Southwest 30% Off Base fare

Southwest is having a sale on fares to and from Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Central America,
and Mexico. Dates go up to November 1st. Also works for points based booking. I was able to rebook my flights.

*Use promotion code BEACHBOUND from 5/9-5/11/23 for travel on select cont. U.S. flights to/from FL, HI, Puerto Rico, and int’l markets from 8/8/23-11/1/23. Blackout dates, restrictions, and exclusions apply. Seats and days limited. Discount is applied before
government taxes and fees.


Yeah… My flights went from $165 each way to $120 each way…

It got me looking at HHN hotel rates…nothing special. The best I could get was $130 at Dockside. I guess my days for getting those hotels for under $100 may be gone going forward…

A 4 night “budget” HHN trip with no AP is $2000 (includes Express Pass for HHN houses)

A 9 night Full HHN trip with an AP is $3500…

Am I about to start a “fight” with my wife…??? :crazy_face: :rofl:

The flight price isn’t so great that I am making decisions based on that, but $3500 for all that with an AP to return is soooo tempting… (Wanting to go more with an AP is where we “clash”… :innocent:)



(Ducks and runs. )


My DW & I have a good / healthy relationship where we don’t “ask permission” to do things. However, when it comes to spending $3500 + a potential second trip I feel guilty. She doesn’t like to travel and it’s a lot of $$$ to spend exclusively on myself when she is sitting at home. I want to live my life, but if she doesn’t want to go why do I have to stay home??

To be clear, we have the money so I’m not sacrificing necessities to go to a theme park…

Thanks for letting me vent!!


Do this one if you want a compromise. :rainbow: :cloud: :sun_with_face:


Yeah… I still get to ride USF stuff at night, but that’s all. No going into the parks in the day time. I’d probably get bored, doing a budget UOR trip / HHN only, waiting all day to go back into the parks as I doubt I’d sleep much even if I stay out until 2am…

We all know what I’m leaning towards doing…Now, it’s deciding if I truly want to do it and have the conversation. The “conversation” is my only issue.

I’m sure I’m not the only Liner who has a spouse that sometimes, if not often, rolls their eyes when we say we want to return to Orlando! It’s that look / eye roll that I’m not excited about. :innocent: :crazy_face:


Do I need to dig up the last conversation where you said you were taking a break? Am I misremembering? :thinking: :rofl:


I had hoped that going to Six Flags and a few other smaller places would satisfy my travel cravings.

I didn’t though. The rides were “cute”, but not thrilling or exciting as I remembered. I had a lot of nostalgia walking around, but it was more about my work memories than attractions.

I hate to sound like I’m fishing for comments or likes, but I really miss UOR. HHN totally blew me away and lived up to my expectations. I truly can’t go six times in a year, like I did in 2022, but two lengthy visits is feasible. I hate that I have to “justify” it though. :rofl: :crazy_face: :innocent:

If I had things I “needed”, like car repairs, or if I was juggling rent versus traveling then it would be a different story. It’s feeling guilty / selfish for doing it solo.


I think this is a very reasonable way to think about it. Consider yourself enabled. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My husband and I are the same, but I have yet to feel guilty. Probably because at any given time he has the same (or close to) wrapped up in Harley parts. :laughing:


I am traveling down on Novemeber 4th. Chose that over Septemeber because of heat and hurricanes. But man, Septemeber flights ould be booked on points at these prices, and the hotels are way cheaper…

My DH gets significantly less vacation time (5 weeks Vs 1 week) and doesn’t enjoy the parks as much as I do. He will occasionally ‘joke’ (he says it’s a joke but there’s some truth buried in the joke) that I am abandoning him and the dogs on a regular basis, but the reality is I have much more vaca time, it helps my mental health and as he says ‘it’s your money, do what you want’….so I go! As a matter of fact, next week I am abandoning him, our son and our dogs to spend my birthday in Orlando! I only feel a mild twinge of guilt….



I’m an AP again. I was a few days outside of the 90 day “grace period”, so I missed out on my discount. I paid a total of $550 with tax for a 3 park Seasonal AP.

I booked the SW discounted flight for $275 - Sadly, that’s now the discount airfare.

I’m going to HHN for 9 nights in September… I used the Lowe’s hotel link @bebe posted to get a $92 / night Dockside rate…I will be keeping my eyes out for better rates at Aventura. I just wanted to get it booked and every other option was $200+ (Surfside may have been $150 - still too much)

My DW is a saint. She didn’t even really pause to think about it. She replied, “I figured this was probably going to happen and it makes you so happy.”

I wished I had renewed a bit sooner as that cost me like $75 extra!



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Yay! Congrats! That will be a great trip. And awesome that you were able to get a sub-$100/night rate.


But if you had renewed it at the tail end of the grace period, when would the expiration date have been? If you would have the original date, wouldn’t you be losing 3+ months of the pass? Now you get to pick your start date. And if you start in September, you could even catch the early part of HHN next year.


I’m so glad!!

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I check every single day at least once, and sometimes twice, for fare changes when I have flights booked.

I looked yesterday and did not see a fare change, even with this discount. But this morning? I just got over 11K points back over three passengers for one flight :flushed: No schedule change, just updated pricing.

Check. Every. Day.


I do this too. Usually first thing in the morning. It definitely pays off!

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Woohoo, excited for you! :coffee: (pretend this is hot butterbeer!)

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