a certain amount of time? I know the new flight has to be within a 2-week period of the original, but do I have to change it right away? (Need to discuss options with the family this weekend.)


No. You can leave it alone and then check in 24hrs in advance of departure. Or you can change it, I would assume right up to that point.

Mine says I can change it up to 2 times without any charges (but then it wouldn’t let me pick the flight I was previously on which was still available)


American’s been changing our flights too. Changed our first flight to 6:34am which was too early for many in our group so I changed them. Unfortunately we now land in Orlando a couple hours later but it could be worse.

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Is it more expensive now than when you paid for it? If not, have you tried logging into your SW account and rebooking it from there instead of using the link in the email?

ETA: Oh, I re-read your post. I see you called and got it changed back.


Spirit has now changed both of my May flights. It’s frustrating that airlines do this.



They need to watch Seinfeld and learn about reservations


I am thinking of changing my flight. My change notice email does not contain this verbiage about “2 times”. Was it actually in the email notice, or was it after you clicked the link to change your flight? I don’t want to lose the opportunity to change it back because prices on my dates are skyrocketing.

I never got an email, that’s the crazy thing.

I obsessively check my flights for fare drops after booking and noticed it when I logged in to do that. It’s in the header of the app on that flight’s information.

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Ok thanks. I will check.

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My email does not say 2 times but my header does.


Was this out of MHT? I just booked out October flights out of MHT on SW which I have not flown in a number of years but they seem to be making a comeback as affordable for those of us with baggage needs.


They are not affordable though :rofl:
I mean unless you add paying for two bags for each person, then maybe.

When I was searching for our June flights I had a whole spreadsheet that took into account baggage fees (or not) and by bringing 2 checked bags for 4 people we ended up exactly $23 ahead by not flying out of MHT so with even 4 bags for 4 people you start to net some savings. 8 bags for 4 people would be quite dramatic.

All three flights were really the same singular departing flight (at 0520) but diverged at BWI and then had varying arrival times to MCO after that plane change.

Well I’m still not really willing to fly Spirit with my kids but JetBlue is starting to be out of control. I don’t think ANY of the flights are as good as they used to be, but I paid like $300pp with SW vs. closer to $600 on JetBlue (and I do get free bags on JetBlue).

Agreed. That’s a bare bones, just me or just me and DH gig.

JetBlue is kind of rough, though we got some $105 seats for our flight down in October. (Spiriting back)