Some insight into Tower of Terror please

I’m pretty claustrophobic–I won’t fly coach and I haven’t been in an airplane bathroom in 20 years (short flights only . . .) That said, I’ve never felt claustrophobic on ToT. It’s pretty roomy–much bigger than a real elevator.

I’ll add that it is genuinely not claustrophobic. It’s not unlike being in a theater seat. But with a seat belt that only semi-keeps you in your seat. Be prepared to be airborne.

And as far as heights, I agree it’s not unlike looking out a 20th floor window in an office building in Manhattan. It’s not like you’re on the edge; you’re enclosed, and it happens all too fast to even react. The view is outstanding. So good that someday I hope to be able to get the guts up to snap a picture of it… but my hands won’t let go of the seat handles.

Didn’t gene wilder’s willy wonka say something about the anticipation being delectable, or something like that?

Found the wonka quote:

“The suspense is terrible. I hope it’ll last.”

Gosh, that sums it up, doesn’t it?


THANK YOU, @ejj. I thought I was the only one around here with my sanity intact ;). I can ride the spinning, twisting, flippity-floppity rides all day, but PLEASE don’t throw me in the briar patch. Oops, wrong ride :slight_smile: I detest drops! Really, they’re the worst for me. I go on TofT each visit just because it’s a rite of passage. I’ve gotta do it. But I don’t gotta like it!

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That is a good quote to describe the ride lol… the suspense is terrible. And the best part! It’s easy to let go… see!


Full disclosure: DS and I are thrill ride junkies, and DD8 seems to be following in our footsteps. Last trip, when she was 6 she was pissed she wasn’t tall enough for RnR. She LOVED ToT. Yes, there are drops. I’ve ridden with a few as 4, and the most was 13, but that was the night of the original Villains Unleashed party, so the villains had taken over the controls. :wink:

You do not feel the height, and the drops are over in less than a minute, although it might seem an eternity for some. :smiley: But definitely something you should try at last once.

Wow! I’ve never seen one of the ToT elevators not completely full. What was the CL that day?

I don’t remember… maybe a 3? It was late though just a few minutes before close. We would have been on it alone but the other folks ran up just as the elevator arrived for loading.

So that’s what a “3” day looks like. I’m going to have to try that sometime.

It seems like it would have been extra creepy if you had been able to ride it all by yourselves. Oh, well.

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First week in December was awesome

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Is it dark in the elevator or are there lights on while it is dropping?

It varies. Sometimes pitch black sometimes light. More dark than light.

DS7 is terrified of EVERYTHING. Even ladybugs. Or the imaginary ladybugs that might creep out of his closet. And holding onto the handrail down the stairs and it breaking. And when the van door does that creak thing he thinks it’s breaking. Don’t even get me started on clowns, zombies, thunderstorms…oh god, the thunderstorms.

We watched every single youtube video out there about ToT. He wanted to…then he didn’t. Then he did. Then he didn’t. Finally, we conviced him to go on it.

He still talks about it. It was his favorite ride. Go for the experience for sure. You, and your 10 year old will love it. And if you don’t, at least you can say you tried it.

@alwaysmousetime , thanks for sharing. I posted the outcome of our visit to this attraction in my trip report.

The worst part on TOT for me is being seated in front of girls who scream constantly at every movement. Then they out scream anyone else. And scream and scream…They aren’t scared, just competing.

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I love to ride with first timers that are truly terrified (more by the fear of what they do not know). I hate the fake fear, especially when it ruins a young child’s first ride.

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I hate roller coaster drops, but to me the ToT drops feel completely different. I went through the queue and was going to use the chicken door. But I was guilted into trying it by this tiny little girl who was riding for the 5th time. I laughed the entire ride in relief - it was fun! Looking forward to doing it again.

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Thanks for all the comments. Going in a few days with my wife and daughters (ages 5.5 & 11). The problem is that they are all a little chicken and if they know what they are getting into they may not want to go. I think we’ll make a run for it when the park opens and try to get them all to ride, then they can be mad at me after it’s over. Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. (plus, I bet they like it.)

Haha, I can see skipping the YouTube videos, but it might be a little tricky to totally pull one over on them, given how intimidating the façade is… But, if you get there early, at least they won’t hear other people screaming. :smile: And I bet you’re totally right - they’ll probably love it!

hopefully you don’t use the same technique with skydiving. “Hey kids, we’re going on vacation. Wow, look at the view from this plane . . .”