Some insight into Tower of Terror please

Well, not yet at least.


Sounds like a good plan to me!! Chances are they will love it. If not, they will forgive you…someday!

I realize this post is from several months ago, but I typed in a search to find out how “scary” ToT is…I think this is the best post I ever read to prepare me for it! I am a 30 year old with a phobia to elevators and while children are able to repeatedly ride ToT with excitement…I have never been brave enough to even enter the queue. I don’t mind the drops on roller coasters (but prefer the corkscrews, speed and loops)…I have recurring nightmares about being trapped in elevators and them dropping. Trying to sort out if I want to bring my anxieties to life by riding Tot this spring LOL!!
“By the time you get to the last one, you’re oddly almost used to the hell.” Thanks you for that! Made me laugh!


FWIW, the theming of the hotel/queue & the pre-show are outstanding, with some amazing attention to detail. I bet you could spend a little time enjoying the queue & pre-show, then take a “chicken exit” before actually boarding the elevator. The “elevator” feels more like a super-small theater (see the picture someone provided) with seating. If somehow you do decide to ride it, please write back here & let us all know how it went. :slight_smile:

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If I do make it on ToT I’ll definitely report back…and with photo proof!

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This is a good point about what the “elevator” is really like. I’ve seen people concerned they’d be standing in there getting tossed around, rather than buckled into a seat with little handles to hold.

I have found that the legs of the people on either side of you also work

The first time I rode it in WDW, out of sheer reflex, I grabbed my wife’s leg on the right and the leg of our friend on the left. (I think I caught her a bit off guard, but she laughed at my terror.)

It works both ways too. I last time we were in DLR, the girl sitting next to me grabbed my leg.

Yes, there is that too!