And now for some good news

I’ve been bothered by the on-going astronomically high crowds at Universal. It has been weeks and weeks since we’ve seen much of anything below a 9, it seems. I was afraid this was going to be the new norm, and for our trip in May, we were going to be crushed to death by the throngs.

But, alas…yesterday, and the last few days really, revealed a bit of good news:

Hopefully this trend will continue.

Emphasis on hopefully.


I’m hoping it continues as well! We arrive late Saturday evening to UOR, first day in the parks on Sunday. I expect Sunday will be busy but I’d love lower crowds than the predicted 9s for the first few weekdays. Now if the rain & clouds in the forecast would change to some sun and a few showers that would be great! I know Florida has pop up showers/storms and we can surely handle that but sun in between makes it nicer!!

I hope it does! But honestly, we were there in pretty high crowds and still managed to do everything we wanted except more rides on Hagrid.


I’ve been thinking about Hagrid’s. I like the way they are doing it now. With virtual lines drops for a few hours long time period and one person can get one for their group. You need people to be able to get one for the entire group because you don’t want only half of a family to get a pass. But you don’t want four people to get four boarding passes on the first and only drop and then all four ride four times (like had been happening).

As it is, even riding twice on the same drop is unlikely since you’d have to get just the right times with the lines being not particularly short.

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Do you know when the “drop times” are for the virtual lines?

I read on a TP blog that is it 15 minutes prior to park open, at park open, at 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM. I did also try at random times and was able to pick up others in the evening.

@shawthorne44 We were both able to pick up VLP’s at the same time but picked different windows. We could have ridden it back to back, but the line was so long it was off-putting. In all, we ended up getting 5 VLP’s, but only rode twice. DD18 just didn’t have it in her to wait for an hour (at least) again. I wondered if there were lots of folks like us who just decided it wasn’t worth that long wait.


I think that they are encouraging that. Many people will wait for an hour+ for the first ride, but not for the third. That opens up a slot for someone else to ride it once.

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That was exactly my thinking. they don’t want the line to be too quick.

I’d almost trade a day of express pass for a shorter Hagrids wait. How do they handle AAPs for Hagrids VQ?

Hagrid does not accept Express at this time.

AAP? The accessibility pass? They’ll give you a return time to show up then you’ll walk in through the exit to board.


Yes the accessibility pass, an hour isn’t doable for me. Only reason I mentioned the Express is we’ll have them for our stay and usually what keeps me from needing the accessibility pass. I’d almost give up a day of using them anywhere if I could get a shorter Hagrids line.

Trust you to say exactly what I needed to cheer me up.

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If you have the accessibility pass just head up to the front and as you have one, based on the wait they’ll give you a return time. You can then wait somewhere else then return at your time. Walk through the exit and you’ll have a short wait to get on the ride.


Nice try but you can’t fool us…we shall never forget…:joy:

@ryan1 and @mousematt just drew each other and are officially best friends.