Solo strategy for MNSSHP

These are all great! I’m doing it solo for the first time in September. I’m already planning on being in Frontierland for the parade, but hadn’t considered the weather issues!

Here’s what I have planned. Please give any advice!!

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So you’re not really eating at Cosmic Rays but using it as a Tron placeholder?

If you are then Sleepy Hollow 2hrs later feels a little soon

I would definitely “pencil in” the early parade… you’ll be in that vicinity anyway and can tweak a couple of things if need-be. If there’s ANY chance of rain later you won’t want to do the second one because Headless won’t ride.

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Definitely not eating at Cosmic rays!! (I still know better!)

Sleepy Hollow is my timeslot. I know I like the Chicken & Waffle, but it could be a seasonal item anywhere or something.

I noticed I had the time, as you, mentioned to be at the first parade. Putting that in now!


I added this to my parade step note!! Thanks!

Yesterday the TP would only give a 5 minute wait for Tron. That’s why I put in Cosmic Ray’s. Today, the wait was there, so I was able to take that out. (Does Cosmic Ray still perform? I remember his maintenance issues in the past.)

Because of the accurate Tron wait time working, I had to move other things around as well. I have decided to focus on the seasonal offerings more than anything else now. I have Tomorrowland as my main area for the night. I feel like I should get to do everything I want.

If it goes well, I’m considering doing MVMCP in December. My idea is to focus Adventureland then!

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Using Cosmic Ray’s is a great workaround because of its location! I love it!

Great plan to go to MVMCP and focus on Adventureland then!

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If you are up for the hub for the parade and fireworks, this spot and tactic gets you a terrific view of the whole thing:

First time I used this spot, I had just wandered up aimlessly with a snack while the sisters show was on - then as I stood eating off of the dining table, er I mean garbage can, I noticed the CMs come to set up poles and essentially guarantee me a clear view.

After parade, everyone sort of cleared out and I wandered up to one of the fences in the hub to easily grab my fav HEA spot - no one in front of you because of the garden and I don’t think people were trying too hard for a fireworks spot yet.


Oh I forgot about this post! The mental notes I make of this stuff just don’t stick like they used to :laughing:

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I found that post in a previous search and made a note of it as well.

What time should I leave POFQ to rope drop the 4:00 party entrance? 3:00? 3:15?

I would be at the bus stop for 3 at the absolute latest. That way you’re there by 3:30 or so and can be front of pack. It gets very line-y and squish-y the closer to 4pm you get.


And from there I’m going to the right behind Main Street to get my wrist band? Or should I avoid that crowd and pick it up in Tomorrowland (which is where I’ll be headed first).

I’m leaving Universal around 2pm to get over to the TTC as close to 3pm as possible!

I have done MVMCP. There were a bunch of CMs slapping wristbands on people pretty much as soon as you got through the turnstiles… (along with the designated areas)

I presume it’s the same… :man_shrugging:


Good to know.

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They’ll give you your wrist band right after the taps, before you even go under the train tunnel. I would not skip it and then be forced to backtrack after. It takes seconds.

They’ll direct you to the pathway that goes between Tony’s and the Confectionery (usually closed) to get your trick or treat bag and I think also just to mitigate the huge influx of people onto Main Street.


Perfect! I wasn’t sure how that worked.

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When you arrive you’ll see that they have a section of the taps reserved for MNSSHP entry. That’s where the line will grow beginning by 3:30 if not earlier. They really do not seem to open those taps before 4 on the nose IME. So it can be kind of hot standing there in the sun. But if you want in right away it could be worth it.


I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to get there that early. How quickly does the line clear? If I get there at 4:15-20, would I walk right in? I’m not rushing to get to a character. Just going to hit some rides.

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This is such an accurate description.

I’ve actually never tested that…I always get into that crazy pack, even though we’re not doing characters either


I really do want to meet Mickey. It’s been too long! I don’t care if it’s before the party or during. (My preference is before, so my plan has me stopping on Main Street as I enter.)

I’m doing a solo MNSSHP too, but mine is on Labor Day. Going to follow this thread so I know what to do.