Someone who has had the Monte Cristo at Disneyland

So I’m trying to be healthy (but finding it very difficult because I love food so very much). If you’ve had the Monte Cristo at Cafe Orleans can you confirm if it’s really got 98 grams of sugar in it? (Is there a nutrition brochure or anything you can pick up in the restaurant itself - I don’t see one on the site.) Is that including the side of berry puree they give you? (That would make a little more sense, but still. wow) I’m trying to cut down sugar and was super excited to try that sandwich, then made the fatal mistake of looking up the nutrition on MyFitnessPal (to be fair, MFP isn’t always accurate - I’ve definitely had it tell me inaccurate data). I’m hoping they’re wrong this time, or maybe I’m missing something (like the sandwich can be ordered without cotton candy topping and sugar cube garnish if requested).

so sad :frowning: why did I look :frowning:

I’m not sure if the grams of sugar includes the berry puree, but the sandwich is dusted with powdered sugar and is made with an egg bread which I believe has a pretty high sugar content on it’s own.

I’m also not sure of the exact number for grams of sugar but 98 for the sandwich alone does not surprise me. For all of the reasons already mentioned by above poster. But also from the sheer size of the sandwich. There is no way that a person can eat an entire Monte Cristo. Me & my DH are always big eaters but always share the sandwich. If you have someone to share it with then you can half that sugar content. And lastly, I would definitely save the thinking of healthier choices for after you get back from Disneyland. Especially if wanting to try that amazing Monte Cristo sandwich.

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Speak for yourself… :wink:


Here’s the official Disney recipe

Assuming that this is “actually” how they make it in the park, you should be able to calculate the dietary profile…

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I also found this:

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Ha! I should rephrase: No mere mortal can finish an entire Monte Cristo. Because for sure that capability is a super hero power & I’m a believer they live in secret among the mere mortals simply trying to get by & living on half Monte Cristos.
And for good measure (since it is a thread of Monte Cristos), here’s my half from a recent trip


That is a lot of sugar! 98 grams is 24 tsp of sugar. WOW! I try to eat healthy too (but find it difficult like you). We have tried the Monte Cristo on our last 2 yearly visits and I am always super excited about it but it has let me down every time. So, I recommend sharing so you can try it and see if it hits the spot for you. That way, if it doesn’t, you don’t accidentally eat an entire Monte Cristo sandwich that really wasn’t worth the sugar/calories. On a side note…the special fries there are amazing and we always eat every last one of them! Have fun!

OK - Monte Cristo and “healthy” do not belong in the same sentence. I personally wouldn’t trust the macros on that. I used to work in a restaurant and if you don’t make them 100% correct then they flood with grease and the calories change significantly. Having done BB competitions etc - I can totally relate to MyFitnessPal and counting macros.

So here is my advise - if you are normally very good about what you eat and you want to enjoy the sandwich - GET IT. Eat it slowly and don’t feel compelled to finish the whole thing - if you do though. That is ok.

You will be walking a lot more than normal. Just try to eat more balanced for the rest of your trip - but if you want this indulgence - get it and enjoy it.


When I order it, I ask them to leave the powdered sugar off and ask for a side of remoulade sauce (a creole version of a thousand Island type sauce). I much prefer a more savory sandwich than a sweet one.


I agree with everyone else: that sounds about right. But it is HUGE and delicious. I often do low-carb, but I usually abandon it at Disneyland because sometimes it is hard to find low carb stuff (but I do have plenty of options and choices) and I always end up walking AT LEAST 20000 steps, so it’s not the worst.

Thanks guys! I’ve been thinking and I’m probably gonna skip it. I don’t think I really understood what it was until I started looking closer/reading people’s descriptions. Even with sharing (which would definitely help) I’m not big on donuts or fried food (like omg totally kale forever!!! Not really) and want to save all my sugar for ice cream and churros and dole whips, sooo… maybe next time :slight_smile:

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I’ve never had it but after reading this im convinced I need to try it

but is it worth the 20$? looks like it is only available at the cafe orleans and blue bayou correct?

It’s a very good sandwich; one of my favorite things to eat in DL. “Worth” is a purely subjective and relative term. Is any of the food at DL “worth” what you pay for it? 90% of the time I’d probably say no, but it’s all part of the DL experience and you just sort of have to go with it - or else leave the park and go to Denny’s… :slight_smile:


And yes, only at Cafe Orleans and Blue Bayou…

I really want to try it so I guess I’ll have to fork up the twenty I can split it with my son to justify the cost. We usually only eat one meal in the park, and its always at flos lol

We actually made sure to go to Blue Bayou this trip so we could have the Monte Cristo. It was amazing but definitely not low cal!!

Just had one last weekend and I’m still recovering! I have a pretty hearty appetite and ate two of the four quarters before I had to surrender. I’m sure it’s loaded with sugar, fat, and any other badness you can imagine. It came with grapes and strawberries which was a nice break from all the calories!! They also had a vegetarian three-cheese version with brie this time. That one might come with a cardiologist.

I can also confirm that it doesn’t taste good when it cools off – too greasy. Needs to be hot and fresh. Share one!! It’s plenty for two or even three people!


I finally tried it, and yes its huge for what you pay so I was able to justify the cost, my and my bf split it. but honestly I think it’s a one and done for me. the gumbo was amazing and the sandwich was good but I don’t know that it was so good I’d do it again.