So Many Questions.. Sorry In Advance!

Hi all!

I know I have asked a lot of questions since joining in September… but it’s because everyone here is so knowledgeable! But I hope I am not a pain. I am just a bit neurotic when it comes to planning anything. And this is my first WDW trip so I am getting a bit crazy. Good crazy! Hahaha.

Anyway to save forum space I compiled a ton of the questions I have into one thread. So here goes. Sorry in advance!

  1. I noticed that MDE is saying I can check in online in 11 days! I nearly hyperventilated with excitement hahaha. But then wondered what the benefit is? Why is it letting me check in like 2 months in advance?

  2. How early do I need to be for Beauty and the Beast? My TP has me arriving only 5 minutes in advance but I have seen articles suggesting half an hour. I have two HS days and the one with BandB is a 6. My other day is a 9. I could switch it? Or maybe cut down on some attractions. What does a FPP do for the show? Is there special seating?

  3. If I follow my TP my FPP end up being really late in the day, which probably means I won’t even have a chance at a 4th. Should I just ignore the suggested times? Because I assume that will really throw off my TP. I haven’t had much experience with TPs so it makes me nervous and confused. And I have read the sticky thread :smile: and because the crowd levels are all really high for President’s week it makes me feel that having late afternoon FPPs would be best and hitting RD. Sounds like my chances at additional FPPs aren’t that great with high crowd levels.

  4. I read that the safes aren’t large enough for laptops. What do you all do with yours? Do you just use Ipads? Do you leave it with the front desk? I will need to take mine to do some work on the plane…

  5. Opinions on DisneyQuest for two adults? My DH has been to WDW once before when he was 12 so he has fond memories of DisneyQuest and really wants to go back (nostalgia maybe? I don’t know hahaha). Should I convince him not to go? Where is it? Could we get there and just do a couple hours and head somewhere else? Same with DTD. Are we missing anything by skipping it? Sounds like there is a ton of construction and that it can be hard to get to….

  6. We are staying at CBR. How much time should I plan getting to and from the park on Disney busses (DH has decided we are not renting a car). Just wanting to see just how early our RD mornings will be and how much sleep we will get if we stay late in parks for Wishes, EMH etc.

  7. This will be our last big trip before we have kids (and then we will bring them!) so we want to try some fun food as well (go big or go home hahaha). What are your must have adult beverages or snacks? Was following along on chat this morning and saw some pictures of some fabulous looking snacks. We also have dinner reservations at BOG, Mamas, Sci Fi and Rose and Crown if anyone has recommendations for those places!

Thank you so much for all your help! I am so looking forward to this trip! And we are super excited to post wait times (DH is oddly excited about that to. But he loves tech). Maybe I will have to create a IG account too so we can document our first-timer trip for all the other first-timers out there!

PS: What’s a Lapu Lapu?


Hola @tlrj4488!
I’ll answer what I can!

  1. Why check in now? Well, if you have a specific room request, the earlier you do it the better. Online check in has it’s own desk with hardly any line at the lobby. They will have all your information already and the checkin will be speedy and painless. There really is no down side whatsoever to doing online check in, so enjoy!

No need to be sorry! Long posts are a Forum bonus perk. :smile:

I’ll tackle the first question. It makes your life easier to go ahead and do online check in. You can set up your credit card and PIN number for room charges on your MB and let them know what time you plan to arrive. You’ll be more likely to find your room ready when you arrive if you do this. It really speeds up the check in process. Last month, I got off the bus and found a cast member waiting at the door for me with an iPad and a packet of papers. I signed my name and went straight to my room.

I have a headache this afternoon, so I’ll let others take the rest if you don’t mind. :smile:

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Oops, sorry, hit reply too soon.
4. Nope, a laptop won’t fit in there. I just take a key enabled computer lock (don’t trust the combination locks-anyone with enough time and patience can open those) and staple my pc to something completely unmovable like the clothes rack.

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Gotta stop doing the separate reply thing. I love DisneyQuest and so does my DB and DM. It is a really fun place! And while it us showing its age, it is still quite fun. It is located in DTD, right next to Cirque Du Soleil’s La Nouba. If you’re looking at DTD from the parking lot, it’s on the extreme left side. You can take a bus from your resort to avoid the parking construction hassle. And then you can enjoy both DQ and DTD on the same day. I love DTD, it has a staggering amount of shops and eateries to tempt your wallet and a definite must do. Just keep in mind that it is quite sprawling so consider 4 hours at least to shop from end to end!

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Lapu Lapu is a nice alcoholic bevarage served in a huge pinapple, exclusive to the Poly. It us sweet, has pineapple juice in it and can be quite… Devastating… due to it’s huge size so I think it’s a shareable drink. I haven’t had one so that’s all I can tell you about that one @tlrj4488!


Let me try a few:

  1. I have only gone to Beauty and the Beast a few times but it seems as if everyone always gets in. If you really, really need a certain seat, show up early for the first show.

  2. I would always assume there will not be a 4th FP. Take advantage of early morning touring and then do your FPs. If you get more they will be a pleasant surprise.

  3. I put my iPad in the safe. My son leaves his laptop plugged in on the desk. If I have my laptop, I hide it inmy dirty laundry. If you want it that bad, you can have it.

  4. I love trying the lounges. Tune In is fun as is Crew’s Cup ( try the truffle fries as well).my new favorite is Bluezoo.


I’ll go with 6. CBR is huge and the bus has to make many many stops before you even get out of the resort. If you want to rope drop you need to be at a bus stop at least 90 minutes before if not more time. Its really not worth the refill mug there unless you spend a lot of time near the main pool.

In February I can’t imagine there will be super late hours so you will get enough sleep.

Oh, DTD - it’s ok to walk around and shop but it’s not necessary for a visit. Disney Quest is fun for a few hours and if you get the free passes then do it. If your DH has find memories then do it. My DS loves it.

Laptop - I just left mine in the suitcase or in a drawer covered with clothes. I’m not that worried.

The only foods I have to have are dole whips, caramel corn in germany, and mickey premium bars. I’m simple.

have fun! DO the online check in because it makes life easier,.

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Ok, snacks I can help with!

Magic Kingdom -

You are going to want to try a Dole Whip from Aloha Isle (its like pineapple sorbet) - it’s reached icon status. I like the plain pineapple version as a float with pineapple juice. You can also get it at the Polynesian resort and at Tamu Tamu in the Animal Kingdom (available with a shot of rum there too)

Waffles from Sleepy Hollow with fruit and Nutella are very good (and big), They also come in a spicy chicken variety - these are good too.

Cream chesse stuffed pretzels from lunching pad - lovely, one of my favourite snacky breakfasts.

Giant cinnamon rolls from Gastons tavern - not my fave, but lot’s of peeps rave about them - I’m guessing if cinnamon rolls are your thing, then you’ll love them.

Animal Kingdom -

I love the stuffed jalapeño pretzels so much (great with a beer) that I have not tried any other snacks there!

Hollywood studios -

Carrot cake cookie from Sweet Spells - my other fave snacky breakfast!

Cupcakes from Starring rolls - the butterfinger one in particular (pretty much anything from the bakery case!)

Pizza planet - there is a cappuccino cupcake there that gets raved over, but I have not tried it.

Oh ands it not in a park, but the Boardwalk bakery just looks lovely - that is on my must try list for my next trip - there Is a peanut butter, Banana and candied bacon pie (sounds weird hey!) with my name on it!

Right my friend, it is gone midnight here my time, so I must attempt sleep, but I will check back tomorrow with my fave snacks from Epcot.


I’ll add my comments where I can (never been to Disney Quest).

  1. I usually check in a couple days ahead of time, since online check-in lines are frequently shorter than regular check-in lines (and, if they’re not, I can always accidentally wander into the regular check-in line). People usually submit their room requests 4-5 days before check-in, so I don’t see any reason to check-in before that time.

  2. For Beauty and the Beast, you’ll get a seat most days walking in close to starting time. If you want to sit close to the stage, then arrive earlier. If that doesn’t matter, than 5-10 minutes before the show starts will usually be fine. I wouldn’t cut it too close, however, because you may end up waiting longer for the previous attraction or might want to stop in the restroom before the show, so maybe plan to arrive 15 minutes before the show and if you’re running a few minutes late you’ll still be ok.

  3. With FPP, I’ve been creating touring plans without any FastPasses, then selecting attractions with the longest wait times for FPP. After my FPP selections, I’ve added that information to my touring plans and re-optimized them. With some attractions you’re not likely to find any FPP availability later in the day, but if you’re visiting the Magic Kingdom, then you’ll likely find some things available throughout the day.

  4. I’ve left my laptop on the table in my room during nearly every visit to the parks and have never had any concern about doing so. If you’re worried, then I’m sure they could accommodate you at the front desk.

  5. Sorry, no advice here.

  6. I usually assume it’ll take me an hour to get from my room to whatever park. The actual travel time should be much less, but it’s less frustrating to watch 15 buses to other destinations pass by your stop if you have a little extra time built into your plan. When you factor in walking to the bus stop, wait time, stopping at the other internal bus stands, bag check, and going through the tapstiles, the actual travel time ends up being a lot longer than you may think. From CBR, you can get to the Studios or Epcot in 10 minutes, so your total time may be half an hour, but you can’t always count on that being the case.

  7. On adults only trips, I really enjoy sharing appetizers and drinks in resort or Epcot lounges. You almost can’t go wrong visiting any of the signature restaurants and doing this. Tutto Gusto in Italy has become a favorite and ordering from the bar at Rose and Crown is another option I’m looking forward to. If there’s nothing you see that you know you’ll like, ask a server for their recommendations. Brown Derby Lounge is also another great location for this. Wherever you go, look into “flights” to taste a variety of beverages.

I’m a fan of the Grand Marnier orange slush in the France pavilion and in sampling different beers from around the world. You can try a Dole Whip with rum in Animal Kingdom, which isn’t my favorite drink, but is probably something any Dole Whip devotee should try at least once (or just bring your own rum and pour it on top of your Dole Whip in the MK or Polynesian. If you’re a tequila drinker, ask for a suggestion at La Cava in the Mexico pavilion. It’s expensive, but so is everything else on property.


I’m a new Disney dad, but I’ll tell you what we did last week on a couple of these:

2- RE: B&B Live: For us, shows were the hardest things to time right. If you get there too early, you end up waiting in line (like we did for Disney Jr.) and if you get there too late, you could potentially miss the show (we were turned away from the 2nd show of Fantasmic because the theater was full).
A couple of times we got loaded into a “pre-show” room but then got left pressed with the crowd against the doors for 20+ minutes (this happened in MK at Philharmagic).
However, for Beauty and the Beast, we got there 7-8 minutes before the show started and it was perfect and this was on an 8 day, crowd wise. There is plenty of room in that theater and we were able to go down the left aisle and sit 3 or 4 rows back. Perfect.

7- Re: adult snacks: I tried several from this 10 Best Frozen Drinks at Disney from the Disney Food Blog (not all alcoholic) and was glad to have the classic marg from La Cava as we waited in line at Akershus.

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The day we did Beauty and the Beast, crowd levels were a six. We arrived 10 minutes before show time for the last show of the day and found seats with no difficulty.
We were fortunate to have 2 dinners at BoG. I was worried that I was going to be disappointed, but far from it. My DH and DS truly enjoyed it as well. I had the salmon on leek fondue the first night and it was so delicious, I had it the second night as well. I also had the potato leak soup, so good. Between DH and DS, they had the strip steak, braised pork, and the shrimp on puffed pastry. We were not disappointed in anything.
We relied on rope drop and then afternoon FPP, never needed the 4th.

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Only benefit (IMHO) is a shorter check-in line if (and only if) you check-in during peak times

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Hello again!

My fave Epcot snackums -

Croissant doughnut aka Cronut from the refreshment port - deep fried sugary loveliness

Cadbury chocolate from the UK Pavillion - if you haven’t tried this before it is defo worth trying.

France - artisan de glace - I haven’t tried it yet, but on my list for next time is the brioche ice cream sandwich - it gets good reviews and you can choose the type of icecream.

US - another chance to get a jalapeño cheese stuffed pretzel. I also love the funnels cakes from here, but I am not from the US so they are a novelty to me.

Germany - karamel kuche - sea salt caramel square (the milk choc version is my fave). But everything here is good.

China - tipsy ducks in love iced coffee drink - has a good alcoholic kick to it!

Morocco - tangierine cafe - baklava cake with one of the alcohol coffees

Norway - I like the sweet pretzel with white icing and almonds best from here

So much to try, so little time!

Solid! Tripple like.

Aww thanks :blush: snacks are one of the few things I can help with!

Additional FPPs could easily be available. Believe TP has a tool for this now which could give you a general idea. Some FPP are less likely than others to be available and those same FPPs would save you plenty of time. Picking the right FPPs is always key but most especially in high crowds; same with choosing the right attractions to RD. Suggest you hit a headliner or three at RD (the FPPs you didn’t get), then select good FPPs (the ones likely to not be available as a 4th, etc) to start as the crowds build. Once you finish your 3rd, reoptimize, hit a kiosk (some often seem to be less busy than others although I’m still figuring this out), and hope to shorten a wait on your plan with another FPP. Repeat. Staying late (post Wishes for example in the MK) is a solid strategy too for many attractions. Also, realize that FPP attractions have variable waits too so better to FPP super-headliners/low-compacity attractions at optimal times.

OK, answers by the numbers:

  1. With on-line check-in you speed up the check-in process when you get to the resort and you increase the chances that your room will be ready for you on arrival. I have heard of no downsides to doing this.
  2. Don’t worry about arriving early for BatB - there are plenty of seats and I do not recall hearing anyone say that they were turned away when they arrived just before the show. Maybe arrive earlier on a ‘10’ day, but not during a more normal day.
  3. Trust the TP. RD plus the recommended TPs will result in a great day!
  4. I have always left my laptop out - no problems so far. If you are really concerned, get one of those locking cables.
  5. Unless you are a teenager (or are travelling with teenagers that you need to appease), avoid DQ. Prolonged exposure to Axe can be fatal. :wink: Also, I fail to see the appeal of DTD - we have stores at home…
  6. Check out the OLP WDW Transportation Wizard - it will give you time estimates for all your transportation options
  7. No recommendations for snacks or the restaurants you are going to, other than do not get a Dole Whip. I know that I’m in the minority here, but pineapple and dairy (or even faux dairy) do not mix IMO.

Bonus: A Lapu Lapu is a Mai-Tai style fruity drink served in a pineapple. Remember, alcohol + sugar = hangover. Consider yourself warned. :wink:


Can’t provide help on all of the questions, but I’ll add what I can to a few…

  1. I have no real idea what the benefit is of on-line check in that far in advance. Doing on-line check in before you arrive has the potential of saving you time in the check-in line when you get to the resort.

  2. The BatB theater is quite large, so there is a difference between “getting in” and “sitting close”. My last time there was on a “4” day, I got there 20 min before showtime, and the theater was already half full. Never used an FPP there, so no info on that.

  3. If I’m going to be at a park all day, without a break, I schedule my FPPs (when possible) between 11:00 and 3:00 and take advantage of RD/EMH. If I’m going to take a break or hop, I typically (but not always) make my FPPs for the second half of the day.

  4. I stick my laptop in a drawer or backpack, along with any other elrctronic/photographic items that I am not taking with me.

  5. Never been to DQ. I am not into video games of any kind, so it holds no interest to me. If it was free to enter, I’d certainly walk through it just to see it, but I won’t pay the admission to go in.

  6. The bus ride itself from CBR to the parks is in the 15-20 min range (as it is from most resorts). The issue with CBR can be getting from your room to when the park busses depart. I’m typically a “use the busses” person, but in the unlikely event that I consider staying at CBR again, I would not do it without a car.

  7. Have you considered having a “special” meal at one of the signature restaurants? Yes, pricey, but a great “adult” experience that you are not likely to be doing in the next 10 years or so. I love Momma Melrose; it’s my "go-to_ TS in DHS (when I don’t feel like spending the $$$ at HBD). I think the pizza at MM is second only to Via Napoli on WDW property. My favorite ar R&C is the Bangers and Mash - but that is one of my all-time favorite pub dishes anywhere (personally, I like the version they serve at Raglan Road in DTD a bit better, but both are very good). Have only done lunch at BOG and have only had a milkshake at Sci-fi. For drinks, the margaritas at La Cava in Mexico are amazing; the Blood Orange Margarita there might be my favorite “adult” drink in all of WDW. The African Margarita at the Dawa Bar in Animal Kingdom is a very close second. Safari Amber, a beer brewed exclusively for WDW is available at AK and the AKL; one of my favorite beers in WDW. Just tried the grapefruit beer in Germany this past trip and it is AWESOME. Dole Whips are a favorite snack; the lines in MK are frequently 45 min long. They are also available at AK, and I’ve never waited more than 5 min. AND at AK you can get them topped with rum.

And that’s my input. Standing by to help with any more questions… :smile:

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