Sooooooo, when will late April crowd levels be updated?

I read here a discussion on Spring Break crowds being bonkers and crowd levels being changed to 9’s up to a point and then there was going to be a re-eval based on more data. I can’t find where I read that, otherwise I’d ask there. I’ve been keeping an eye on that point on the calendar wondering when there would be an update. It goes from 9 on a Monday to a 3 the next day.

It doesn’t make any real difference since the trip is booked. But, a Liner mind wants to know. Our trip is the last week in April and the first in May.


I don’t know…but…

Hoping the downward trend continues…for both our sakes!

I think TP changed their predictions to all 9s for the short term because they had been vastly underestimating CLs at UOR. But, if CLs are starting to drop, then maybe those 9s will become overestimations.

I do think that the lower CLs they had originallly for dates in late April and May are too low, but hopefully not by much!


True. One of our August 2020 dates went from a 3 to a 8. The only big problem I remember was food. It was so bad, we had to leave just to eat. But, this upcoming trip, I have some dining reservations and the Mardi Gras food booths will still be up. So, we can probably tolerate some 7’s.