Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom Starting Location

Does anyone know if the Sorcerers starting spot is still open in Liberty Square? When we went in 2014, that’s where we stopped. However, I’m not seeing anything about it, now. That would be so much more convenient for us, based on our plans, than trucking it all the way back down main street.
We’ll be there Oct 21 & 22, if that matters.

That reminds me, I need to go dig out all our old cards.

I had the same question. Someone answered in another thread that it was as of this August: Sorcerers question

Thanks. Sounds like it’s worth walking past, to see if it’s open, before going all the way back to the firehouse.

It had very spotty service over the summer. Sometimes open and sometimes not. I would hinge all of your plans on it but certainly doesn’t hurt to stop by if you’re in the area.