Solo Disney Bonus Trip planning

I need to plan out my first solo WDW trip for the December meetup. After the past few days, I decided I needed to do something I enjoy, which is planning trips (even if I don’t take them). This was also a big part of helping me through my grief when my parents died.

I am arriving around 1 pm on Thursday Nov. 30 and leaving about 2 pm on Wednesday Dec. 6. I am renting a ECV and will get DAS as I have in the past. Originally, I planned to do just a carry on but now that I get a free checked bag due to having the Delta Amex card I may decide to bring a larger suitcase. I have a 4 day hopper ticket that starts on 12/2 because originally I was coming in on 12/1.

Hotel: All Star Sports

11/30: arrive, get ECV, tour resorts, dinner ADR I may share about or not :upside_down_face:

12/1: TBD

12/2: AK - FOP, Dino (RIP) and see the Christmas puppets are the priority 10:30 am ADR YaY, then join @Jeff_AZ and company at O’hana at 3:30 pm, then Universal’s Great Movie Escape with @darkmite2

12/3: EP storytellers priority then MEETUP!!! at 1 pm, then CP with John Stamos

12/4: Boma breakfast at 8:15 am with liners, then MK Tron and Christmas are priority and Jollywood with liners doing all the things

12/5: A&C breakfast with @stlouie and company at 9:30 am then EP, 4:50 pm Space 220 lounge ADR then do whatever I haven’t done.

12/6: Mears shuttle at 10 am ish to depart

Wow that’s a lot!! :smiley: :smiley:


Looks like you have a great plan. I would start penciling in when you will see the hotel gingerbread houses/displays. My favorites are GF, BC, and CR, though I will try to make time for more.


Most likely Thurs and Fri. Thanks for sharing your favorites :grin: I definitely want to see the gingerbread houses.


My favorite resort to see at holiday time is WL. It often has a gingerbread cabin, but, for me, the draw is the holiday decor, especially the huge tree in the middle of the lobby. It’s the picture of classic Christmas, to me.


Ooh, I’ve never been to WL, but will definitely add it to the list!


Can you do 8:30? My ADR opens Saturday.


I hope they have the gingerbread cabin again! :heart_eyes:


While here, you may want to check out the geyser that goes off every hour on the hour, +/- a few minutes.

We also enjoy watching the Electric Pageant from WL, outside of Geyser Point. It is a better view than the Polynesian. Disney did a special for the 50th. Maybe doing something special for the 100th? It arrives WL around 9:30 pm. You know it’s coming when you see these green light spots zoom across the water.


Absolutely! 8:30 I’ll change it in the post.


Another “while here, you may want to check out” the Carolwood Pacific Railway Room in the Boulder Ridge building. Just follow the covered walkway path past the WL giftshop (as if you’re going to the buses) over to the BR building. The room is just inside, to the right. Lots of neat stuff, Walt’s memorabilia, and quiet areas to rest.


So Thursday after I get in and get my ECV I think this is my plan.

Bus from ASS to HS, ECV to YC/BC for decorations there. Maybe wander boardwalk a bit too.
Then Skyliner to Riviera from EPCOT or HS depending on where I end up.
Then Skyliner to HS and bus back to ASS.

Friday afternoon/evening will be the MK resorts/lounges TBD.


I haven’t written all my plans out like that yet and I’m already like… that’s a lot!! But I know I’m doing a lot of it too.

CP w/John Stamos is my 1 big I don’t have a clue thing. It will have to be 12/3 or 12/5 and I will definitely get a dining package for it on 12/5. Probably Biergarden.

We overlap at AK, Ohana, Epcot Sunday, Jollywood Monday, and EP Tuesday. It’s going to be so fun seeing so much of everyone in person.


You must. It should be top priority along with GF. They have a hot chocolate and treats bar in the lobby midday. So cozy and relaxing.


Ohhhhh. You shall have to keep an eye out in Dinoland for some sparkle shoes on parade that day.

I won’t be playing for :t_rex::sauropod:, but I suspect my crew will be. Celebrating a big birthday and big graduation for my oldest friend. (Who hates flying, isn’t a disney person and is being dragged by another mutual who’s arranging her travel. :joy:)




A chance to witness the Dino adoptions in person… priceless.


I’m definitely going to try to adopt one myself. I just have to budget for it. Lol. And choose the best game.


Same! Maybe we can partner up.



You get 4 balls per ticket. Budget at least $60 for 10 tickets. ($6 a ticket)

And you’re only playing against yourself, and they have all the sizes there as prizes, the only game to do so.

It’s the only game I’ve played.


Since you’re going solo, and I so wish I could join you guys, make sure to bring a doorstop to help you get in and out of your room, unless you plan on leaving the ECV in the corridor. I don’t like doing that because I don’t want to have to take all my stuff off the ECV.