Soarin and FoP nausea

So gasp, we didn’t do FOP or Soarin this trip because of height restrictions I didn’t want to waste time with RS. DH and DD4 did do Star Tours however and it left them quite nauseous and with headaches. DH said it wasn’t so much the 3D but the shaking that did him in (he did close his eyes and it didn’t help). With that being said how do Soarin and FoP compare? Just 3D we can handle but movement along with it is too much. Soarin lifts you but does it move? Hard to tell from YouTube.

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I canNOT do Star Tours. I get VERY sick from it, and it ruins my day.

I do not get that at all with either Soarin or FOP They are really different to me in that way


I have no trouble with Soarin’ or ST. For some reason FoP got me a little bit, but it may have been because I hadn’t eaten yet. Soarin’ is very gentle. You barely notice the movement of the seats at all.

It did ruin his day. Fortunately it was towards the end. Thinking of trying at least Soarin next trip.

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I get very sick on Star Tours and not at all on Soarin’.

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i have not been able to do star tours for years. love soarin haven’t done fop. i have my ginger chews ready to go next trip

Soarin’ is very gentle. Like sitting in a porch swing that gently rocks. ST is not recommended if you get motion sickness. It is a jarring motion simulator. I love it. My DW who can do coasters, but has motion sickness issues, has done ST and it stopped our day due headaches.

FOP is right there in the middle. It’s moves you around, but not jarring. That’s going to be a judgment call. DW likes it, but we usually stop to get a drink and sit afterwards or just go look at animal exhibits.

I can’t do any rides that spin and many 3D rides like the Simpsons at Universal. I don’t do Star Tours with my family. However, Soarin’ is my absolute favorite ride at WDW. No problem at all. I also really like FOP. The movements are really subtle, mostly the feel of the breathing banchee that you are flying on. The “thrills” come more from the 3D visual. Both attractions are great!

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I agree. I suffer from motion sickness and Star Tours made me very ill. The only problem I have on Soarin’ is from my fear of heights. I will not be trying FOP for that reason.

I don’t get sick on any of them, so not the best to give advice. But Soarin is a very gentle movement, like flying, while ST is more like a bumpy ride in the back of a truck on a dirt road after a good rain storm.

FOP did move, but it was more the flying aspect. DH, whose afraid of heights was scared at first, but reminded himself that it’s a video, not real, and was able to enjoy it after that.

The thing that got my head a little achy on FOP was that the screen is not too close, but also not far away. It was maybe 6 to 8 feet from me. That’s the range where I would normally have glasses on for TV. I can see perfectly farther away, but as things get closer, I need stronger glasses. I didn’t have any on, because I didn’t expect a screen that close to me. It wasn’t a big deal, I strained my eyes for a few minutes and then got over it. But that might throw someone else off, too, so I thought I’d mention it.

My mom has motion sickness and struggled on both Soarin’ and FOP. She’s ridden Soarin’ more than once but declined riding FOP again so Soarin’ is for sure the tamer of the two. BTMRR also messed her up for a while but she REALLY enjoys 7DMT. I guess since it’s so smooth it doesn’t mess with her.

as others have said, i’ve also never had trouble with soarin’. occasionally, st has made me nauseous but closing my eyes helps. (though, a friend got terribly nauseous on st and will not do it again. totally fine on soarin’ and fop.) fop is such a stunning experience that if i focus on its beauty and remind myself i’m not actually moving, i can overcome any odd feelings that start up. of the three, st is the trickiest.

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I have pretty bad motion sickness, which is really triggered by 3-D glasses + simulation rides. Star Tours definitely is the worst of the three — Soarin’ I have pretty much no trouble on because it doesn’t jerk you around. Flight of Passage makes me a little dizzy, but I can look up at the people around me to reorient my inner ear a bit.

That said, I got the Relief Band and tried it on star tours this last time, and it kinda worked! I don’t care if it was just placebo, or if it’s just a tactile distraction. It definitely felt like my inner ear didn’t freak out quite as much.

I can not do ST, did it once, never again. I am afraid to do FoP or Soarin’ since the movies in Canada and China make me dizzy and queasy.

I get it. It is a horrible feeling and it may not be worth risking for you. But in case it is, I get motion sickness really easily. Regularly, I get sick watching normal movies in regular movie theaters and definitely in cars, planes, etc. I have ridden Soarin’ many times and have never gotten sick. I too will never do ST again :slight_smile:

Most of my family don’t do motion simulators, they feel super ill after. No problems whatsoever on Soarin’ though. They haven’t tried FoP yet. :slight_smile: DH sometimes feels queasy after rides, but has never had an issue with Soarin’ or FoP.

Sick after ST. Soarin - no problem. FOP - didn’t cause me any problems but I did close my eyes a few times for fear if I didn’t I might have some issues.

DH loves FOP but won’t ride it again because it gave him a headache.

Everyone is sooo different. But I think the vast majority say they have min to no issues with either ride.

Closing your eyes works on FoP and Soarin’ way better than ST because the movement is gentle. I can’t do ST, and I take precautionary Dramamine before FoP and Soarin’. I suspect I would be able to handle Soarin’ without Dramamine, but I have not wanted to test that theory. FoP bothers me way less than I thought it would, possible because all the sensory experiences are so in sync. The steep drops still make Dramamine mandatory for me.

How early do you take your Dramamine before riding?

Soarin’ and FoP are both very smooth as opposed to Star Tours. Soarin’ is by far the mildest… not much movement at all really. FoP has more movement, but it is still a gentle ride.